"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


31. Breaking

*Lukes POV*

"Hey lets go-" I walk into Michael room only to see him not there. I look around. No Michael. I walk outside only to get mobbed by a bunch of fans. One throws a piece of bread at me. What the fuck? Who does that! I smile anyways and start to take pictures. Brad comes up and pulls me back. "I LOVE YOU ALL!" They scream loud then I'm in the building. "Have you seen Michael." I turn to Brad. "Yeah he said something about finding Ari. I made him go with Jordan." I nod. "Alright wanna go eat?" Brad nods. "I'll go get the others." He starts to walk away but i jump on his back. "Take me with you!" he chuckles and carries me to the elevator.

*Michaels POV*

"I-I can't stop looking..." I look away from Jordan. "I get it man. You're inlove... 30 minutes then we have to go." I nod. My phone starts to ring. Its the same number Ari called me with. "Hello?" No answer. I listen. "Stop! Please!" My eyes widen. "Ariel?!?" No answer. "Stop! You can't! Please don't hurt him! Please!" Hurt who? "MICHAEL DOESN'T DESERVE IT!" I hear laughing. "Of course he does. JOSH!" I put my phone on speaker. "How far are we from the highway?" Jordan stares at me. "About 30 minutes. If you turn left and go down Stifestant street. Nobody will find us here though." Then the line ends. I stare at Jordan. "Lets go."

*Aris POV*

I feel the tears run down my cheeks. Matt hits me. "Shut the fuck up!" I look over to John. He puts something in his pocket. It looks like a phone. "We need to get going if we want somebody to find her before dark." Matt looks at me. "Change of plans!" He winks. "We're going to draw her little boytoy here!" He smiles. Tears start to run faster. "Matt.." He looks at me anger filling his eyes. "He doesn't mean that much to me... I was stupid... It was just in the moment. He doesn't deserve it. You know who I really care about.. And you also know.. The person I care about broke my heart." I raise my hands up knowing I was going to get hit. Matt starts to laugh. "How stupid do you think I am?" I stare into his eyes. "I don't think you're stupid. Why would I come back to you? Why would I run to you the first chance I got? Its you Matt. It will always be you." He shakes his head. "You're lying." I look down. "How can I prove it?" I whisper. He walks up to me and stares into my eyes. I kiss him. He jerks away. "What the fuck?!" I stare at him. "I'm proving it to you Matt." I pull him back down and kiss him harder.

*Cals POV*

"Michael won't answer but I know Jordan won't let anything happen to him." Bradley looks at me. I nod. "I know he won't Brad. Lets go play lazor tag." He rolls his eyes at me. "You're a big baby you'll lose!" I throw my hands up. "Me a big baby?" I pretend I'm hurt. "Yeah Cal you are" Ash comes into the room. "Lets go then."

*Michaels POV*

We park 15 minutes away from the only house for miles I'm hoping this is it. We start to walk Jordan infront of me. "Thanks Jordan. It means a lot that you're doing this." He just nods.

We get up to the house. I hear screaming I start to run but Jordan stops me. "I go first. Always." I nod. I know he won't let me go if I disagree. We walk onto the porch all I see is Ariel making out with some guy. His hands all over her body. Her hands wrapped around his neck. I get pissed off. "This is what they wanted I knew she didn't fucking care." Jordan puts his hand over my mouth. "Stop." I look back in at Ari her eyes out staring out the window. I look away. She wanted me to see this. It was all her plan. She wanted to break me.

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