"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


50. new chapter.

*Michaels POV*

The boys have been leaving me out of everything lately they don't talk to me they don't even look at me. Its staritng to really piss me off. I walk out of the balcony doors watching the cars go by. I close my eyes breathing in deeply. I feel somebodys arms wrap around me. I know its Ari. I turn to face her. "Morning." She smiles at me. I don't return the smile. I kiss her forehead. "Is something wrong?" I roll my eyes. "Is that all you can fucking ask? That's practically all you have fucking said!" She steps back. "Thats because you seem upset or pissed constantly. I turn back around. "Okay.." She comes up beside me placing her hand on mine. I pull away. "Can't you just give me some fucking space?" She looks down. "That's all I've been doing Mikey.. I want to spend time with my boyfriend." I scoff. "ALL YOU'VE BEEN DOING?!?! YOU'RE CONSTANTLY UP MY FUCKING ASS! JUST GET THE FUCK AWAY!" I throw my hand up accidentally hitting her. She falls back a little. I stare at her. She regains her balance then quickly walks out. I turn to her watching her into the bathroom. I roll my eyes looking forward again. She'll fucking put that against me.

*Ariels POV*

I wipe the blood off my face from my nose. I grab my new phone dialing Calums number. "C-Can I come over?" He tells me yes and says he'll be waiting. I come out of the bathroom with a rag held up to my nose. I grab a bag and put some clothes in it. "OH WHAT THE FUCK!" I ignore him putting a pair of pants in it. "So now you're gonna leave?!?!" I turn to the door. Just before I open the door Michaels stops me. "If you leave now don't come back." I feel tears stinging my cheeks. "I didn't plan on it." He looks at the bloody rag I'm holding against my nose and shakes his head. "What the fuck did you do? Make yourself bleed so you can go cry to Ash? Maybe you can fuck him this time!" I open the door but he grabs my arm. "Get the fuck off me. You promised. YOU FUCKING PROMISED!" The tears fall harder. He shakes his head smirking. "I knew you'd hold this against me." I push my way out walking down the stairs. "Oh hello Ari." I turn to his mom. "Hi. Somebody will be coming for my stuff. Thank you so nuch for letting me stay here." She nods. I walk out of the door. I get halfway down the road and then call Calum. "Can you pick me up?" I can hear shuffling then jets jingle. "Of course are you okay?" I shake my head. "Yes."

*Lukes POV*

All I can think of is Kyla. She's dead.. How could I.. I know she was trying to kill me but.. I throw something across my room knocking the lamp off. It shatters on the ground. I walk over cursing under my breath picking it up. As I'm picking pieced of the glass up I get a text. I go to open the text and realize its from Kylas number. My eyes widen. "How oh my god how." I go to open the text but realise I had gripped onto a piece of glass and my is bleeding badly. "Fuck." I drop the piece of glass. I run downstairs. "MOM!" My mom comes around the corner quickly. "What?" Then she notices my hand she rushes over quickly. "What the hell Luke!" She turns the water on putting my hand under it. "OW!" she rolls her eyes. "Man up Lucas."

*Calums POV*

I pull over seeing Ari. She is vleeding badly from her nose. I get out running up to her. "He promised me. He promised." She keeps repeating that over and over I pull her into a hug. "Come on." We get into the car driving to my house. "Alright here we are." I get out taking her bag. "Hey mom this is Ari." She smiles at her. "Oh dear come here. I'll help you get the bleeding to stop. I watch as my mom cleans Ari up helping her stop the bleeding. When they finally get it stopped my mom hands her an icepack. "30 minutes on 40 minutes off." Ari nods holding it to her nose. She walks over to me. "Calum.." My mom stops me. "My rooms the four door on the right upstairs." I turn back to my mom. She waits until Ari gets up the stairs. "CALUM HOOD IF YOU HAD ANY-" I put my hands up. "Mom I wouldn't do that." She looks down. "I know.." Then she shakes her head. "Was it Michael again?" I don't say anything she closes her eyes. "She deserves better." I put a arm around her. "Michael and her are great together mom. He just... He just needs to stop this." She nods.

*Ashtons POV*

"HI CALLY!" I walk into his room to see a crying Ari blood on her shirt. She's curled up in a ball. I walk over to the bed. "Ari are you okay." She turns to me and I can see a bruise starting on her nose. Its a little swollen. "Ari answer me." She nods. "I'm fine Ashy." I stand rubbing the back of my neck pacing. "Fucking dead He's fucking DEAD." Ari shoots up. "Ashton please.. Please don't." I calm as she wraps her arms around me. "Don't." I shake my head. "No. This is not okay." She looks up at me with her beautiful eyes. "I know its not.. Don't though." I close my eyes. "Say something. Say something to calm me down." She walks me over to the bed. We sit down and she puts her head on my shoulder. "Ash just Calum down." I can't help it but laugh. She smiles. Then Calum walks in. "HAHA FUNNY!" She rolls her eyes. "Sorry cal." She pouts. We all sit around joking and having fun. All I can think of is Luke though. He crosses my mind over and over. I just hope he is okay.

*Lukes POV*

When my hand is all bandaged up I walk but up the stairs. Pulling my phone out. I go to the text. Its a picture. A picture of me with Kyla. After she was dead. Another message comes in. "It just keeps getting better doesn't it?" I throw my phone down. "How? How does this happen. No one was around! How did they get her phone?!?! HER PHONE WAS WITH HER!" I try to calm myself but it just doesn't work. I slide down the wall. "I'm done. I can't do this. I can't."

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