"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


29. Taken

*Cals POV*

Before Michael could protest I slammed the door open. "HI AR-" I stopped mid sentence. Michael comes around from behind me. "Hey babe I got you a-" He looks around. "Ariel?" He walks into the bathroom

I see something on the bed and I walk up. My eyes widen when I read it. "What is that?" Michael comes up behind me. "I'm so sorry mate.." Michael takes the note. "I-This.. This has to be a joke. This isn't real.. She promised. She couldn't... We just.." I put my arm around him. "It's going to be alright." He nods sitting on the bed. "Do you want to go look for her?" Ash asks Michael. "Maybe she went to her friends. Michael nods slowly getting to his feet.

*Aris POV*

"Ari?" I look up at him. I feel stupid for coming here now. I promised myself I'd never come back to him. "Hey Matt." He grabbed my arm and pulls me in. "Thought you were fucking with some pussy from a band." I look away. "Yeah.. It didn't work out." He smirks. "He didn't want you huh?" I stand up heading for the door. "I was stupid for coming here.." Matt blocks my way. "I was just kidding baby. Look at you of course he wants you." He pushes me back on his couch. "I thought you were never coming to me again? After I moved away I thought I'd never see you. Your friend John is here to right?" I grit my teeth. "Stay. Away. From. Him." He comes up to me. "Jeez babe I was just making conversation. Now what do want from me?" I look away from him.. I truly don't know.. I just wanted to go somewhere they'd never expect me to go. "I want to stay hidden." He nods. "You're going to have to do me a favor." He puts his hand on my leg and starts to rub. I slap his hand away. "Matt. We are never doing that. Something else." He nods. "Whatever. You'll be sorry." I roll my eyes. "Just tell me what I have to do." He turns his head. "I'll tell you what you have to do. Get in this." He points to some slutty clothes. "and get your ass out on the street you're going to do what you were meant to do before." I stand up walking towards the door I can find somewhere else. "Oh Ari. You shouldn't do that. You don't want your boytoy getting hurt." I stop "Or your friend." I turn and look at him. "You won't do shit to them." I walk out slamming the door behind. Great, I've fucked up everything.

*Michaels POV*

We've been searching for hours. "Why sould she leave me.." I sit down "Am I not good enough?" I feel the tears start to fall. "She... She said she loved me.." I stare at my hands crying. "Mate whatever it is it's nothing that can't be fixed. I don't think it was anything you did." I shake my head. "I fuck everything up." I get up throwing the chair I was in. "FUCK!" I start to slam the chair on the ground over and over. Luke pulls me away. "Mate calm down we're going to find her." I fall into Luke he wraps his arm around me. "It's going to be okay. Lets just go to the hotel and we'll try to get ahold of her." I give up and practically let him drag me.

*Aris POV*

I walk aimlessly around the park. It's so cold. I wrap my arms around myself. "Hey!" I don't look back. "Hey! You!" I turn slightly to see three guys advancing on me. I start to walk faster. I hear footsteps nearing me I turn down an alley way losing them as I slip into a store door. I hear the door of the stoor open. I look back to sed its the boys I duck down and get to the bathroom locking the door. I get into a stall and lock that door too just in case. Fuck fuck fuck. I mutter. I wait atleast 30 minutes until I unlock the stall and then slowly the bathroom door. I look around and don't see them. I go up to the counter to ask where I was and one of the boys were up there. He sees me and smirks. "Well well. What do we have here?"

My eyes widen. "I-Um. C-can you tell me where I am?" He looks me up and down. "Why did you run away from us?" I ignore his question. "Please.. I.. I just want to get to my friends." He nods. "Fine. you're lucky I'm not Vic or one of the other guys.. I'll let you off with a warning but if we see you again. You better not ignore us." I nod quickly as he tells me where I am. I walk outside and I'm grabbed from behind. I'm being dragged. I fight and thrash trying to get away. I scream trying to get someone's attention. "Please don't do this.."

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