"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


24. Preforming

*Next day Aris POV*

I wake up late Mikey is holding me but I can tell he's awake I shift so I can see his face. "Hey babe." I scrunch my nose when he says it but I smile. "Hi baby. You're adorable but you have morning breath.." He smiles at me "so do you kiss me." I giggle and we kiss for a couple minutes. "Okay I feel gross... Carry me to the bathroooommm." He rolls his eyes but stands and picks me up. "You're so sweet." I kiss him again. We get to the bathroom and he doesn't let me go. I roll my eyes at him and try to get free. I look back at him and he stares at my lips then he smirks at me. I bite my lip. We start to kiss he presses me up against the wall and deepens the kiss taking control. I let his tounge explore my mouth. I pull his hair making him moan against my lips. God damn this boy. Then pulls alway and kisses my nose. Putting me on the ground. I stare at him shocked. "Ugh Mikey WHAT THE FUCK!" I slap his chest. "I hate you." I turn away. He wraps his arms around me. "It took a lot to pull away.. How's it feel to be teased?" I turn to him my mouth hanging open. "You. Are. Such. An. ASS!" He smirks. Come on we need to get ready. I ignore him pushing him out of the way grabbing my tooth brush and walking out of the bathroom. This. Means. War. I grab my clothes and put them on the bed seeing Mikey stare at me out the corner of his eyes. I undress leaving me only in bra and panties. I turn toward Michael and walk back into the bathroom. I turn to Michael. "Close your mouth its pretty embarrassing." He closes his mouth his eyes still wide. I push him out and close the door. "Holy fuck." I hear him say through the door. I giggle. Where has all this confidence came from?

*Michaels POV*

She did it on purpose. Holy fuck all I can think of now is her. How sexy she is. I knew she was beautiful but fuck her body. Right now I can't think of this I can't even concentrate on what Luke is saying. "Uh yeah mate.. We'll meet you at the place she doesn't go on until four.." I hang the phone up. Its twelve right now. I hear the bathroom door open and she walks out. I stare at her looking her up and down. I walk up to her. "Damn baby.. You look hot." She giggles. "So do you." She winks at me. "Wipe the drool off your shirt babe." I roll my eyes at her. "Are you ready?" She smiles and nods. I grab her hand and we head out the door but I stop her. "Fucking kiss me." She stands on her toes but I still have to bend down to kiss her. She throws her arms around my neck. She pulls away. "Okay now lets go." When we get to the building its one but still packed Ariel was so excited she got here two hours early. She's bouncing around. Before the car has stopped she runs out pulling me with her. "Babe slow down!" She gets to the line for the door and her friend John walks up she hugs him I go for her hand but she turns away not acknowledging me. We get inside and Ariel turns to me. "John's going to show me around are you coming?" I shake my head and she looks disappointed. "I'll wait for the boys." She nods and grabs my hand. "Babe.. I want to see you before I go on." I nod at her.

*Ariels POV*

"Soooo John.. What do you think of Michael?" John looks at me. "Uhm he's handsome?" I elbow him rolling my eyes. "Haha funny seriously John. What do you think?" He rolls his eyes. "I don't know he's nice I guess he doesn't talk and I'm suprised he even let you walk with me because he looks pretty protective over you. I think he likes you Ariel.. Don't let him hurt you." I smile. "I won't John." We walk into this room. "Wanna play a game of tag?" I ask him. "You're such a child!" I roll my eyes at him. "TAG YOUR'RE IT!" He takes off running laughing. "HEY CHEATER!" I take off after him. I look around for him trying to find which room he was in I open a door and walk in looking around. I hear shuffling and I turn to see John running to the door. I take off tackling right before he gets to the door. "YOU'RE IT HA" I giggle and get up taking off running I go to the stairs seeing a door I climb in it shutting it. It's only big enough for me to fit in. I hear John run by I smirk. He'll never find me. I open the door slightly looking for the way he ran nothing I look the the left nothing. I get out fast not closing the door and run as quiet as I can. I get into another room and I go to the corner looking out the window I see Michael standing with Ash. I smile then I hear the door open. "Shit." I mumble but it's too late he tags me. He starts to tickle me. "Alright Alright you win!" He gets up pulling me to my feet. "Come on we should get downstairs." We start to walk and the door handle turns. "Shit we're not supposed to be in here." My eyes widen. Four men walk in. They look at us weird. "Uh sorry we were looking for the Uh restroom." I turn to John. "It's not in here come on." One of the men grab my arm. "The bathroom is upstairs.. Don't think I didn't hear you two fooling around in here." My eyes widen. "I uh.. Sorry?" He smiles at me. "It's fine I was young once you know." I smile back at him. I walk out and look around. "John?" I whisper. I don't see him anywhere. All of the sudden I fall to the ground he tackled me. "Ugh you ass!" He laughs pulling me up. "Are you ready to go." He grabs my wrist pulling me along. "I have to show you something be quiet we aren't supposed to be in here." We go into this room. "Oh John... It's... It's beautiful.." He smiles at me. "I thought you would like it. I feel tears running down my cheeks. It was a drawing of us when we were little. "I never stopped thinking of you.." I turn to him. "Why.. Why is it here?" He smiles at me. "It's for the art competition here." I hug him. "You're so going to win." He smiles at me. "Lets go now!" I nod wiping the tears away glad my makeup didn't run. Right before I go to open the door the nob starts to turn. I jump back remembering John saying we weren't supposed to be in here. The door opens. "Ariel?"

*Lukes POV*

"Ariel?" I stare at her and that guy. Whats his name. She sigh. "Luke you scared me!" I smile at her. "We've been looking for you!" She walks out of the room. "Where is Mikey?" I point up the stairs. "John come on." John thats his name. "I'm going to go sit down." She nods. "Wish me good luck." I smile at her and kiss her cheek. "Good luck love Ash says hi." She smiles at me. "Tell him I say hi." I nod walking off.

*Michaels POV*

I walk down the stairs. Where the hell is she? When I get down the first flight of stairs I see her. She runs up to me. "Mikey!" I smile at her. "I'm so nervous I'm glad you can to find me." I frown. "Where have you been! I've been looking everywhere for you? Oh there's your friend!" She stares at me shocked. "C-calm down.." This only makes me more mad. "Why do you not want him to know your boyfriend is worried about you!" John walks closer to us. I grab Ariels arm. "Look at me." She stares at the ground. "Hey! Who do you fucking think you are!" I stare at John getting even more pissed off. "Don't fucking be a dick!" I start to go towards John when Ariel grabs my hand. "John I have to tell you something. Johns looks softly at Ariel his mood changing quickly. "Michael is my boyfriend." I look at her then back at John. Relaxing. John looks at me then back to Ariel. "Sweet." She smiles at him rolling her eyes. "I'm ready to get this over with!" He smiles at her. She returns it then he tells her where to go. She starts pulling me along behind her. "Okay baby. You have to stay back here." She turns to me and kisses me. "Come here when I get done I'm going to run into your arms and you're going to kiss me and blah it's going to be romantic!" I roll my eyes at her. "Okay babe you're going to do great." She turns around and I smack her ass she squeals and Her mouth windens. I chuckle.

*After the preformance Ariels POV*

I'm so happy I feel like I did good. Everybody clapped it was so amazing I felt so free. John runs up to me. "You sounded perfect!" I smile at him. "I can't wait until you win best art." He rolls his eyes at me. "Don't leave." I smile at him. "I won't I'm going to walk go you home silly." He smiles at me. "Go now! You don't want to be late." I start to walk seeing Mikey just downstairs I smile big. Then a lady stops me. "Oh dear! You sounded amazing!" I smile at her and thank her. She then looks down the stairs. "Ah.. I saw you with him earlier.. I hope you are not dating that hideous thing." I stare at her shocked. "Actually I am and he's not hideous you bitch." She shakes her head at me. "You'll regret saying that." I laugh I can't hold it in. "Yeah yeah." I take off running feeling her eyes on me I jump into Michaels arms. He spins me around kissing me. "You were great." I smile kissing him again. He puts me down and takes my hand walking me to the seat. A lady clears her throat. "Excuse me miss." I look her. She smiles. "Ignore what Marissa says you guys are a nice couple.. He just need to get rid of that red!" She smiles at me. "He looks very nice. He's a lucky young man." I smile at her. "I'm the lucky one."

*AUTHORS NOTEEE* Hiii c: I'm working on anoter chapter I'll post it tonight. I PASSED MY EXAMSSS! One of my teachers lost my fucking tests though-.- Then I started to take it again and he found it. HE GOT ME IN TROUBLE BECAUSE HE DIDN'T LOOK GOOD ENOUGH! Anyywaayyyss Working on a chapter blah c: You guys should listen to my cover. (I hate to do this by the way but bleh) here's the link. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q1N1Am3CKg

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