"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


35. Missing you.

*Ashs POV*

I let Ari comfort me then I pull away. "I'm sorry.. I know I screamed at you but... You know it was stupid.." She nods at me looking down. "I'm just going to-" I grab her hand. "Come sit with us." She gives me a weak smile as I pull her along. We walk into the upstairs waiting room just as the doctor does. "How is he?" Ari gets to the doctor first. He looks down. "Well... We did the best we could..." Ari falls to the ground. I run up and grab her. "So he didn't make it?" the doctor shakes his head. "He did.. He's just in critical condition we don't know if he WILL make it exactly.. We put him on a respirator. If he doesn't show any signs of improvement we're going to have to eventually talk about taking him off.. The first 24 hours is critical." I nod. "I'm very sorry, your friend is a fighter."

*Aris POV*

I let Ash pull me into his lap as I sob into his shirt. "He's going to make it.." He whispers in my ear. "Its going to be okay." I try to control my sobs but it only makes them worse "I-I love him..." He rubs circles on my back and kisses my head. "I know you do.. Just hold on to that." As I cry I hear Ash start to sing into my ear. Eventually I stop crying listening to his voice. "You have a beautiful voice." He chuckles. "Thanks Ari." He starts to sing again and I eventually drift off.

*Lukes POV*

I watch as Ash soothes Ari even though he screamed at her.. "We need to eat." Cal looks up at Ash. "I know." I look over to Ash and he just sits there. "Ash you have to eat. You can't starve yourself forever." he doesn't say anything. "Do you want us to bring you back something or are you coming?" No answer. I get up and walk over to Ash. "You have to stay strong for her. You have to stay strong for us." Ash closes his eyes. I see a couple tears run down his cheeks. Then he stands carrying Ari. "Fine.. Lets go.."

*Cals POV*

I know Michael and Ash was close but he can't do this to himself we were all close.. Even Luke thought he didn't act like it when Ari came he still loves Michael. We all do. I look over to see Ari punch Ash in the face I can't help it but laugh. He looks down at Ari. "What the fuck?!" She giggles. "I'm sorry... I was having a dream.." He rolls his eyes at her. She stands up and sits by Ash putting her head on his shoulder. "I'm sorry Ashy." He rolls his eyes again. "Fine! How long have I been asleep." I smile at her. "About 45 minutes. Here eat a cookie." I toss it and it hits her right in the face." She gives me a death stare. "I can't catch anything CALUM!" I laugh. "I noticed that uou got a little cookie in your hair." She rolls her eyes.

*Aris POV*

We walk up to Michaels room I stay behind. We get in and he looks horrible. He has all these tubes on him one down in throat. One in his side. I cover my mouth and close

my eyes. "Oh Mikey..." I whisper. I walk up by Ash and stand. Ash grabs Michaels hand. "Hey dude we've missed you."

*AUTHORS NOTE* Hey guys sorry I didn't update more last night... I got in trouble for coming home. So I wasn't really in the mood... BUT Expect more updates c: I'm working on it.

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