Alyssa is known as the bad girl in school. But when she moves to Virginia will she meet the love of her life and become soft instead of reckless? Read and find out!✌️


2. 2

I hurry up and got dressed and head downstairs. "Honey after school I need to talk to you." My mom said. By the way I only live with my mom cause my parents got a divorce. "Ok?" I said. 

I get my skateboard and ride to school. I enter and walk down the hall confident then I see my best friends Makenzie, Skyra, Nikki, and Lela. "Hey bruh" I say.  

"Hey wanna hang out after school?" Nikki asks.

"I can't I have to talk to my mom about something I don't know." I say.

"Ok that means one thing we skip school today and go to the mall." Makenzie says.

"OMG YASS!" Skyra yelled. We get into Lela's car and head to the mall. We shop and buy a lot of stuff. I got a new skateboard, snapbacks, beanies, bracelets, jean shorts, and cute crop tops. When we got done we went to Starbucks!

Yass I'm a white girl lol! 😂😂✌️ When we got done I went home and put my stuff up and came back down to watch TV. Then my mom came in. "Hey sweetie I need to talk to it's important just know that I love you."she says.

"Mom you're scaring me."                          

  "Well I'm sending you to live with your dad I can't handle you getting in trouble anymore." She says. Wow love you too mom😒.                            

"Ok whatever." I sigh. "You leave tomorrow." She says. I run upstairs to pack. "You can put your big stuff in boxes so I can ship it to you." Mom says. I nod and continue.

"Mom can you help me?" I ask.

"Of course sweetie." She smiles. "I know I never say this a lot but thanks for everything and I love you." I say she starts to tear up. We cry for a few minutes. See that's my soft side. When we are done I call the girls to come over. I sit down on my phone and wait.

I was playing Let It Goat the game by Jack & Jack. I'm also a big Magcon fan. I was playing it until the door bell rang. I open it and all my girls are here.

"Hey guys come and sit I need to explain something." I say. They walk in and sit down.

"Well my mom is sending me to Virginia to live with my dad because she can't handle me I'm too much of a bad girl apparently." I said. "OMG we are going to miss you Bae." They say.

"I'm going to miss y'all too you guys are my bitches!" I say. We get in a group hug and cry.

"You all are staying over." I say. They agree and we hang out and chill for a while until we all go to sleep.


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