Alyssa is known as the bad girl in school. But when she moves to Virginia will she meet the love of her life and become soft instead of reckless? Read and find out!✌️


9. 9

I woke up to all my friends around my room. They were still asleep so I just decided to go make breakfast. I made pancakes and bacon. Then they started to come into the kitchen. "I SMELL BACON!" Justin yelled. I laugh and we all eat. "So when are you going back to Tennessee?"I ask. "Today or tomorrow because we have school." Skyra said. I nod and continue to eat. Then I had a idea. "Maybe I should come with you guys I miss my mom." I suggest. "YAY!" Everyone said. I run up to tell my dad. If he says no I'm still going. "Dad I'm going to see mom I miss her and I have to take care of her." I say. "Okay but be safe." He says. I nod. "Thanks dad." "You're welcome sweetie." I go up to my room and pack. I put my clothes,makeup,Chargers,and bathroom stuff. "When are we leaving?" I ask. "Around two." Justin said. "ALRIGHT ITS 11:00AM WE ARE GOING PENNY BOARDING!!"I yell. Wow seems like everyone is yelling. We go get our penny boards and explore Virgina. Just then I ran into Matt. "Oh hey Alyssa." He says. "Hey Matt what's up?" I ask. "Just walking clearing my head." I nod. "Well I better get going I have a plane to catch later Matt!" I say. "Bye!" We got home and grabbed our suitcases and head to the airport. We got there and BLAH BLAH you know what happens. I get on the plane and sleep. 

*few hours later* 

We are finally in Tennessee! I got to my house and I seen something I dint want to tears streaming down my face.

To be continued!! Haha sorry I left y'all with a cliff hanger! But comment what you think will happen. The more comments the more updates. Even though it sucks. So yeah. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Peace!✌️



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