"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


57. Get away.

*Michaels POV*

"Its too late.." I slam on the breaks. "What the fuck do you mean its too late?" She looks at me tears streaming harder. "I mean we're too late Michael.. We won't find them.. We won't get them now.. Not in time.." I shake my head "There has to be a way." Her tears start to fall even faster. I pull her to me. "We're going to save them." She cries against my chest. "This is my fault. This started happening when I came its all on me." I rub her back. "We have to go. Okay?" She nods pulling away from me. I take off again. "So what did you mean about signs?" She sniffles. "He.. He kept giving signs.. He kept signaling too late. They're here. Too late." She puts her head in her hands. "I'm so sorry.." She whispers. I sigh. "Annabelle even if you weren't here this could happen." I put my hand on her thigh rubbing. "Its okay baby."

*Lukes POV*

"STOP!" I scream as they beat Ashton. They chained us up in a room. I thrash against the chains. "YOU HAVE TORTURED US ENOUGH!" I try to kick out but fail. I slam back against the wall hitting my head. "Fuck!" The person turns to me laughing. "Tortured you enough? You murdered someone you deserve so much more than this!" I take a deep breath. "you think I don't know

I fucked up. It was self defense she was going to kill me. What did we do to you personally? Why are you even doing this? Are you just her dads bitch-" I'm cut off as he hits me. "You. Really need to stop talking." I groan from the pain. "You really need to stop doing that."

*Calumd POV*

"Kenzie.." My body hovers over hers. These past days I have been with this girl Kenzie. The girl that helped kidnap me. The girl who was bestfriends with the girl that I helped coverups murder. She hums against my lips. "I have to get you out of here Calum." We kiss again. "I can't let you get hurt." I sit up putting my head against the wall. She sighs climbing in my lap and wrapping her legs around me. "Calum. Hood. I will save you. Even if I die. It was stupid to help them. I see that now. Let me help you." I look down. "I'm not leaving without my mates.." She groans. "Calum. I can't save you all." I sigh. "Then save them. I can't live without them. Save them." She shakes her head. "I want to save you calum." I close my eyes. "Then we're saving my mates."

*Ariels POV*

I feel around looking for my phone. Charles gave it to me. I finally find it. "Ariel you must leave. Don't stop. Keep going. By time you read this I will have been killed. Here are directions to a place with cars, food and shelter. You can't stay for long though. There is a gas can take it with you so you don't have to stop as much. Its too late for your friends now. I'm very sorry. Good Luck. " I read the message it was from Charles. I can't believe he helped me. I stare out the window shuttering as i remember his lifeless body lying on the ground. "Hey. We're almost out of gas the fuel light just came on." Michael pulls me out of my thoughs. I look at the gauge. "I have somewhere we can go." He looks over at me for a secong but looks back at the road. "Tell me where to go."

*Calums POV*

I wait as Kenzie goes to do something for the people she's working for. She's supposed to get Luke and Ash tonight. We're going to get out of here. The door to my room opens and I flinch quickly recovering to see its her. She closes the door behind her. "Hi." I smile. "Hey." She comes over sitting beside me putting her head on my shoulder and taking my hand. I kiss her hand. "Is it stupid to like the girl who helped kidnap me?" she laughs. "Is it stupid to like the boy I helped kidnap?" I smile at her. "It totally is. But I'm fine with it." She stands up pulling me with her. "We're going now. I can't wait longer. You're going I'm saving the others." I stare at her weirdly. "I need to help you." She shakes her head. "No. You have to go. Trust me. I can get them." I sigh pulling her close to me. "I don't want you to get hurt." I kiss her forehead. "I won't.. You have to go now though."

*Lukes POV*

I wait for the next person to come in for the next round of torture. I feel completely numb. I wait the anticipation building up. I'm not even worried. I've gotten used to the feeling of pain. The door opens. I slowly lift my head. I see a girl. She walks over quickly. "I'm going to help you. Don't worry." She undoes the chains that are on me. I grab her by her throat. "Why the fuck are you doing this. To trick me? To take me out and kill me?" She struggles against my hold hitting my arm. I let her go realising what I was doing. She gasps falling to the ground. "I-I.. I just want to help you. I have Calum. Ashton is next. Get out of here." She hands me a hand drawn map. "This is the way. Keep a lowprofile. Get out Calum will be waiting. When Ashton gets out. Do. Not. Stop. For anything. Understand?" I nod. She turns quickly running off. I stare at the map and then finally start to go.

"Calum?!?" I whisper/shout. Climbing out of the hole. No answer. "Calum?!?" Someones hand goes over my mouth. I elbow the person. "Luke! Luke its me!" Calum says between gasps. "You have to be quiet." I turn around to face him. "Sorry mate. Are you okay? Who was that girl?" Calum stares at me but finally answers. "Her name is Kenzie.. She's helping us." I nod. "The cars this way." I follow Calum we get the car waiting for Ash and this Kenzie girl. Its silent. We just sit and watch. "Please Ash come one. Please." Then finally his head pokes through. I get out running to him. I grab his ark helping him walk. Calum runs up not far behind. "Are you okay? Where's Kenzie? Is she okay?" Ashton doesn't say anything. "I'm fine Calum." the girl walks out of the hole. He runs over to her but she brushes him off. Weird.. "We have to go now though." We take off running to the car again helping Ash try to keep up. When we get in the car Kenzie gets in the driver side turning it on and throwing it in drive as fast as she can. "There's going to be a lot of people coming up keep your heads down I'm not slowing down. Make sure you have seatbelts on. Trust me you'll need it." She drives out of the woods into an open lot. I see no one. She speeds up going as fast as she can. We get to a road. She sighs. "There wasn't anybody.. Thank g-" She's cut off when a bullet comes through the window hitting her. "KENZIE!" Calum screeches.

*AUTHORS NOTE* Hi c: sorry I haven't been updating as much. School and blah. I took a break or a little so yeaaaahhhhhh. Anyways I hope you like the update. Sorry if its crappy. I hope its not. But yeahhhh. I hope you guys are doing awesome c: Byeeeeeeeee.

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