"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


23. Arriving

*Michaels POV*

I wake to music. I look down and Ariel is rubbing her fingers in small circles on my stomach. "Hey.." I say sleepily. She smiles at me. "Hey Mr. Grumpy pants." I look at her weird. "How long have you been up?" Her cheeks heat. "Atleast two hours.." I smile at ger shyness. "Why didn't you wake me." She puts her hand up my shirt and then looks back up at me. "Well... You're cute when you sleep. And uhm... You were warm and... You smell good... and you're cute... and I tried to wake you up but you went 'meeerrrr' then pulled me closer and You're cute..." Her cheeks heats darker. I chuckle. "Babe you're adorable." Her cheeks heat even more. "Shut up and kiss me."

*Lukes POV*

"Shut up and kiss me." I walk by Michael and Ari and grown. Ari pulls away quickly and Michael stares at me. "Can't have five minutes without you guys making out!" Ari's cheeks heat. "But I guess you're cute so go on..." I mumble walking to the back of the plane. We should be landing any minute. I fix my hair up getting ready.

*Ash's POV*

"Hey bae!" I scream at Ari picking her up into a hug. She giggles and hugs me back. "Hi boo." I smile at her and put her down. "How did you sleep?" She groans. "I slept good then Michael punches me on accident." She whispers. I look back at Michael he was eyeing us. I smirk at this he's jealous. I wrap my arm around Ari. "Don't look now but Michael is about to bore a hole in the back of your head." Her eyes widen. "I say he's jealous." She giggles. "Awww Ashy don't get your ass beat!" I act hurt. "Me? Psh I could take him." We laugh at this. She kisses my cheek. "You're a great person Ashy." She squeezes my hand then walks back to Michael plopping down on his lap. "They're too perfect right now!" Luke groans walking up to me. I look at Luke and smirk. "Jealous?" I wink at him and he rolls his eyes. "Shut it Irwin."

*Getting off the plane Aris POV*

I walk off the plane feeling the cool air hit my face. I smile as snow fallls around me. Mikey walks up behind me and wraps his arms around me. I bury my head in his chest. Turning around. "You're so tall!" He chuckles. "You're so short!" I giggle. "You're hot." I burst out laughing realizing what I had just said. "Wow. I didn't mean to say that out loud." He laughs along with me. "You're beautiful Ariel." We start to kiss then I hear it. The screams of the fans you can hear it loud and clear Mikey takes my hand and walks me to the airport door. "Ariel you're going to be fine." I smile weakly. Breathe Ariel.. Breathe.

*Getting to the hotel (Still Aris POV)*

"THAT WAS SO COOO!" I dance around the hotel room. "They were so sweet to me I can't believe it!" Michael walks up to me. "How could they not love you? I mean look at you!" I blush but quickly recover. "I have to call John!" Michael groans. "Right noww??" He pouts. I kiss him as he pouts deepening the kiss he picks me up wrapping my legs around his body. I pull away. "Nope now I'm going to call him!" I shout cheerfully then kiss him once. Slipping out of his embrace. He groans falling to the bed face first I giggle at the sight and jump on his back. He groans again and I wrap my arms around his body as best and I can. I get up and start to walk away the phone ringing but he pulls me back making me sit on his lap. He starts to kiss my neck. I giggle then John answers. "Hello?" I try to get away from Mikey but fail. "Hiiiii John!" Mikey turns my face to his kissing my lips. I pull away mouth stop but giggle. "Uh yeah.. Sorry about that.. I kinda forgot to tell you I was with them." John laughs. "Its fine I'll just meet you downstairs!" I smile and say alright. I end the call then slap Mikeys chest. "DAMMIT MIKEY!" He looks at me as if he did nothing. "What??" he says smirking. "I was on the phone you ass!" I try to get up but he pulls me down again. "I like your ass better..." He whispers in my ear. I giggle and we start to kiss. I pull away and he groans "Stop doing that!" I get up. "COME ON JOHNS WAITING!" He groans again. "Fine."

*Cals POV*

I'm waken by Ari beating on my door. "Gett upppp we're going to eat with my friend!" I stand up sleepily. "ughhh jet lagg." She hits me with a pillow. "Come on hood! You can make it! Food then sleep!" I groan but still get ready. I get on the elevator getting downstairs only to have a pissed off Ari. "Goddammit you take forever!" I pick her up and swing her around she giggles. "Stooopppp!" I put her down. And she pulls me to the others. "Lets go!" Ariel screams. They all stand Mikey getting up last. He looked awkward and so did the new kid. "This is John by the way."

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