"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


5. The Contest

*Aris POV*

The contest was for 5sos!! Of course i signed up I love my boys. The contest has been keeping my mind off Brian. Thank god. The contest end into two hours and I'm so excited nothing can bring my mood down. right now.

I'm in my room listening to Voodoo Doll dancing around waiting to hear if I won when my bedroom door busts open. "Hey slut how was your day what did you do skip school again you fucking loser" it was my brother of course. "Michael just leave me alone okay I have a TERRIFIC fucking day okay so just please piss off ." He rolls his eyes at me and smacks me across the face "Who the fuck do you think you fucking are you little bitch? huh? answer me!" I was thrown back from the smack it really stung and I know I'm going to hair a bruise. I just stand there not saying anything holding my cheek. "Yeah thats what I thought cunt You run your mouth then you can't back yourself up pathetic. Turn this shit music off too. You say they saved your life you don't even know them!" He walks out of my room slamming the door and laughing at me. I curl up into a ball and lay on the floor. Only 30 more minutes Ari.

*Time of contest winner reveal*

"HELLO!" "I'm Michael! I'm Luke! I'm Ashtonnnnnnnnnn!!!! And I'm calum!! We had a little contest and we have picked a winner! Drum roll pleaseee!" "The winner is!" They all say at the same time! "Aria!" "Ashton you idiot it says Ariel! Ariel you're the winner! Congrats we can't wait to meet you love!"

*Aris POV*

OH MY GOSH! I WON I WON! I start to jump up and down Oh my gosh! I get out my phone and call Christina but it goes straight to voicemail weird.. Anyways I can't believe i won!! Its in two days! thats all I get to meet them in two days!

*Brians POV*

Christina fell asleep on my chest and we've been laying like this for a while now I know I should wake her up but i just can't wake her. I hear my phone start to ring and I grab it. Shit its James. "Hey man I'm outside your house dude let me in" James is outside my house but, what about Christina! "Alright just hold on I'm just getting out of the shower." I hang up. "Christina! Get up! James is here you have to go hurry!" I kiss her and I watch as she gets up grabbing her shoes and purse and running towards the back door.

*Christinas POV*

I run out Brians back door as fast as I can hoping No one sees me. I go out the fence and run in the direction of my house. Turning my phone on I see I have one missed call from Ari and 28 texts from her. "Christina I won a contes Oh my gosh I get to meet 5SOS! OH MY GOSH HURRY UP ANSWER ME!" I turn my phone off not wanting to see her being so happy while I have to hide being in love.

*Aris POV*

I'm so happy! Christina hasn't answered me though. So I stopped trying. I've been getting hate and A LOT of it for winning the contest. I've also been getting a lot of positive feed back about how lucky I am. I just can't wait nothing can bring my mood down this time. Nothing.

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