"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


38. Cheats.

*Lukes POV*

"THANK YOU BIRMINGHAM!" I run off jumping onto the couch in the back. "Shit. I'm tired." They all nod in agreement. "It wasn't the same." I look over to Cal. "I know it wasn't. We'll just have to wait though." he nods. "I can't believe people are saying he's faking being shot just so he doesn't have to play with us." Ash rolls his eyes. "Seriously." Its been two weeks since we saw Michael. No texts. No calls. Nothing. I go to the bathroom and fix my hair. "Ready to go?" They stand. "Yep." Ash pushes me down. "RACE YOU!" We all laugh and take off running. When we get outside this girl literally grabs my dick. It was awkward as fuck. She acted like she was going to hug me then bam. Cal can't stop laughing about it and Ash keeps keeking about it. "She was just like "Oh Luke I love you! Hug me! GRABS LUKES DICK CAUSE HE WANTS ME LIKE THAT." I roll my eyes.

When we get to the hotel there is already a mob around it. We get out running in. "What do you want to eat?" I ask when we walk out of the elevator. "PIZZA!" My eyes widen. I turn to him. "MICHAEL!" We all take off running towards him. Ari takes a cautious step infront of him but he squeezes her hand. "Woah boys. Hes shot you know." We still hug him. "Ow. Shit. Fuck. Dammit. Woah Ash nice ass grab." Ari glares at Ash. "Thats mine." She slaps Michael ass and then puts her head on his shoulder. "Ah Ari." She looks at Ash. "Ari... Ari... Ari." Her eyes widen. "Don't you dare."

*Aris POV*

They all jump on me and tickle me Michae stands in the back watching. I shove them off. "I TOOK CARE OF THIS ASS AND THATS MY REPAYMENT!" They roll their eyes. "I hope you don't mean sexual taking care of." My eyes widen. "You are all fucking pervs." Michael chuckles. "I'm just ready to play my guitar." We all walk into the room. I pick up the phone. "What do you guys want on your pizza?" They all scream random things so I just say Pepperoni and cheese.

We're all playing fifa when there's a knock on the door. I walk over and ooen it. "That will be-" He stops mid sentence. I look up. My eyes widen. "Jake" He smirks. "Hey babe I've missed you." I look down. "Uhm.. Don't Jake.. I-I have-" He frowns. "What? You don't miss me? I thought you said you would love me forever." I close my eyes hearing Michael scoff.

*Michaels POV*

I go over and grab the pizza slamming the door in the boys face. I throw the pizza on the ground and turn back to Ariel. "DO YOU HAVE A FUCKING SECRET LOVER IN EVERY FUCKING PLACE WE GO?!?!" Her eyes widen. "Um.. No.. I used to live here." I roll my eyes. "You'll love him forever?" She rolls her eyes. "Do I have to explain every detail about who I've dated or what?" I stare at her. "Fine. I dated him. I moved. We stayed together. He's a nut. We broke up. I met you guys. I'm with you." I nod. Not in the mood to fight over this.

*Ashs POV*

Michael has been quiet ever since that boy came Ari seems kinda pissed with Michael. They need to get over it. They love each other can there be one day without them fighting? Honesly. "So what do you say we go out?" Cal jumps up. "YES FINALLY WE'RE ALL REUNITED! LETS DO IT!" Michael stands getting up. "Ari you coming?" She shakes her head. "Nah I'm pretty tired you guys go ahead." Luke hesitates but still gets up. "Seriously go I'm just going to sleep probably."

We get the club and get drinks. This girl comes up to Michael and starts to grind on him. He throws his head back letting it happen "Really mate?" He rolls his eyes. "Stay out of it." I pull the girl off of him. "You're such a dick." I start to walk away then somebody notices us. We get swarmed and they start asking all these questions. "Why was Michael with that girl? Did Ariel and him break up?" We try to get to the exit but it gets blocked. We have to climb over the bar and get out of the back.

*Aris POV*

I sit on the bed going through my twitter. "Hey slut guess what! Your boyfriends cheating." Then a bunch of pictures with a girl all over Michael starts flooding through my tl. I get up and walk out the door. Not sure where I'm going just knowing I need to leave. I get outside and see Jake coming towards me. "Hey sorry about earlier.. I- I cut him off by smashing my lips into his. After awhile of us making out I get ripped away frim him. "WHAT THE FUCK!" I drunken Michael screams in my face I turn away going back to Jake. "Ignore him he's a cheater." The next thing I lnow I'm on the ground. I have a throbbing pain on the side of my head and I feel warm sticky liquid when I touch it. "YOU DON'T HIT A FUCKING GIRL!" Ashton is standing over Michael. "NEVER!" Michael goes to walk away but Ashton slams him on yhe ground. "HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!" I feel somebody pulling on me and look over to see its Luke picking me up. "I... It hurts..." I feel my eyes starting to close I fight against it. It finally gets to much and I'm out.

When I wake I'm in a room I haven't seen before somebody laying with his arms wrapped around me. Snoring lightly. I flip to see its Ash. I moved to quick it feels like my head is sloshing. "Oh god.. Oh god." Ashton sits up fast grabbing me. "Are you okay." I try to calm the sloshing. "N-no. It hurts." He jumps up running and grabbing me a pill. "Take this." I do as he says. He sits down wrapping his arms around me. "D-does he remember?" He sighs. "Yeah. How couldn't he.. Theres videos all over the internet.." I look into Ashtons eyes. "I-I.. I can't be with him can I?" Ashton pulls me closer. "Its up to you." He breaths against my neck. It just feels right. "God your beautiful Ari." I turn to him. "Same to you Ashy." he smirks. We start to kiss and I feel guilty but I don't pull away i ignore the pain in my head getting on his lap. "Mmm I don't want to be a rebound." I pull away. "I don't want you to be either."

*AUTHORS NOTE* Hiiiii, Sooooo I won't update tomorrow because I'm going to see my grandma.. We found out she's completely paralyzed and you can't really understand her due to being paralyzed and the stroke.. Buuut. I will try to update maybe very late if I feel up to it. Soo yeah.. AND GUYS I HAVE 325 PEOPLE READING OMFG! I never thought I would have this many people c: Like yeah I know people have like thousands but still! GUYS! Thanks c: I love you all ^.^

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