"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


13. Michael and Ari drama oooohh

*Lukes POV*

I sneak out of the hotel so I could go see Ari. Ari made us take Michael home because he wasn't sleeping at the hospital. As i walk down the sidewalk I hear a couple people call my name I keep my head down and walk faster. Soon it will be a mob and I'm the only one out here. As i arrive at the hospital I feel something hit me. "Luke fucking Hemmings!" Someone screams. I turn around to see who it was. Some girl had threw a soda bottle at me. I half smiled at her. Kinda pissed because of her throwing a bottle. "Don't fucking smile at me you stupid fuck." she starts to move closer to me. Oh shes one of those people. I turn around and walk quickly to the hospital. I can hear more people coming now though. "Come on Luke. What are you doing. Going to see that slut that ruined your careers" I ignored them walking into the hospital doors. I slid i to the elevator quickly before any of them could get to it. Ari is not a slut. I quickly get out of the elevator and take off to her room. "Sir no running!" A nurse yells. "Sorry" I mumble. I get into Aris room and close the door. She looks at me. "Hey what are you doing here?" she smiles at me. "I just wanted to come see you alone." I smile back. She scoots over and pats beside her. I get in the bed laying beside her. "So Lukey whats on your mind!" She says laying her head on my arm. "To be honest. You." Her cheek heats "I um I uh I mean like. How you're feeling.. I'm sorry" She starts to giggle "Its fine Lukey." I smile at her. God shes so beautiful.




*Michaels POV*

I get up seeing Lukes not here I wonder where he went.. I walk jnto the bathroom turning the shower on. I step in when its heated. I stand there letting the water roll down my body when my phone goes off. I finish taking my shower and grab my phone. It was a text from Luke. "Hey get to the hospital now" My eyes widen. I run out of the bathroom grabbing some clothes and throwing them on. "GET UP IM GOING TO THE HOSPITAL!" I run out the door. As I get to the hospital I see there is a group of people standing outside the hotel. I duck behind a bush. "Luke I'm here. There's a mob outside though whats going on?!" I wait for Luke to text me as I go to the next bush trying to get around to the side enterance. "It's the mob. They're saying Ari ruined out careers. She's very upset Michael... She believes it." I start to grow angry. Ari didn't fucking ruin out careers we're on break. How the fuck did she ruin our careers. In my anger I started walking not caring to hide now. I start to text Luke back when I hit into someone. "Watch where the fu- MICHAEL!" I look at the girl. "Hi" I half smile. "Yeah yeah. She says to me." I start to say something but she cuts me off. "Look don't think I'm still a fan of you guys or something I'm here with them. I can't believe you guys let a whore ruin your careers." She starts laughing. I get even more angrier. "HOW DARE YOU EVER SAY THAT ABOUT HER HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! YOU'RE ALL JUST JEALOUS FACE IT YOU CAN'T BE HAPPY THAT I AM HAPPY CAN YOU!" Shes shocked by what I said. I start to walk away when I feel something hit me hard. I turn around to see she had threw something at me. This only makes me more pissed. "Go back to your worthless slut you're all shit now! JUST WAIT MICHAEL CLIFFORD YOU WILL SEE!" I walk away from her not wanting to hear anymore of her bull shit. Why can't they just except the fact I'm happy..



*Aris POV*

Right now I'm not showing any emotion. It's like I've shut down. I'm not talking I'm not crying. I'm just laying in the bed. "Ari you have to talk some time." I try to tune look out. I hear the door open but don't turn to look. I feel arms wrap around me. It's Michael. I don't. turn to him. "Hey babe." He says pulling me closer. I ignore him. He kisses the top of my head. "Are you going to talk to me Ariel." I ignore him. "Shes been like this ever since..." Luke trails off. I can feel Michael stiffen. "Listen to me. Ariel. You did not ruin my career you fucking helped me Ariel Can't you see that. As soon as I saw you when I opened that door I got calm. Ariel you make me better. Please don't shut me out right now." I can feel a tear run down my cheek. Trying to shut my emotions off wouldn't work.. I feel Mikey get up and walk around to face me. I bury my face in the pillow so he don't se me cry. He puts his finger under my chin pulling my face towards his. "Babe.. Don't cry.. please baby. Don't listen to them" He leans in to kiss me but I turn away. He gives me a confused look. "Mikey.. It is true.. You guys took a break because of ME. Its all because of ME. I'm just some slut that came along and has ruined your guys tour. Don't try to tell me thats not true because I know it's true. Listen to me okay. Listen. You mean so much to me you know that. If my career is ruining your relationship with your fans and the way your tour is. Then I don't think we should be together." I see Mikeys eyes start to water but it quickly turns into anger. "I can't believe you fucking believe them. What were you doing just using me to get to my money?" He laughs "You probably were! Its obvious you don't give a fuck about us! You won't even fight for us! It was all a lie but now you're cutting it off once you get noticed! Now people know who you are! Now maybe you can have people like you! Thats the only reason you said yes to me was to get notice! Wasn't it? WASN'T IT?!" I feel tears start slowly then they were uncontrollable. "I-I can't believe you would think that" I saw inbetween sobs. I see Michaels face change. "I-" Luke comes over and punches him in the face "GET THE FUCK OUT!" Michael quickly gets up leaving us. "Sh Ari shh." Luke pulls me into his lap. "He's not worth it Ari. He's just pissed off shh." Luke kisses the top of my head like Michael does and the tears fell faster. "I-I want to go home.." I put my face into Lukes chest. "Of course we can go back to the ho-" I cut him off "No. Luke. My home."





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