"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


25. How did we end up here

*Lukes POV*

I look over to see Aris head on Michaels chest. People would give them weird looks but she didn't care. I want this I want her head on me. "We're going to walk her friend home." Michael says happily. Why is he so happy about that? I roll my eyes. "Okay where are we going to eat?" He shrugs. Ari sighs and puts her face into Michaels chest. "I'm bored babe." She says a little too loud getting people to stare. I smile. "Well babe I'm bored too." Michael elbows. "Don't call her that." I smirk and Ariel looks at Michael. "Aw baby are you jealouuuussss?" Michael glares at her. I smirk at this. "Awwww poor wittle mikey jealouuuusss!" she giggles and he rolls his eyes.

*Cals POV*

"DAMMMMN ARI GURL YOU LOOK HAWT!" I text Ari making her giggle. She looks down at me and I wink. "Dammmmnnn Cal boiiiii youu look hawttterrr *kiss kiss*" I laugh texting her back "Look at me." I mouth the words "Michaels readng" She looks up at Michael and smile. She looks back at her phone. "In that case.... Hey do you wanna have our meet up again tonight (; I liked that.. It was so hot(;" I chuckle shaking my head "Gurl you're bad." Michael shoves Ari off and gets up. He starts to walk towards me. "Oh shit Cal run!" Ariel gets up and grabs Michals arm. "Babe it was a joke.. You're cute when you're jealous." He nods at her then makes Ash scoot over and sits between me and Ash. She looks at me hopelessly and I shrug. Ash smiles weakly at her. She turns around and sits back down talking to Luke.

*Ashs POV*

"Dude don't look now but your ass is showing." I look at Michael. He rolls his eyes at me. "Seriously mate.. She was joking just get over it" He looks at me sadness in his eyes. "Ash.. I can't do it man... I can't do it.." I nod to the bathroom and Michael gets up. We walk towards the door. "Whats going on?" He looks away. "This John guy... It's stupid I know.. You should see the way she looks at him mate. They've known each other so long. I don't want her to leave me." I face palm and laugh so hard. "Listen to yourself. Ari. Would. Never. Leave. You." I laugh even harder as I walk away. I sit down and look over to Ari and she looks at me hopeful I wink at her. Luke looks at her and grabs her hand. Luke is loving this. He wants something to go wrong so he can get her. Yeah I want Luke to be happy but seriously.. Ari and Mike hit it off he will not get her.

*After the show Ariels POV*

"ALRIGHT BYE DARLIN! Bye my lttle penguin. Bye Cal Pal!" I get to Michael. "Are you coming or should I say bye to you my red haired troll." he looks away hurt. "Troll??" I smile. "Your hair is weird in the back you had your head laying." He rolls his hair. "Psh! I see how it is." I giggle and take his hand. "Okay you're come no choice now." He smiles at me we get up to John and Michael gets closer to me. Weird. "Ready?" He smile and nods. John and I have a great time walking home. Michael has stepped back walking a little far behind. "Stay right here." John turns and watches as I walk back to Mikey. He stops and looks down at me. I grab both of his hands rubbing circles on his hands. "Hi baby." He looks away from me. "Michael Gor-" He glares at me "DON'T!" I smirk. "GORDON!" He looks at John then me. "THATS IT YOU'RE GONNA GET IT!" I go to run but he grabs me slinging me over his shoulder. "JOHN COME HERE!" John runs up

to Mikey. "JOHN HELLPPPPP!" I scream. "Nope! No help for you!" Mikey yells his accent is adorable. Then he starts to whisper to John. Atleast he's talking to John. All of the sudden I get put down I look at both of them. John smirks and my eyes widen. Not good! Not good! I go to run but John grabs me. "Get her!" Mikey comes up and tickles me I fall to the grond. "S-s-stop.... M-m-my d-dress!" I manage to get out before John starts to tickle me too. I thrash and accidentally hitting Mikey in the nuts. He falls to the ground and groans. "are you okay dude?" I run over to him. "Baby. Are you okay I didn't mean to." John walks over. "Hey dude I mean she was gonna punch them nuts some day." I glare at John you're pervs! They both start to laugh. I walk away. "Hey I was just kidding." I roll my eyes. "Yeah, yeah!" Michael comes up and wraps his arms around me kissing my cheek. "Baby it's okay.. Calm down." I roll my eyes "Get off me Clifford!" John stands infront of me. "Nope. He won't tell him you're sorry. Tell him he's a sexy beast." I start to giggle at sexy beast but I turn to Mikey and say. "Sorry. You're a sexy beast."

*At Johns house Aris POV still*

"I'm going to walk him up wait here we have friend stuff to cover." Mikey nods but never takes his eyes off me. We get up the steps and I pull John into a hug. "I've missed you so much John I don't know how many times I have to tell you.. My life has been a living hell without you. I've lost everybody.. My dad.." I feel myself tear up but I push them back.. "My beat the shit out of me John.. I don't think I can lose you again.. Sure I have Mikey and the boys... But.. You've been here for so long. You.. You left me... Please don't leave me again." John hugs me back. "I'll never leave again Ariel. I promise.. By the way your boyfriend seems to be pretty jealous." I giggle. "It's okay it's cute when he's jealous and it's probably just awkwardness he's can't be too jealous." I kiss Johns cheek and squeeze him one more time. "I love you." He smiles and says it back then I walk back to Michael. "Alright baby lets go." He nods and we start to walk. So far nobody has saw us luckily we took all the back ways. I grab Mikeys hand but he doesn't hold mine his hand is just awkwardly in my hand. I stop. "Whats going on?" He looks at me and shakes his head. "Babe come on seriously." I roll my eyes at him. "Can I have a kiss atleast?" He look away from me. I pull on his shirt trying to get him to bend down so I can kiss him. "Pleaseee" I pout. He looks at me then looks away. "baby!" After atleast five minutes of pleading I give up. "Whatever!" I walk away from him leaving him. "Over being fucking jealous its ridiculous! YOU CAN'T EVEN TRUST ME!" I walk faster trying to get away from him. "Ariel stop." he grabs me. "I trust you." I roll my eyes trying to get away. "Ariel. I do. I just.. You've known him for so long and I.... Well.. I'm just some fucking idiot from a shitty band." i start laughing. He looks at me seriously. "WOW MIKEY! JUST WOW!" I laugh harder. Once I get my laughter controlled I look up at him. "Listen to me. Its you who I want YOU! I poke his chest. It YOU who I cried over. Its YOU thats I picked. YOU! IT WILL ALWAYS BE YOU!" I look away from him. He puts his hand under my chin bringing my face to his. Just as soon as his lips are about to touch my I turn away. "No." I state. He looks at me weirdly. "No. You are such an ass! Coming to me with your perfect kisses! Being sexy! Being so sweet but then a ass in an instant! You don't get this satisfaction! I didn't get a kiss you didn't even acknowledge me until I started yelling! SO NO!" I walk away from him leaving him there staring.

*Michaels POV*

Fuck all I want to do is run up

and kiss her but I know I can't. I stay back and mentally kick myself. What the fuck was I thinking? Seriously this hot fucking girl wants to kiss me and I don't let her! and on top of that my girl! MY GIRL! She's MINE! I'm so stupid! I hear Ari giggle and stop turning towards me. "I second that you are stupid." I look at her weirdly. "What I agree you're stupid." I voiced my opinion. "Can I have a kiss yet?" She shakes her head. "This is killing you isn't it?" She smirks. "Nah not really. I don't need your kiss." Her mouth widens. I smirk and she wuickly closes her mouth. "Whatever!" she walks away I grab her. "Ariel fuck. Just kiss me." I'm so close to her I can feel her breath. She puts her hands on my face and we're kissing finally. As our lips move in sync my hands start to wonder exploring. Then I hear my name being shouted fuck! We take off running barely making it into the building. When we get in Ari turns back to me. We kiss for a couple more minutes then head upstairs.

*Aris POV*

We get into the room and Mikey picks me up. Deepening our kiss. Our tounges fight for dominance but I let his win. I can rip his shirt off and pull up his belt. I feel his hands start to mess with the back of my dress. I smirk against his lips. Helping him get it off. I get his belt off and he gets his pants down. He starts to kiss down my neck I moan pulling his hair and rapping my legs around him. I pull on his boxers and he starts to kiss down my body. He unclips my bra and then my phone rings. He groans putting his face into my chest. I roll my eyes at him. I pick my phone up. "What!" I snap. "Damn girl I was just wanting to know what we were going to eat. What were you guys having sex or something?" I don't answer. "Oh! Oh wow!" I giggle. "No calm down just give us like five minutes I want to change into something else." I hang up. "Five minutes?" Michael smirks. "Not enough time!" I giggle. "We can see about that." He starts to kiss down my body again. He slips my bra off and then theres a knock on the door. "Fuck." Mikey grumbles. I giggle at him. "Babe we can do this later.." He groans. "I know but. we were in the moment." I giggle. Michael quickly slips his clothes on and I run to the bathroom. Seriously. I can't believe I am with Michael Clifford. I can't believe I'm in love with him and on top of that I can't believe I just did that! If you would have asked me like five days ago if I could do this I would've laughed my ass off. I haven't had this much confidence ever. I walk out of the bathroom and Mikey puts his arm around me. "lets go!"

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