"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


7. Meeting the lads

*Day of meeting 5sos*

I woke up this morning with a message saying to meet the boys at the airport they have a gift for me. I'm so nervous you could hear my heart beat from miles away. Right now there are already girls starting to line up at the airport waiting to see the boys. I was walking to a seat when I hear my name called. I turn around to see some tall man with a bunch of muscles. "Hello Ariel? I'm Daniel" I stand up and he shakes my hand. "Its nice to meet you the boys are in the back waiting follow me." I start to follow the man and he leads me to the back of the airport where the boys were messing around. Ashton has Luke on his back, Michael and Calum were sliding around on the floor. The man chuckled "Boys!" They stopped and stood up and looked at me. My heart started to beat even harder. Calum smiled at me and Ashton screamed "I'LL GET TO HER FIRST!" before taking off and running towards me. The boys foughy there way on who got to me first. It ended up being Michael he just walk around the boys as they were shoving and trying to get to me. Michael came up to me and gave me a hug telling me it was nice to meet me and saying that today was going to be really fun. Then Luke came up to me and hugged me next Ashton he towered over me and hugged me. Then last Calum after he hugged me we had to 'sneak' out of the airport. Let me tell you it wasn't easy sneaking out with these boys. They were pushing each other yelling laughing making all these noises. By time we got around to the car a large crowd had swarmed us. One of the girls threw something at me and screamed I didn't deserve to meet the boys. Some girls joined in by calling me "slut, fat, worthless, ugly, cunt" and others that I didn't hear. We got into the car and I sat between Michael and Ashton.



*Michaels POV*

I heard some of the girls screaming and calling Ariel names. You could tell it hurt her but she tried not to show it. She's not even 'fat' she's actually beautiful. The things people say are ridiculous when they're jealous of people. "So Ariel tell us about yourself."



*Christinas POV*

I wake up again to have been moved to a different place. I hear fighting coming from somewhere. It sounds like Brian. "Brian! Help! Brian!" I manage to scream out in a hoarse voice. I feel the tears falling down my face. I try to stand but realised my legs are tied on the bed as well as my arms. I hear footsteps coming now and I scream once more only getting a whisper this time. I try to wipe

my tears away just in case its James. James busts through the room. "Hey cunt hows it going?" he smirks. I turn away so he can't see my face. "You're fucking worse then Ariel bitch why aren't you talking? Because you can't fuck Brian anymore? How about I get his dad fired? Would you answer me then? Hows that sound?" I don't answer him so he smacks me across the face. "Look at me!" I look up at him a tear running down my cheek. "What happened to you James we used to be best friends we all did.." He looked at me with hate in his eyes. "You happened Christina thats what fucking happened. Ariel and you. You are a fucking slut you both are." He gets up and leaves the room "James stop" he turns and looks at me pissed. "Can I atleast get something to drink? Please?" He doesn't answer just turns around and slams the door locking it behind him.



*Ariels POV*

Tell them about myself? What do I say I look over at Luke and he just smiles. "Well come on now are you gonna tell us or don't cat got your tounge?" Ashton smiles popping his dimples out. I sigh "There's nothing really to tell you.. I'm Ariel I like Ari better I'm 16 about to turn 17 in only 13 days. Thats about it." Calum smiles "Cool you're around our age. What about friends? Do you guys do anything crazy?." I just look down at my hands and don't say anything. "Whats wrong love?" I hear Luke say. I look up and they're all staring at me. "I-I don't really have any friends.. Except for my friend Christina but she hasn't been answering my calls." I rub my neck looking down knowing I sound like a loser and they probably think I look stupid. "Hey" I feel a hand on my knee I look over at Michael. "Its fine Ari don't worry." I half smile and look back down. "What about family! Do you have a brother or sister?" I look at ashton to see he was smiling trying to change the subject. "Um yeah.. I have an older brother named Michael. He's not as sweet as this Michael though." I feel my cheeks heat as soon as I say it I can't believe I just said that I must sound like such a dork.



*Calums POV*

I felt bad after making her talk about her friends. I can't believe someone as beautiful as this girl doesn't have that many friends. It's weird.. I look at her as she blushes about saying Michael was sweet. It was cute. Michael was laughing "You're blushing!" Luke smacks his knee as Aris cheeks heat a darker shade.



*Lukes POV*

I smack Michaels knee. "Ow Luke! Stop!" He looks over at me and I give him the death glare. "You're stupid" I whisper to him. He sticks his tounge out at me. I look over at Ari who is looking at her hands again. Hey she wears a lot of bracelets. Like... Ash... I hope thats not why..



*Ashtons POV*

"So Ari what are we going to do today?" She looks at me nervous as I smile at her. "Um I didn't Uh know I had to-" I can't help it I start to giggle "What?" she says. "I was just kidding doll we have it all planned out. You don't have to be nervous." She blushes again. "Don't worry okay we're going to have a great day."




*Authors Note*

Hey sorry if its not that good My phone deleted what I had done so I had to start it over again at last minute :c I promise to try and make the next chapter better (: Another thing. I have this cover I want to put on it but It won't let me. This is the cover I want.

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