"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


59. So Many Things To Say

*Ariels POV*

I feel my eyes closing but I know I can't sleep. I have to stay away. Michael is sleeping in the passenger seat. I sigh heavily. Find the boys find the boys. I have to. I feel so hungry. I haven't ate, drank or slept. I know its my fault. Thats why I have to find the boys. I feel a hand on my leg. I look over. "Hey.." I blink away the tears thay were building. "What are you thinking about baby girl?" I stare out the windshield. "Everything." He sighs. "Pull over we're going to eat and I'm going to drive." I pull over getting out. I get to the back of the car but he stops me. "We're going to find them. Get some rest okay?" I nod turning to walk. He grabs me. "I love you. So fucking much." He pulls me to him kissing me passionately. I wrap my arms around him deepening the kiss. Finally he pulls away pressing his forehead to mine. "Fuck." He kisses my forehead then turns to walk to the driverside. I giggle squealing. I still can't believe I'm with him.

*Lukes POV*

"Move Calum now!" I grab him dragging him back. "Ashton irwin?" The man at the desk asks. "Fuck fuck fuck." I stare at Calum. "What do we do?" He starts to panic. "I don't know I don't know. Oh god." I close my eyes. "I'm going out. Before Calum can argue I jump out. "HEY!" The man looks at me. "Don't let him know where he is!" The nurse stares at me then the man comes towards me. "HEL-" Calum puts his hand over my mouth dragging me back. "Stop!" The man comes with us. "Stop! Boys! I'm here to help!" I get out of Calums grasp. "You're a fucking liar!" I turn shovin Calum. "I KNOW WHERE LIZ IS!" I stop turning around. "WHERE THE FUCK IS MY MOM?!!" He jumps back kinda stunned. "Its okay.. I have her. I got her out. Thats why you haven't seen her.. Like i said. I'm here to help. I've been following your friends too. Ariel? and ummm Michael.. They aren't too far." I shake my head. "take me to my mom." I walk behind him so I know he's not going to try something. He opens th door. "Lucas!" I run towards my mom hugging her. "Mom are you okay? Has he hurt you." She shakes her head smiling. "No sweety. I fine.." I sigh out. "Where's the lads."

*Ariels POV*

I wake up to an empty car. I shoot up looking around. "Michael?!" I get out of the car walking quickly. Then I bump into someone. "Oh I-I'm so sorry." I look up. "Oh... God you scared me what were you doing?" He rols his eyes but smiles. "I can take care of myself baby." I smile back. "I know.. I just can't lose you." He picks me up setting me on the hood of the car. "You're so sexy." he kisses down my neck. I bite my lip as he hits my sweet spot sucking on it. "M-Michael." I whimper. "Hmmmm?" he bites on my neck. A moan escapes my lips. "Louder." he whispers against my neck I whimper as he starts to slowly grind against my body. "Fuck.." Then somebody clears their throat Michael pulls away from me coughing awkwardly and rubbing his neck. "We can't leave you guys more the 5 seconds without you screwing like wild animals in PUBLIC!" My eyes shoot up.

"CALUM!" He smiles at me. I run up to him. "Are you okay? Whats going on?" He winces but hugs back. "I've missed you too love.." I can tell something wrong. "Whats wrong? wheres ashton? Are you okay? Where are you hurt?" I start to raise his shirt up examining him. "Woah babe. Lay off for a second." I sigh. "I'm sorry.. Its just.. I feel like this is my fault.. Please tell me Ashtons okay?" Luke steps up. "Uh.. He uh. He.. well he's not too good. He was awake. Not anymore. He like couldn't remember much..." I look down. Tears brimming. "This only happened because of me.. Its all my fault. If i wasn't here this wouldn't have happened.. You guys never had this problem before..."

*Ashtons POV*

"OPEN YOUR EYES ASHTON!" I scream at myself. I can hear people. I can hear everything. I feel totally out of it though. I can't move. I can't open my eyes. I just lay here motionless. I'm aware that things are going on I just can't interact. I can't feel anything. I can hear though. "Nurse could you please come help me move him." I guess they move me. I can't feel it though. I hear different sounds though so I know I'm moving by the clanking of the wheels on the ground. Help me. Please let me open my eyes. I have to open my eyes. "Wait! Ashton? Ashton Irwin?" I hear shoes hitting the floor. "This is Ashton Irwin?" the nurse says yes. "Liz? Liz where's Luke? Whats going on?" I have so many things that I have to say but can't. "Is... Is Kenzie okay? The girl that saved us? Is she okay?..."

*AUTHORS NOTES* hii c: Hope you guys ars doing good (: I'm so happyy I got into foods so I get to cook some good stuff ^.^ Yay. Anywayyys. You guys should tell me your twitter so I can follow you c: Anywayyys working on another chapter. Byeeeee

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