Alyssa is known as the bad girl in school. But when she moves to Virginia will she meet the love of her life and become soft instead of reckless? Read and find out!✌️


8. 8

I wake up and don't feel so good I have tear stained cheeks. I take a long hot shower and put this on:

I suddenly get a text from Lela 

We are here girl! I brung the boys and girls!:) 

I text her back saying I'll pick up. I get into my car and drive to the airport. When I get there I see them I immediately jump out of the car and run to them. "MY BITCHES!" I yell we laugh and hug. "I missed you Alyssa." Justin says. Me and Justin have been friends since we were little but he become famous and he's always busy so I'm glad he came I kinda had a crush in him back home. "I missed you too!" I say back. "Hey cutie!" Luke says making a werid face. I laugh and say,"Hey babe." We all catch up and Lela brings out the good stuff. We go somewhere where we don't get caught. We finally found some place it's like a old part of the town. We sit down. Lela gets it out and passes it around to everyone.(BTW if you don't know what it is then look up at the left top of the Picture and then you'll know I don't wanna go in much detail) We start laughing and playing like little kids. 

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