"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


10. Not A Dream

*Christinas POV*

He said he wanted me? James wants me? Wow, nice way to show it. It doesn't matter anyways I'm with Brian. I can't let James get in my head. "James!" I scream this time not hoarse. "James Please! James I'll do whatever you want!" I try to plead. I wait to see if he replies I hear talking. "Help please! He has me tied up! HELP!" I hear a lot of bangs and noises then footsteps. Please don't be James please don't be James. The door busts open and its Dylan. Brians brother hangs out with James? "Hold on Christina. You're going to be fine." he looks at me with sad eyes as he pulls his phone out. "Hey I found her. Yeah she was at James house he had her tied- Brian stop. I've got her okay." As he unties me I get up. Stumbling. He helps me putting one arm around me helping me walk. When we get downstairs I see James laying on the ground. "You did this?" I look at Dylan stunned. "Yeah I did it. Now come on before he wakes up."

*Arias POV*

The boys car drops me off at the airport where my car is. As I walk to my car I realise I didn't even get a picture with them. To be honest I didn't care about the picture I just wanted to see Mikey again. I run to my car and get in turning the car on and driving as fast as I can not caring about the speed limit. I see the car and follow about thirty minutes. It stops and I see Cal and Luke standing outside waiting for the car. I park and get out. Just as Cal started to climb into the car I yell. "Guys wait!" Luke turns to me and Ash sees me and smiles. Their body guard stops me before I can get to them though. "Listen, you had one day with them. Don't push it." I look at him blankly "Yes one day and if I'm not mistaken its 8 pm the days not up yet." I see Michael coming up to the body guard. "Ryan its okay let her talk." He gives me a weak smile.

*Michaels POV*

"Yes one day and if I'm not mistaken it's 8pm the days not up yet." I hear Ari say. Wait Aris here.. I- why is she here. It just makes it so much harder.. "Ryan its okay let her talk." I find myself saying. I give her a small smile. She doesn't return it though she just looks to the ground and walks past Ryan. "Ari! You're back! Girl I've missed you!" I hear Ash scream as he runs up to her picking her up and spinning her around. I can't help but feel jealous.

*Lukes POV*

"Hey Ari." I say cooly. "We missed you!" To be honest I like Ari and if Michael isn't going to step up I will. I can treat her right instead of making her feel like shes worthless. However, If Michael is going to step up then I'm going to back off. I walk up to Michael. "Listen, it's obvious you like her so you better get her before someone else does. Don't come up with a bullshit excuse because if you don't take her Michael I will. She needs somebody to treat her right and if that can't be you I will." He looks thrown back by what I just said "Don't punch me either man. Because I'm not trying to steal her. Yeah I like her but, I want YOU to be happy also." He then does something I totally didn't expect. He hugs me. "Luke I want her to be happy I do I just don't think it would be with me. I really want to but.. I don't want to hurt Ari. She's so special and-" I cut him off "Go fucking ask her if she wants to go to the club with us you idiot." With that he turns and walks towards Ari.

*Aris POV*

I see Michael out of the corner of my eye coming towards me. What do I say? It seems like hes disappointed to see me.. "Ari do you want to go to a club with us?" I probably look like an idiot because I just stare at him "Its okay if you don-" I cut him off "Of course Michael I'd love to go."

*Almost to the club*

Michael helps me out of the car again like before. It makes me feel better about coming back. "So why did you come back?" I look at Ash feeling stupid my face heating "Ash you

idiot" Michael smacks him on the back of the head "Ouch Mike. No I mean like I'm happy you're back.. Obviously but why did you come back?" I look at my hands "I-I didn't get a picture with you guys." My cheeks grow a darker shade as I say it. "No, I think you just missed us" Michael winks. I hold my hands up in defeat. "You're right I did miss Ash, Cal and Luke." Michael gives me a pouty face. I look away giggling "Finee I missed you too." He laughs and winks. "How far away is the club I'm getting tireddd. Are you sure we should even go to the club? I've never really been is it fun?" I ask nervously. I stop grabbin Michaels arm so he would stop too. "Ariel It's going to be fun I'll make sure you will have fun." I turn my head away from him "Pfft you're not any fun though!" I say to him. He looks at me with his pouty face again. But I turn away not letting him win this time. He comes closer to me and whispers "You know I'm fun.. Besides I heard you're a Michael girl." He winks at me and grabs my hand pulling me along. My whole face is probably red. I'm so embarrassed. He heard I'm a Michael girl? I'm such a loser I face palm with my free hand.

*Cals POV*

I turn around seeing Ari and Michael talking he whispers something and I see her face even in the dim light go completely red. Michael grabs her hand and starts to pull her along. I turn and keep walking so they wouldn't know I saw them I didn't want her to get more embarrassed. I catch back up to Luke and Ash then I turn "Oi Michael, Ari hurry up!"

*At the club Ashs POV*

We walk into the club and I lead us to a booth in the back. We all sit down as a Waiter comes up to us. "Can I get you some drinks?" She flirts with Michael. Ari looks upset as the waiter flirts with him. Although he doesn't really pay much attention to her. "Yeah I want a mountain dew!" I say over the music. The waiter looks over at me and rolls her eyes. "Yeah whatever" she mutters. After the girl comes back with out drinks and hands Michael her number I say "Alright! Truth or dare!" I see Michael throw the girls number to the floor. "Alright but Luke goes first! He never goes first!" Cal says. I nod in agreement. I look over at Ari noticing something on her wrist. She quickly grabs her bracelet and pulls it down looking over at me with caution. I smile at her like I didn't see it. "Alright Ari your turn!" I say "Truth or Dare?" She looks up at me "Uh.. Truth?" I feel horrible but "Why do you wear those bracelets Ari?" She looks at me pain in her eyes. "Ash thats none of your fuckin-" She puts her hand over Michaels hand calming him. "Its okay." she looks at me with her sad eyes. "I'll show you. If you show me yours.." She says. I'm kind've thrown back by her but I still start to take off my bracelets. She does the same. I get up and kneel infront of her. She takes her last bracelet off of her other arm. Showing over 20 cuts. "Oh Ari.." I say. She looks away from me starting to put her bracelets back on. "Stop.. Please. May I?" I raise my hand to her wrist. She nods. I run ny finger over her left arm. Then I start to kiss each and every cut. I look back up at her as tears start to roll down her cheeks. "You're beautiful Ari. Don't ever do this again. Promise me." she nods her head again. Then she takes my wrist and kisses it. "You're amazing Ash... Don't ever feel like you're not again."

*Mikeys POV*

I feel totally jealous of Ash as he kisses her scars. I know I shouldn't.. but seriously. I wish I could be the one comforting her.. I watch as she kisses Ash's wrist. She starts to put her bracelets on and when she does I grab her hand Intertwining our fingers. She half smiles up at me. "Are you guys ready to go?" They all nod and we head to the car. On the way to the hotel Ari falls asleep her head in buried in my chest. As we pull into the parking lot of the hotel only a few fans are out its already 1 AM. Wow I didn't think we were gone that long. I try to wake up Ari but all she does is groan and wrap her arms around me. "Looks like you're carrying her mate." Cal says as he gets out of the car. I pull Ari into my lap then climb out of the car. As I carry her in I notice she talks in her sleep. "I'm having a great time Mikey." she whispers sleepily. I smile as she says it. When I put her on the bed in the hotel room she doesn't let me go. "Come on Ari let go." I try to get her to let go. "Man you might as well just lay down shes not letting you go anytime soon." Ash says as he walks into the bathroom. I roll my eyes but move Ari over so I can lay down I lay on my back as Ari pulls me closer. She mutters something in her sleep but I can't understand her. I feel sleep coming over me as I close my eyes.

*Aris POV*

When I wake up I notice I'm not in my room and somebodys arms are wrapped around me I hear two boys talking and the shower running. I try to pull away from the arms but they pull me closer. I flip over to see who it is. I can't believe it.. It wasn't all a silly dream. The person with their arms wrapped around me is Michael. Fucking. Clifford.

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