Alyssa is known as the bad girl in school. But when she moves to Virginia will she meet the love of her life and become soft instead of reckless? Read and find out!✌️


5. 4 continued


 I skipped breakfast and walked to school. When I got there people were whispering and looking at me and I got pissed. "YES I KNOW IM THE NEW GIRL WHO CARES SO I SUGGEST YOU ALL TO SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I yelled. Everyone look at me shocked but I don't care. I walked into the office to get my schedule. "Hi I'm new here and I need to get my information." I say. "Ahh yes Miss.Evans here you go dear and I'll get Nash to show you around." I nod my head and wait until that Nash kid comes. Then I see someone walk in the office. "I'm here to show Alyssa Evans around." He says. "That's me!" He smiles and we walk around the school. "Dude you're that girl that freaked out on everyone in the hallway!" Nash says excited. I laugh "Nah shit." We were walking around until I saw a boy getting bullied he had brown eyes and dirty bond brownish hair. I felt bad for him. WHY WOULD HE GET BULLIED HIS HOT!! I suddenly found myself walking over there and beating the crap out of the guys. "LEAVE HIM ALONE OR I WILL KICK YOU REALLY HARD AT THE PLACE YOU DONT WANNA BE KICKED!" I yelled. Wow I've been rude latley. Then a girl came up to me she looked like a slut. "Aaww new girl taking up for Matt the viner." She sounded weird. "Aww look who just got out of the circus." I say. She was wearing too much make up and short clothes. "I would watch your back new girl."She said. "Omg I'm scared of a slut." I say sarcastically. She then threw a punch at me I just sat there and laughed she can't even hit😂. She threw another it didn't hurt. I then threw a punch at her and she stared crying and ran away. Everyone was around us and shocked. Then Nash whispered,"Bad girl I like it." He licked his lips and stared at my body. I laughed and helped the boy up. "Hi my name is Alyssa I'm new." I said. "Hi I'm Matt and I know and thanks for helping you didn't need to do that they make fun of my fame." He said. "Don't thank me I can't stand people getting bullied lets just say if someone gets on my bad side it's not pretty. Also don't listen to them they are just jealous." He nods and says,"Thanks again I have to get to class." He looked at Nash as if he was scared of him. WAIT HOLD THE PHONE IM SO STUPID! THATS MATTHEW LEE ESPINOSA!! AND NASH GRIER!! "Alyssa hello?" Nash said breaking me from my thoughts. "Yeah... What..umm." I stutter. "Let me guess you know Magcon right?" He ask. "Yeah I'm kind OF A BIG FAN!" I scream. He laughs.



















-Skip the rest of the day-  So my first day went by fast and that's good. I made a new friend her name is Summer. Also all the guys were looking at my butt today........ Werid?! But the day was a good first day.

⛄️Authors Note!⛄️ 

Hey guyyysss!! I hope you like this so far! Question: Nash or Matt???!??! Comment!😁✌️ Love y'all!😘

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