"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


11. c: Love birds hehe

*Lukes POV*

When I wake up I notice Ari is in bed with Michael still.. Great! I probably look as pissed as I am. I admit that I am jealous but I promised I'd step off. Michael still hasn't told her yet so who knows whats going to happen. I get up and go to the bathroom turnin the shower on. I get into the shower and just stand there letting the wAter run down my body. Thinking. "Luke?" I hear banging on the door. "Luke I have to pee come onnn!" I roll my eyes at Ash. "Go outside! You should've woke up first!" I hear Ash groan but he leaves me alone. Once I'm done I realise I didn't get clothes. I forgot we had Ari in here. Great. "Ash!" I yell whisper through the door. I hear footsteps "What do you want Lukey?" I look around for a towel "Can you bring me clothes? I forgot about them." I hear Ash laugh. "Go outside Lukey. You should've woke up second!" I groan and lean up against the door. I find a wash cloth. Ugh Seriously thats all.. I put the wash cloth over my dick and walk out.

*Aris POV*

I snuggle into Michaels chest not wanting this to be over. I feel Michael shift in his sleep but he held me tighter. I hear the bathroom door open so I know Luke is coming out I heard Ash talking to him. I see Luke creep around the corner with only a Wash cloth on. Woah. he looks over towards me but I hurry up and bury my face into Michaels chest not wanting to feel stupid for looking at him. Then I hear "Wooo look at you Luke!" Ash whistles and I can't help but giggle as a naked Luke starts to throw things as quickly and quietly he can. Luke snaps his head to me and his cheeks heat up I giggle at the sight of him. Then I put my face back into Michaels chest. "Sorry you had to see that Ari!" Ash screams. I feel Michael shift again. I look up at Ash "Shhh." I whisper "He's still sleeping.." Ash winks at me and mouths "Sure" then winks at me again and thrusts the air. I glare at him.

*Michaels POV*

Okay so I'm not going to lie. I've been up for a while but it just felt so right. I felt Ari shift this morning so i pulled her closer to me. She doesn't know I'm awake so I can hold her for as long as I want. Unless the lads 'wake me' It just feels so right to be laying here next to Ariel. Shes so beautiful and I do like her. I know I shouldn't I know. I can't hurt her. Its so hard to not like her though. I want to make her know shes beautiful. I want to make sure she doesn't cut anymore. I want to hold her forever.

*Cals POV*

Its 11 am and Michaels still not awake. "Ash Luke come here." they walk over to me "Lets wake Michael up okay?" They all nod their heads. "Okay on three we'll jump on him and Ari. Don't hurt Ari though!" They all smirk and nod. "1" I say "2" Luke. "3!!!" Ashton yells as we all run and jump ontop of Michael and Ari. "OI STOP!" Michael yells "Ughhh guyys get off!" Ari pouts "Cal your knees in my ass get off!" We all laugh and get up. Ari puts her face back into Michaels chest and he smiles but quickly looks away from her not wanting us to see him smiling at her. "What time is it?" Michael asks me. "11 Am you lazy asses!" I throw a pillow at him. "Ughh stop screaming" Ari buries her face deeper into Michaels chest.

*Aris POV*

Oh my god I just realised what I'm doing. I quickly pull my face away from Michaels chest. "Uh sorry" I say. "Its okay he LOVED it" Ash winks at me as my cheeks heat. Michael glares at Ash. "Where's the bathroom?" Michael gets up "Come on I'll show you. "Okay thanks." Michael walks me to the bathroom "There." he says I keep my head down "Uh thanks and uh s-sorry f-for having my h-head on you.." He takes his fingers and pulls my face us so I would be looking at him. "Ariel. Its. Fine. Don't worry about it." I smile at him. My cheeks start to heat. "Thats cute" he rubs his fingers across my cheeks. Then smiles and walks away.

*Christinas POV*

"Brian! Where are you? Brian!" He runs around the corner "Shh baby I'm right here." He pulls me to his chest and squeezes me as I cry into his shirt. "I-I He t-took me." He holds me closer. "I know baby I know shh" He kisses the top of my head. Then my phone starts to ring. He lets me go. Its Ari. "Hello?" I try to hide I've been crying. "Christina! Hi! Where have you been?!" I at wipe my tears "I-I um I was at m-my grandmas." I say more as a question then a statement. "Um.. Okay Christina. Are you okay?" She sounds worried. "Yeah I'm fine." She sighs. "Okay Christina.. I'll drop it.. So guess what??" I squeeze Brians hand. "What?" I say to Ari. "I. Met. 5sos! I cuddled with Michael all night oh my god I was so embarrassed when he woke up!" I giggle "Cool" I half smile. "Uh so, do you want to meet them?!" she asks me. My eyes go wide. "Of course!" I scream trying to hide my fangirling from Brian. "Alright I'll talk to them and call you back!" She hangs up.

*Aris POV*

I walk out of the bathroom. "Uhh so I know this is going to sound stupid bur like.. my friend.. uh well my only friend pretty much.. Christina.. uh.. wants to uh. m-meet you and I-" Ash cuts me off "Of course Ari we'll meet her anything for you." he play hits my arm. "Thanks guys! I'll text her and tell her to meet us for lunch!" I smile at them. "Where's Mikey?" I look around the room "Oh lover boy went to get you some coffee" Ash winks. I glare at him. "Stop saying that Ash he doesn't fucking like me. He never will." I feel my cheeks start to heat but this time with anger. "Woah calm down. What makes you say that?" I look away from him. "Why would he ever like someone like me.." I say barely audible.

*Michaels POV*

"Why would he ever like someone like me?" I barely hear Ari say it. Ugh she still thinks I don't like her! And someone like her?!? Shes perfect! Why can't she believe someone like me could ever like her?! I slam the door open pissed off. I don't look at Ari as I hand her the coffee. "Are we going to fucking eat or what?!?" I say asking anyone. "Uh.. thank you.." Ari whispers. Ash gives me a dirty look but I brush it off. "Yeah we're going to eat with Aris friend" Luke says. "GREAT! Another one!" I say without thinking. I look over to Ari to see that she had tears running down her cheeks. "I didn't mean-" I try to grab her hand. "I think you've said enough Cal says grabbing my arm.

*Aris POV*

I won't let him see me cry again.. I wipe my eyes as Luke walks up to me. "I feel so stupid.. I told you guys.." Luke rubs my arm. "Ari you're amazing okay.. Hes missing out." I look up at Luke and give him a weak smile feeling the tears stain my cheeks again. "Fuck!" I wipe at my eyes. "I look so fucking stupid I can't believe I'm crying over someone I had no fucking chance with! A fucking air head that would never like me of course!" I turn and see Michael standing in the door with looking pissed off but sorry. He turns around and walks out. "He hates me Luke.." Luke turns me around so I'm looking at him. "He could never hate you Ari. Never." I turn away "Lets just go eat" Luke nods and we head out the boys following us.

*At the restaurant* (Aris POV still)

We get out of the car but this time Mikey doesn't sit by me. I can't help but feel shitty. I try to brush it off though. "Christina!" I scream as I run up to her hugging her. Her barely returning the hug. "Uh hi Ari." I look at her blankly brushing her distance off. "So guys this is Christina.." I say looking at them. "Nice to meet you" they all say except Michael he just stands in the back looking even more pissed off. "Lets go eat" I say. I catch up to Michael sliding in forcing him to sit by me. He doesn't look at me though. I try to grab his hand but he pulls away so instead I put my hand on his leg. "I won't let you do this to me Michael" I whisper so only he can hear. He looks at me but quickly looks away. I start to move my hand away but he grabs it. I look over at him but he still won't look at me. "So Christina! How old are you?" Ash asks. "Same as Ari only she's two months older" She looks at Ash with a fake smile. "Hey I gotta go to the bathroom. Christina can you come with me I want you to help with my makeup." She nods. I squeeze Michaels hand then get up. I stop Christina as soon as we get into the bathroom. "Whats going on I know I said I wouldn't ask about it but seriously! Whats going on with you!" She looks at me with a glare. "Why the fuck would you even care? Can't you see that I don't want to fucking talk to you Ariel? Huh? Can't you just fucking leave me along for a little?" I'm shocked by what she's saying. "You said yes to meeting the boys.." I say looking down. "Don't try to fucking do that don't put this on me. You're so fucking happy right anyways! Can't you see I'm falling apart?!? Now fucking go be happy with your fuck boy Michael! You slut!" she pushes me out of the way. "You're being such a slut how many fucking times and who did you fuck to get them to spend the day today and meet me?" I felt the tears try to push their way out of my eyes but I didn't give Christina the dignity of making me cry.. She shoved me again "People are fucking right about you. Slut. Maybe it would've been better if you weren't born! My life would be so much better!" She shoved me to the ground and I hit my head. Placing my hand up on where I hit feeling blood.

*Michaels POV*

"They've been taking a while I'm going to see whats going on." I say getting up from the table. "Okay" they all say in unison. I walk over to the bathrooms "Slut! Maybe it would've been better of you weren't born! My life would have been so much better!" I see Christina shove Ariel making her fall to the ground. "GET THE FUCK OUT!" I scream feeling the anger getting worse and worse. She turned towards me "What the fuck ever I was about to! Have fun fucking her! Fuck boy!" Before I know it I'm standing of Christina. "Who the fuck do you think you are?!? LITTLE MISS PERFECT???? IT TAKES A SLUT TO KNOW A SLUT!" Then I feel someone pulling on my arm rubbing circles on my hand. "Mikey stop.. She's not worth it." I turn around to face Ariel and I hear the bell ding knowing Christina had left. This pissed me off more "How could you fucking stop me?!? SHE MADE YOU BLEED! Are you fucking stupid what the fuck did you think I was going to do?!?! HIT HER?! I WON'T TOUCH GIRLS!" I pushed my way past Ariel. Regrets rushing over me. "Ariel I'm sorry." I turn around seeing her on the ground. "ARIEL!" I scream making the boys get up and run. I picked her up. "I'm so sorry I'm so sorry." I whispered over and over.

*Ariels POV*

"How could you fucking stop me?!? SHE MADE YOU BLEED! Are you fucking stupid what the fuck did you think I was going to do?!?! HIT HER?! I WON'T TOUCH GIRLS!" Mikey pushed past me. Then everything went black. I woke in an unfamiliar room scared I started to have a panic attack but I felt a hand grab mine. "Shh baby sh.. It's okay shh." I looked over to see who it was. Michael.. "You called me baby.." I whispered hoarsely. He just stared at me. "I know." Then I was out again. When I woke up again I was in a different room again things plugged into me blood pumping into my arm. I went to turn over but noticed someones arms around me. "Mikey?" I tried to turn and look. "Yeah its me" I sighed relaxing into Mikey. "How long?" I ask. "How long what?.." I shove Mikeys arm off me so I could flip over and see his face. I grab his arm and put it back around me. "You know what I mean.. How long have I been here?" He gulps then kisses my hand "I'm sorry love.." I feel myself tearing up. "Michael Tell Me Now." He looks at me sadly. "One month Ariel.. You've been in and out of consciousness.." I look at him shocked. "Tell me its a lie please. What about 5sos? What about the tour.. Mikey please tell me you finished the tour. Wheres the boys at?!" He starts to rub circles on my back calming me. "We're on a break okay.. They're here.. Do you really think Ash would leave without knowing his girl... uh.. friend... is okay?" He said with a smirk. "You're putting your dream on hold for a waste of space like me..." I could tell it made him mad when I said this but he just snapped out of it. "Ariel.." I put my fingers up to his lips "What are you doing?" He said against my fingers. "I like when you say my

name.." then we were kissing.

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