"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


37. beside you.

*Ariels POV*

its been almost two weeks since I left Mikey. I keep having these nightmares about him geting shot.. The boys will be leave tomorrow. I can't be alone with Michael. It just.. I can't.. I sit alone in our room thinking. I have no where to go I have no where to be. I have no one that wants me. "Ari." I flip over so I'm facing th window. "I'm coming in." I ignore him. "I know you're not asleep." I ignore him keeping my eyes closed. He sighs and climbs on the bed wrapping his arms around me. "Listen. I know you don't want to go because Michael. But.. Luke, Cal and I want you to come with us. We love having you around." I flip over to face him. "No ash. Just no. I can't When I'm around people get hurt." He shakes his head. "Dammit Ari. You'r coming with us end of story." He gets up and leaves. I smile at how impatient he is.



*Michaels POV*

The boys leave today. I can't go on tour because I'm still in the fucking hospital. I can't go after Ariel because she hates me so now I'm alone. I thought she would come back but i guess not.. I've been acting like I havent gave up hope that I still believe shes coming back but the truth is... I don't think she will come back. "Alright guys. I'll see you when I can. DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME I'M JUST STUCK IN THIS STUPID ASS HOSPITAL." They nod. "Dude we're going to miss you." I half smile at Ash. "I know.. I'm going to miss you guys..." They take their turns hugging me and then they're gone.



*Lukes POV*

We head back to get to the hotel to get Ari. When we get there shes not there. Theres a note on her bed. "I can't do this. I love you guys." I rip

the paper up. "Of fucking course. She runs whenever things start to get good!" Bradley comes up to me and pats me. "I don't think she technically ran." I look up and see her running towards me. "I didn't run you ass. My note wasn't me saying bye. It was saying thank you." She hands me some food and kisses my chick. "I'm. not going." I stare at her. "Ash alr-" she stops me. "No. I'm not

going." I shake my head. "I can't believe you." She smiles at me. "Just shut up."



*Aris POV*

As I run I'm not exactly sure if I'm going the right way I just know I have to get there. I turn and see it. I smile then run through the doors. I get up the stairs and run straight to the room. I get in and he's not there. I go to the nurses station. "Michael Clifford?" The nurse types things into the computer. "Yes we moved him. There was people who found his room." I nod. "Where did you move him." She lools at me blankly. "We can't give that information out." I start to get annoyed. "I was here with them when he got shot we were dating."the nurse rolls her eyes. "Yeah okay sweety just go sit down somewhere." Then the other nurse comes up. "Hi Ari did you come to see Michael?" I nod them smirk at the lady. "Here I'll show you where he is" I smile at her. "Can we keep it a secret I'm here?" She winks at me. "Sure he's been complaining since the boys left about you not being here!" I giggle.



The nurse turns and goes into a room stopping me. "Michael there is some girl out here that would like to see you." I hear him sigh. "I told you woman! No fans!" The nurse chuckles. "I think you'll like this fan." I hear him groan. "FINE! You win bring her in." I come around the corner and he rolls his eyes then looks at me. "Close your mouth you don't know what could fly in there." I wink at him. He doesn't say anything. I walk over to his side. "I'm so sorry Mikey.." I didn't realize the nurse was still in the room until she said something. "Just kiss her already you idiot!" I giggle. She pats the end of his bed and walks out.



*Michaels POV*

I stare at Ari. Taking it in. She came back. I can't believe she came back. I told them. "Are you going to stare or are you going to talk to me. If you're going to stare I'll dance or something because damn this is awkward." I smile at her. "You're such a smartass." She winks at me. "I know." I take her hand and she bites her lip. "Thats sexy." Her cheeks heat. "I like what you're wearing. Damn. It would look better on the ground." Her mouth opens and I chuckle. "Lets play titanic I be the iceberg and you go down." Her cheeks heat a darker shade. "You're such a perv!" I smile at her. "I know." With that I pull her to me. and we're kissing. "FINALLY!" Ari pulls away quickly as the nurse says it. "Oops sorry ruined the moment." I roll my eyes and chuckle. "I wasn't going o tell you but I missed you." She smiles. "Scoot iver my ass is hanging out." I wink and slap her ass. "I like it this way." She glares at me but I scoot over letting her under the cover. She cuddles into me. "This is perfect. Other than your gigantic boner thats pretty fucking obvious." My eyes widen. "Um thats not." She giggles. "Shut up."

*AUTHORS NOTE* Sorry i didn't update more last night my grandma had a stroke so I was like mehhh.. Mhm. But I'm going to update after I get my hair done c: I dyed it red but omfg it looks so weird XD its like pink. My brother calls me barney. Idek. SO YEAH! Going to update later c:

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