"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


9. Michael And Ari (;

*Aris POV*

We pull up into the parking lot of where the concert was going to be. There was already a huge line of people outside some people started to swarm the car but security stopped them. I get out of the car and start to walk but I feel a hand wrap around my arm. I turn around and its Michael "Hey Mikey." I say and smile "Mikey?" he smirks. My face heats "Its okay come on I wanna show you something."

*Lukes POV*

I watch as Michael takes Aris hand and pull her into a different room. "Cal come here" I wave to cal to come over this way. "CAL PAL ON HIS WAY!" I look over at him "Shh. Cal look" I point towards Michael and Ari still holding hands. "Dr. Fluke! The love birds!" Ash heard Cal and came

over "Aw look at the love birds!" I look over at Ash "Ash shh don't embarrass her!"

*Ashs POV*

"I'll do more then embarrass her Luke." I start to walk over to Michael and Ari but Luke pulls my arm "Oi Luke stop" I shake him off "HEY LOVE BIRDS!" Ari pulls her hand away from Michael as fast as she can and her face heats up as she puts her head down and walks away from Michael. Michael comes up to me and punches me. "Why did you do that!" I punch him back "I was just kidding you have a crushy wushy!!!!"

*Christinas POV*

"James Please! Please just let me go!" I try to plead some more. "Fuck you, you need to just realise you're not getting out of here don't even try you fucking cunt" he screams back. "What do you want from me James... What?" I say as tears stream down my cheeks. He just ignores me and gets up out of his seat. He picks the chair up and throws it into the wall then throwing a lamp. "James please..." I say softer. "What do you want James. I'll do whatever I won't say anything.." he looks away wipes at his face. "James. Anything." he turns to me you can tell her had tears in his eyes. "I want you Christina. You are what I wanted." and with that he walked out of the room.

*Aris POV*

I can tell Michaels embarrassed of us being called love birds.. I mean why would Michael Fucking Clifford EVER like someone like me.. I look down at my hands and notice one of my cuts are showing so i pull my bracelets down. They can't find out.

They sing American Idiot, Amnesia, The Pizza Song and then to finish it off Don't Stop they all come out in their costumes and do a show for everybody then sing the song. They pull me on stage and Mikey saves me. My hero..

*Luke POV*

Its time to say goodbye to Ari and I really think its going to hurt Michael... "We're going to miss you Ari. We'll keep in touch though!" I say hugging her. "Y-you'll miss me?" her cheeks heat "Of course Ari. We had a lot of fun with you!" She smiles really big "Especially Michael" I wink at her. Her face heats and she looks down. "Mikey hasn't talked to me since Ash said 'love birds' I don't think he likes me.." I hug her again "Listen, Michael likes you.. Of course he would! I mean look at you! You're so beautiful, funny and sweet. Don't worry about Michael okay." She looks up and half smiles "Can I tell you something its pretty embarrassing" I shake my head to tell her yes. "I-I've always been a 'Michael girl'" she says using air quotes when she said 'Michael girl'. She looks down and her cheeks heat.

*Mikeys POV*

A Michael girl? Shes always been a Michael girl? Wow. I can't help it but eavesdrop on what Luke and Ari was saying. I was kinda jealous to be honest.. I just can't believe she'd like an idiot like me. Yeah I'm 'famous' and whatever but I'm a 'freak' my band mates are 'hotter'. Its just weird. "Oi Luke Cal wants you lets go." Luke walks with Ari behind him. "Bye Ari" I give her a quick hug then walk away. The others come and give her hugs and tell her bye. I saw the disappointment on her face when I walked away quickly.. She thinks I don't like her.. I just can't tell her..

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