"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


3. Can The Day Get Better?

I walk into a class room with Mr. Minaly and he tells me to sit down. "Mr. Minaly I really need to get to class please just let me go." He sits down in his chair and looks at me "Ariel is your name right?" I don't answer him. "Well Ariel I just wanted to see if you were okay. I saw what happened with James and I just wanted to tell you that you could talk to me." He finished and I just stared at him like I was dumb. "You can go to class now heres a note" I get up take the note and start to walk out. "Oh and Ariel" I turn and look at him "You are worth something don't let him bring you down."

Woah did he really just say that I'm worth something? Wow none of these teachers here care ever.. I can't believe it. I walk into my first class and Mrs. Wallawitz gives me a death stare. I hand her the note and she just rips it out of my hand. What a bitch.

Its now lunch and I don't see James anywhere. Oh gosh what happened what did that teacher do.. I start

to look around so I can find my friend Christina. Christina is only 4'11 Yeah And I thought I was short. She has dirty blonde hair with blue eyes and glasses. It's usually really easy to find her since we sit outside a lot. Shes not there though. I start to walk around looking stupid when I hear "Depressed girl wait!" I quickly walk away knowing it was Brian.

*Brians POV*

"Depressed girl wait!" I yelled. I was so stupid to yell that of course she'd try to get away. I had to make it look like I don't like her though. Even though James isn't here he has his ways of hearing what happens. She walks out into the hallway where no one is and I follow. "Ariel please stop!"

*Ariels POV*

I hear him calling after me but I can't stop I feel a tear start to slide down my cheek. About that time I feel a hand pull me. "Stop! Let me go!" I try to fight. "Hey girl stop its just me" It was Christina Thank god. I wipe away the tears and hug her. "Where were you Christina?" Shes pulled me in a classroom away from Brian. "I didn't feel like sitting there today" she says simply. I hear Brian outside calling my name "Ari please just come on I just want to talk."

*Christinas POV*

I feel bad for leaving Ari alone in the lunch room but I needed a break. I saw her walking and heard Brian so i just pulled her in. She's a really close friend of mine and I know I shouldn't want a break from her but, I just get so sick of it all. She won't even stand up for herself. She just stands there and takes it. I know it hurts but she needs to stand up for herself. Brian likes her I know he does. Why he won't tell her the truth I don't know. I wish I could but I swore I wouldn't. "Ari you should go talk to him."

*Aris POV*

"What? I should go talk to him? He helps James Christina! We were best friends then he leaves for James! Why would I talk to him?!" I start to feel a lump in my throat knowing I had tears ready to spill at any minute. "Ari I know he has hurt you but I really think he wants to talk to you. Sincerely. Please, you can punch me if I'm wrong just talk to him Ari."

*Brians POV*

"FUCK!" I punch the wall. Why did i have to fucking call her "Depressed girl" I'm so fucking stupid! I punch the locker as hard as i can. Feeling my hand go numb and blood dripping off. I turn around and she Ari. "Ari please don't walk away please just hear me out Ari. I have to talk to you."

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