"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


16. Comatose

*Michaels POV* I lay Ari down on the ground because somebody tells me to. This lady comes up and starts to give Ari CPR as I stand there shocked listening to the people on the phone with 911. By now a lot more people are surrounding Ari watching. Some looking at me but not trying to talk to me. I feel like my world is crashing down. "She's breathing again!" The lady says who was giving her CPR. "She's going to be okay hun" she reaches up and squeezes my hand. "They will take care of her."      *Lukes POV*  As I get to kaylas place I don't even knock on the door I just slam it open and walk in. "Woah couldn't you have knocked?" I ignore her pushing her on the couch. First I start to kiss her neck then down her stomach. She lets out a moan. "Shouldn't we take this to the bedroom." I groan but pick her up. "Take your shirt off." She does as she's told. When I get to her room I throw her on the bed ripping her pants off. "Woah somebody is angry aren't they." I ignore her ripping her panties completely off. I take my anger out all on her only stopping to switch positions.      *Cals POV*  "Woah Ash look!" I point through the window seeing Luke on top of some girl. "Woah!" Ash says we stare shocked until Luke gets up and carries the girl away. "Whats going on with him.. He was totally happy then he changes. It was all because of Ari." Ash looks at me anger filling his face "IT IS NOT ARIELS PROBLEM ITS HIS FUCKING PROBLEM HE KNEW MICHAEL AND HER WERE GOING TO HAPPEN!" He screams at me I'm taken back but quickly recover. "I didn't mean it like that you know I love Ari just as much as you do. I was meaning that it was his feelings for Ari..." Ash starts to walk away from me. "Yeah yeah. Don't say anything bad about her because you know damn well it's Lukes fault he's in this position." I follow behind him "Ash I-" I get cut off by a ambulance flying past us "Woah I wonder whats going on." Ash turns to me with a worred expression. "That is the way to Aris house Cal.." I look at him shocked "You don't think?" He shakes his head "I don't know.." I start to walk fast "Ash lets go!"      *Ashtons POV* As we run to where the abulance was going I see it stop at a gas station not to far ahead. I start to slow down. Its not Ari its not Ari I say over and over. As we start to get closer I see Michael. I run faster then I have ever ran before. I pass Cal and get to Michael. He looks at me and just breaks down. I grab Michael and pull him into a hug. "Hey its okay sh what happened." Cal is just getting up to us. "Michael whats going?!" Michael sobs and tried to talk. "She... I.." I pull him into a hug again. "Hey shes strong sh" I can feel myself start to tear up but I know I have to be strong for Michael.     *Michaels POV*  "Ash.. I.." I try to say between sobs. "Sir we need to know who is going in the ambulance with her." I look at Ash and he nods his head. "Its going to be okay mate. Calm down collect yourself You're going to be fine." I give him a weak smile before turning around. "I am." The nurse smiles at me "Okay sir can I ask you how you know her and what her name is." I climb into the ambulance. "Her name is Ariel. Ariel King. She's my girlfriend." the nurse nodded "Okay sir we are going to get Ms. King all fixed up she will be fine sweety." I give the nurse a weak smile but i feel a tear run down my cheek.. This is going to be hard. 

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