Alyssa is known as the bad girl in school. But when she moves to Virginia will she meet the love of her life and become soft instead of reckless? Read and find out!✌️


15. 15

Well today is the day of the date. Matt is picking me up around 6:00pm and im excited right now it is 12:00pm. So I decide take a shower. I wash my body and hair and shave my legs and armpits. I wrap myself in a towel then go to my closet to see what I have. I pick out about 5 different outfits. One of them is a black chevron crop top with black high wasted shorts a leather jacket and black vans, another one is a white dress that goes down to my knees and white sandels, the other one is a white crop top with skinny ripped jeans with white vans, another one is a simple pink dress that goes to my ankles and flat sandels that strap around my feet, finally the last one is a black flowy dress that goes to my knees and a black leather jacket with black vans. The last one is perfect I put that on and head over to do my makeup. I did winged eye-liner with mascara and red lipstick. I left my hair down in waves and put a flower crown on. I was satisfied with my look. I checked the time 4:00 pm. Wow it took me that long to get ready. I look through my phone and 10 text messages from Nash great. (Note the sarcasm). ALYSSA please I didn't mean any of that. 








Please I really like you! 







































I will do anything to get you. 

I mean anything.

There were many more like that. So I decided to text him back. 

Nash you got to realize I'm not the prize you win. Matt acts like a gentlemen to me and doesn't want to get into my pants. Please either leave me alone or be a supportive friend. At least I'm willing to be friends. 

I went on Twitter and tweeted. Going out with @TheMattEspinosa tonight! #Pumped. I see that Matt retweeted it and I gained a lot of followers. Btw if you're wondering where my dad is he is on a business trip and won't get back until next week. Sometimes I don't show I'm a FanGirl but they know I am. I honestly like Cameron Dallas but Matt is too adorable and I'm beginning to like him more than just a friend. I hear a knock on the door. Of course it was Matt he was wearing a flannel shirt with kakis. "Wow Alyssa you look absolutely beautiful." He says I blush wow nobody has ever treated me this way. "Thanks you don't look to bad yourself." He takes my hand and we go to his car. "Where are we going?" I ask. "It's a surprise." He smirks. "Ugh Matt please tell me!" I reply. "Can't do that sweetie pie." He says. I giggle. "How long until we get there?" I ask. "Uh about an hour." He replies. "Let's play 20 questions then." I suggest. "Ok um what do you see in a guy?" He asks. "Cute, funny, adorable, and a good kisser." I say. We ask each other more on the way there. I got to know a lot about Matt. 


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