"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


56. Slip away

*Calums POV*

I've been so drugged I can't remember the last couple days. The only reason I know I was drugged was because Luke told me. *Flashback* "Luke don't do this." Luke lunges at me but I dodge in just enough time. "They're going to hurt my mom Calum. Would you let your mom get hurt?" I stay silent. Then I say "I wouldn't hurt my friend thats for sure." This catches him off guard giving me enough time to get him. I get him down knocking the bat out of his hands. "This is boring somebody stop them." A man walks in sounding annoyed. This gives Luke enough time to catch me off guard knocking me over and coming at me again. "I SAID STOP THEM!" *end of flashback* I haven't seen or heard from anybody since then. I only get food once a day. A lot to drink though. The way I get my food is from a window I can't see out of. Theres a bell my food comes in and thats all. I close my eyes. "Why are you doing this to us?" I rub my eyes. "Thats a good question." I shoot up quickly. "Who are you?" Its a girl. She smiles coming closer. "I'm friends with the girl you killed." I shake my head. "I didn't kill her.. Luke had too.. It wasn't me.. She was going to kill Luke. I didn't want to be in this." She rolls her eyes. "Just shut up." I close my eyes shaking my head. "This is why we're here isn't it?" She smiles. "Yes. You're going to get exactly what you deserve"

*Ariels POV*

I lay on the bed watching them stitch me up. They gave me medicine to numb me but I can still see it. I close my eyes not wanting to see it. Michael and some man are out in the hall fighting. Probably over me. "Okay you're done." They help me sit up. Michael comes back in anger across his face. "Can she walk?" One of the girls that helped me turn to Michael. "I'm pretty sure she has a fracture so she should probably rest for a bit. She can stand weight on it but not much we're putting her in a brace for now. Mitch went to grab some." He nods. He picks me up carrying me. "We're leaving." I try to make him stop but he won't. "What.. You can't we can get hurt." He groans. "They won't let you stay Ariel we're leaving." I shake my head. "No. I'm leaving you're staying."

He stares at me blankly. "No. I'm not letting you slip out of my fingers again. Ariel I just got you back what exactly happened?" *Flashback* "Get the fuck out now." I run hiding trying not to be found. I get to a building it looks like a restaurant but I don't chance it just yet. I run behind the building going down a hill. I reach the top. This next place looks packed. I walk in blending in with a bunch of people. I get to the phone picking it up. I start to dial a number but then realize I have to pay. I slam the phone down. "Fuck." I turn around about to go into the bathroom when somebody grabs me. "Hey babe where you going?" He puts his hand up my shirt feeling around. I try to fight but he's too strong. "Mmm don't be a fighter baby. Lucky me you're not too strong." He starts to slide his hand down my pants. "THERE SHE IS!" The guy gets distracted giving me enough time to run. I get into the girls bathroom going straight for the window. One of the men follow me but I smash the window out climbing through. I barely make it out. I get cuts all over me. I take off running going in the middle of traffic. Thats when I see Charles. His throat is slashed. I gasp coming to a complete stop. That give them enough time to tackle me. We wrestle finally I get away running as quick as I can. A car barely hits me it was almost to a complete stop but it still hurts. I get up limping away as fast as I can. When I do I get into the woods finally loosing them. The first thing I do is climb in a tree. The men look around for a while ut eventually I see them leave. I still wait though. I wait for hours. I get down but I hit my leg really hard this time causing even more pain in it. I practically drag myself away. After atleast three hours I see a car. It looks like Charles's so I follow it. Far away. I stay back behind. Then somebody grabs me I try to scream but I can't they have their hand over my mouth. "Get her to the house now!" Some guy comes and thats when I see Mikey. I know I've finally found him. This is when I know everything is alright. Or atleast I though it was. *end of flash back*

*Michaels POV*

She stares off not talking. I try to get her to answer my questions but she won't talk. "Ariel. Please.. You can't do this to me.. You can't leave me when I just get you back. You can't Please baby." All of the sudden her head snaps to me. "I remember. I remember something." I look at her weirdly. "What?" She facepalms. "I should have saw this earlier. "We have to go. Now. I mean immediately." I raise my eyebrow at her. "GODDAMMIT MICHAEL WE HAVE TO GO NOW!" When we get out she heads straight for a car. "Once we leave you can't stop. Michael you can't. Keep going for as long as you can. Once we run out if gas we will trade cars. Just as I'm about to get my door shut a guy grabs the door. "Where the hell do you think you're going?" The guy gives me an annoyed look. "MICHAEL GO ITS HIM!" I don't argue this time I put the car in drive slamming on the gas. I get the door shut locking the doors. I don't stop. "Are you going to tell me what the hell is going on?!?!" She stares out in space then finally gives in. "I remember.. I remember them.. The one that was trying to keep you there. All his attempts were half hearted Michael we should have left long before. He was trying to give you warnings. Those guys were with the bad ones.. The signs he was giving you. His hands making certain motions. Those were the signs I was warned about." I try to take it all in. "What about the boys?" She doesn't answer. "Ariel what about the boys." She closes her eyes. "ARIEL!" I can see faint tears running down her face when I look over at her again. "Its too late.."

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