"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


21. Come back to me

*Ariels POV*

"She sleeps alone my heart wants to come home I wish I was I wish I was beside you" I sing along to the song as I start to get my stuff I can finally get out of this hospital. I don't know where I'm going but I'm sure as hell not staying here. I can't do it. The boys leave in two days and I'm not stopping them. I can't. I won't. All they will be right now is a band that I love. Like they always were.. A band. I love.. And the boy.. I am falling for... I wipe my tears. "So it is true." I jump at the sound of his voice. I turn around to see James. "Whats true?" He shakes his head. "You're slutting around with that retarded boy band. You're falling for one of them!" He laughs at me. Did I voice my opinion? I stay quiet and just stare at him. "God you're so pathetic. Falling for someone who is impossible to be with who is probably fucking fifty other girls. You're a slut. Oh look at that." He grabs my arm and I jerk it away. He laughs even harder he's cornered me again the wall. "So you're cutting again? AND AT A HOSPITAL! Oh my god thats great! That's hillarrriouuuss! How pathetic can you be? How much attention do you have to have?" I look away he will not see me cry he will not see me cry. "Come on slut look at me." He grabs my ass. I flinch as his hand touches me. "Oh what you can whore around with everyone else BUT me." I look him in the eyes. "Why would I EVER want to be with you?

WHY would I EVER think about being with you. AND WHY Would YOU ever think of getting with ME?" I spit at him. This makes him angrier he grabs me hard and throws me to the floor. Whe I go to get up he shoves me down again this time putting his hand down my shirt. "You will NOT talk to me like that again." I try to get away from him but it's pointless. The tears start to fall down my face.

Then the door opens. "Hey Ari I-" I look up at Ash tears falling harder now. "GET OFF HER!" He comes at James but James is fast stepping back before Ash can hit him. Still Ash goes after him. "WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" James smirks. "Are you the one you're whoring around with?" Ash slams James into the wall James manages to get a punch in shocking Ash but only making him even more pissed off Ash goes to hit James again but James manages to get a kick to Ash's stomach making Ash lose focus. James takes this as a chance to run. This time Ash turns to me.

"Are you okay?" I shake my head tears falling even harder Ash comes up to me ad holds me. "Its okay Ari it's okay." He tries to comfort me. He pulls his phone out. "Theres a boy he should be coming out or might have already he's going to be running." He explains what James looks like then says. "He hurt Ari." Ash pulls me closer. "Its going to be fine." I shake my head. "D-don't tell M-michael.." He looks at me with sorrow. "I-I'm sorry Ari I just did..."

*Michaels POV*

"WHERE THE FUCK IS HE?!" Just then I see him he has limp I'm guessing from Ash. I walk up to him and he isn't paying attention so I get a good punch at him. He's caught off guard which gets me another punch when I go to punch him a fourth time I'm getting ripped off him. "GET THE FUCK OFF ME!!!" I fight and try to get away. "Michael stop. Ariel is watching." I look up towards her window and there she is. I take off running into the building I get up the stairs when I walk out I see Ariel getting into the elevator i try to stop it but she pushes close doors so I couldn't get in. I run down the stairs again. I look around not seeing Ariel anywhere. "Fuck!" I scream punching the wall. I run outside looking around. Ash is standing there shaking his. I walk up to him. "W-where did she go?" He looks behind me and chuckles. "What?" And he smiles behind me not paying attention. When I turn around it was right on time because Ariel jumps into my arms. "I'm so sorry I can't stay away from you. Of course I'm not scared of you just your outburst caught me off guard. You're so sweet and I love your red hair." She runs her hand through my hair. "Now kiss me you big idiot."

When I pull away she pouts. I kiss her nose and then down across her jaw. Teasing her just like she did to me. "Mikeeyyyyyyy." I smile as I kiss her forehead and put her down. "Ugh you hate me." I ignore her. walking away. "Mikeeyyy pleaseee" I turn and wink at Ash. Ariel starts to climb on my back. "I SAID KISS ME!" she screams at me and hits my head. "Nope. Not now I'm a big idiot!" She drops off my back and I turn around. She's pouting. I bend down and she smiles just as shes about to put her lips on mine I turn away and go "LOOK! ITS A.. Oh oops nevermind!" She smacks me and I laugh. "Fine." I pick her up and we kiss. It isn't until Ash clears his throat I realize we have been kissing for a while. She pulls away her cheeks red. But still kisses me a couple more times.

"Michael. Gor-" I look away from her. "LALALALALALALLALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU NO NO NO!" I put her down and start walking away. She finishes my name and comes up to me wrapping her arms around me and burying her face into my chest. "I think I'm falling for you." I smile when she says it. I kiss the top of her head. "I AM falling for you Ariel." She sighs into my chest as a cold breeze comes. "I'm cold.." I pull her closer and whisper. "I know something that could warm you up." She looks up at me and I wink. Her cheeks turn red as I smirk ar her. "You're such a perv!" I put my hands up. "What i was going to suggest coffee!" Her cheeks get darker. "Or was I." I wink at her and she slaps me but giggles. "Ugh you perv." I wink. "Oh you love it."

*AUTHORS NOTE* DUN DUH DUH DUHHH Hi guyyyssss c: I stayed up just to write this ^.^ Hope you like it. I promise saturday I will have more then just one chapter a update finals got me down. I will update more frequently for christmas break okay byeeee hope you guys like it^.^

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