"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


18. confusion

*Aris POV*

When I finally can feel again I feel somebodys hand in mine. I notice it's Mikeys and he's singing. "I'm wrapped around your finger I'm wrapped around your finger." I squeeze his hand. He stops singing. "Ariel?!" I can't say anything I can only hold his hand. "Oh my gosh baby. Baby are you there? Hey baby! Hi. Hey stay with me come on open your eyes or say something baby come on." I squeeze his hand again. "Nurse!" He screams. I hear footsteps. "Whats going on?" the nurse says. Mikey excitedly says "Sha squeezed my hand she.. She squeezed it twice!" The nurse walks in and grabs my other hand. "Ms. King.. Ariel.. Can you squeeze my hand. As hard as you can if you can hear me squeeze it." I squeeze her hand as hard as I can. "This is great shes starting to comprehend.. We thought it would take longer wow. Ariel Can you speak or atleast open your eyes?" I don't do anything.. Please.. Please let me open my eyes. "Hopefully she will be able to open her eyes or speak soon." I feel the nurses hand slip out of mine.

"Baby listen you're doing so good okay." I feel Mikeys lips press to mine and I want so hard to kiss. He stays there for a second. Slowly I can feel myself sink into Michaels kiss responding. He jumps back. "Ariel?" I slowly open my eyes. I look around weakly. Then back to Michael. "I guess it was your irresistible kiss that got me back." His smile is bigger then I have ever seen it before. His lips press agains mine and I try as best as I can to wrap my arms around his neck. I'm very weak. Mikey pulls away and I pout. "You need your rest baby I'll be right back." I watch him walk out a nurse rushes back in. "Ariel! So glad to see your eyes!" I smile at her. Michael isn't behind her. "How long have I besn out. "Well two weeks.. We had to do surgery. You actually responded really well we didn't have to add much blood to you again. You aren't rejecting anything. You're a lucky girl miss Ariel." I smile at her. "How long will I have to stay?" She comes closer to me. "Only a couple day that is if you respong well with everything. You will need to rest this time!" I giggle. "I was going to try last time." She smiles at me. "I'm glad you are feeling well." I thank her and she walks out. Michael, Cal, Ash and Luke replacing her. "Hey boys." I say smiling. They all run up going to hug me but Michael says "CAREFUL!" and they all gently hug me. "We're so glad you're fine. Luke had to give blood and we-" I look at Luke not paying attention to Ash as he rattles on. "You gave blood for me?" He smiles at me. "Of course." I grab his hand. "Thank you.." I look at all of them "Thank you all.. You guys have stayed withe me through all this shit and I just.. I can't believe it. Get your asses back on tour now! This is not even an option I will make your manager drag you all out of here. I will see you again I promise." Michael looks reluctant. The others smile at me. "We just want to make sure your alright Ari." Cal says warmly. "I'm fine now drag him" I point to Michael "out of here and make him get back on tour. If you don't I will have the nurse throw you out!" They all laugh except Michael.

*Michaels POV*

I can't believe she expects me to just go back to tour when she just woke up.. How could she expect me to just leave her? I try to hide my anger. "I'm waiting for you." Her smile is replaced by a frown. "Michael Gor-" I cut her off "You know I hate my middle name!" She giggles. "Shut up and kiss me. I go up to her and kiss her. "Ewwww grosss!" Ash says. She pulls away and blushed but giggles. i kiss her one more time. "Michael. You have to go." She puts her hand against my cheek. "Please.. If you really care about me you would could." I frown. "Don't play the "If you really care about me thing because you kn-" She cuts me off. "Michael. Don't argue with me. You're going even if I have to get out of this bed and drag you myself and I'm sure the nurses wouldn't like that." I look away from hef not wanting her to see me upset right now. "If you really want me to go... I guess. But I'm coming back as soon as we play our first concert." The next concert was just four hours out I could get back quickly. This will work.

*Lukes POV*

"Hey Ash." I pull Ash back so no one will hear me. "I'm sorry... I-I just... I didn't mean to..." I was tryin to find the right words. Ash cuts me off. "Like I said Luke save it." He starts to walk away again. "Ash wait. I know its stupid I know but you can't say YOU don't feel anything for her." He looks away. "I know Lukey I know.." I smile when he calls me Lukey but pretend it annoys me I play punch his arm. "Come on Ashy lets go." I wink at him. "RACE YOU!" He takes off running. "Eh mate thats not fair!"

*Cals POV*

I watch as Ash and Luke play around throwing each other on the ground Michael isn't talking much he looks kinda pissed. "Oi mate whats wrong?" I walk over to Mike. "It's nothing Cal." I furrow my brow "come on is it because Ari?" He shakes his head. "No its not Ariel.." I look away. "Is it Luke?" I find myself asking before I can stop myself. "It doesn't matted Cal it's nothing I told you." I pat Mikes back "If you need to talk I'm here and by the way. Ari won't leave you Mike. Now come on! We're preforming!!!! Aren't you excited?!?" he smiles at me as we run faster to catch up to Luke and Ash.

*At the concert*

We just finished singing American Idiot I look over at Mike he looks so happy so does Luke. I'm glad we're finally playing again together. "Alright guys! This is out last song!" Michael yells into the Microphone "Are you ready?!" The crowd roars. "THIS IS WRAPPED AROUND YOUR FINGER!"

*After concert Michaels POV*

"Woo!" I scream "That was awesome!" I feel so happy and I just can't wait to get to Ariel. As we walk out of the stadium some fans are standing. I start to sign books and take pictures. One of the girls stop me. "She deserves everything she got and if she doesn't die I will make sure she does." I'm taken back by what she says shocked more than angry. Confused. Why do people want to kill Ariel I get in the car and I'm silent the whole ride back to the hospital. I smile occasionally so they know I'm okay. "Whats wrong Mike?" Ash comes up to me pulling me back. I explain and Ash's face goes red with anger. "How could they!" I shake my head.. "I don't know Ash.. I don't know."

*Ariels POV*

I watched the boys preform on a live stream they did so good. Mikey was so adorable he sang the song he was singing to me. It sounded great especially for the first time preforming it live. I've been waiting up for them to come but its going on 8 hours since they preformed and the stadium is only 4 hours away.. I'm tired but I want to be able to see Mikey... I miss him... I can't wait to get out of here. I start to sing since they aren't answering my texts hopefully none of them come. "The Lights out I still hear the rain these images that fill my head keep my fingers from making mistakes tell my voice what it takes to speak up speak up and keep my conscience clean when I wake." Mikey walks in and I quickly stopped singing. "Don't think I didn't hear you." he whispers my cheeks heat. "I uh I well I.." He laughs "You're really good." He climbs in the bed beside me. "Yeah you have a great voice" Ash says they all nod in agreement.. I can't believe they just said that.. "So uhm I'm tired they all nod. "Same." I smile at them all "Go to sleep silly I'll be here." Mich pulls me closer "mmm okay I'm going to sleep." I giggle. "are you sure you'll be sleeping?" He winks at me and my cheeks heat. "Alright love birds we're going to leave you!" Cal says. I giggle. "Alright love you guys bye. See you tomorrow!" they all wave and smile walking out the door. I turn to Michael and he burries his face into my neck then looks at me I kiss his nose and he pouts. "You're so tall." He looks me in the eyes. "Thats seriously what you're thinking about." I nod and giggle. He leans in to kiss me but I turn my head. He pouts again "babbbeee I've been gone all day and I ju-" I cut him off by smashing my lips into his. I smile in the kiss then pull away. "You complain a lot."

*Next Day (Aris POV still)*

I wake up looking around feeling someone pressed against me. He pulls me closer. "Hey babe." He sighs out. I feel awkward. "Um sir..." He pulls his head out of my shoulder. "Real funny Ariel. How did you sleep." I give him a quizzical look. "I don't know who you are could you please tell me where I am? Who is Ariel?" The boy looks at me weird. "Ariel this isn't funny." I try to move out of his grip. "Please, please let me go..." He looks at me with sadness in his eyes. "Okay.. Okay.. I'll be right back though.." He gets up and walks out of the room. I take in his features as he gets up he's actually pretty hot. I close my eyes and hear people walking into the room so I open my eyes. "Hello Ms. King. How are you today?" I look at the lady that the boy has brought back with confusion. "Who are you, where am I and why are you calling me weird names? I can't remember my name whats going on please just tell me. How did I end up here?"

*AUTHORS NOTE* This is the fourth time of me typing a authors note because it keeps deleting -.- HIIIII hope you guys are liking the storyy this is my first time writing fanfic soo ya knowww. I hope its not turning to shit buuuutt I Couldn't let the drama off that easy ^ hehe c: I just like got home from school and ugh exam week is shit! My algebra 2 teacher left right before exams! We have some dude that don't know shit about math or what he's talking about ugh *calm down* Sorry ANYWHO!!! I'm writing the next chapter write now ^.^ Yayy So I will have that up tonighhht hopefully if not tomorrow. c: Oh yeah p.s ALMOST FORGOT. If any of you know how to work the stupid cover page thingy yeah I need help it won't let me upload a cover it says go to picture I click it then it won't upload like Tf? Help c; K baiiii

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