Alyssa is known as the bad girl in school. But when she moves to Virginia will she meet the love of her life and become soft instead of reckless? Read and find out!✌️


7. 7


 I have been here for about a week and it's awesome so far. I think I'm starting to get used to it. "Alyssa I need to talk to you it's really important." My dad said as he comes into joy room. "Yes what is it?" I ask. "Well the real reason you came here is that your mom......has cancer and she is only getting worse." I was shocked by his words. I can't belive my mom has cancer. I was sitting there frozen not knowing what to do the  I feel tears streaming down my face. "NO SHE DOESNT HAVE CANCER THIS CANT BE HAPPENING NO!" I yell. "Honey calm down I know it's hard but your mom is a strong woman she will fight." I nod my head still crying. I need to get out and meet up with some of my friends from my hometown. I call Lela first. 

(PHIONE CONVO L-Lela A-Alyssa)

L- Hello? 

A- Hey is there any chance you and the other girls can come here I need someone? 

L-Yeah of course I heard the news I'm sorry babe. 

A-It's ok oh yeah can you bring Justin,Luke,Ashton,Michael, and Calum? Oh yeah don't forget the good stuff I really need it.

L- Yeah I'll be sure all of them are there by tomorrow and I'll bring the stuff I got you chick! 






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