Alyssa is known as the bad girl in school. But when she moves to Virginia will she meet the love of her life and become soft instead of reckless? Read and find out!✌️


13. 13

I have been at my dad's house for a week now. Nash and Matt have been talking to me a lot. There is something about Matt he seems almost scared to be around Nash. I guess I have to talk to the both of them. So I decide to call them both.

M- Matt A-Alyssa 

A-Hey Matt 

M- Oh hey Aly- 

A- Hello? Matt are you ok? 

I didn't get no answer so I will go to his house to see what's happening. I rush to his house and knock. "Hello Alyssa Matt's not here he's at school working on a project." It's Saturday. Wait he must've went there to work on it. "Thanks." I run to the school. I get there and hear yelling. "STAY AWAY FROM ALYSSA! SHE IS MINE AND SHE IS HOT! NOW IF YOU DONT STAY AWAY FROM HER ILL FUCK YOUR WORLD UP. UNDERSTAND?" I go to the back of the school and stay hidden. It was Nash yelling at Matt. I thought they were like brothers. I just then saw Nash punch Matt in the face. "HOLD THE FUCK UP! IM NOT YOURS SO QUIT TELLING EVERYONE. AND I WILL NEVER BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND OR YOUR FRIEND. CONGRATS NASH YOU JUST LOST A GOOD FRIEND." I yell at Nash. He looked at me with wide eyes as if he didn't know I was here. "Alyssa I'm sorry I didn't mean it" he says with pleading eyes. "Save it" I go and help Matt up and we walk to my house. "So why do you let people push you around?" I ask Matt. "You know what I really don't know I guess I lost all my confidence." He says. "Oh Matt your nose is bleeding. Let's go to my house to get you cleaned up." I say. He smiles at me. On our way home I got to know more about him and he got to know more about me. We reached my house and I take him to the bathroom in my room. I get a wash cloth and and I hop up on the counter will he stands in between my legs. 


I'm starting to really like Alyssa she's beautiful and kind. As she is cleaning up my face I just stare at her beautiful features. "Thanks Alyssa for everything." I say. "You're very welcome." She smiles. God her smile. I wish I could kiss her. Ugh. I need to tell her how I feel. Ok Matt you can do this ask her on a date then tell her. Ok I can do this. "Uh Alyssa can I ask you s-something." I stutterd. "Of course." She smiled. "Uh I was w-wondering I-f you wanna go out on a date with me? If you're busy I'll understand I mean i-" I got cut off by her kissing me. "Yes I will go on a date with you." Wow. I smile and kiss her again. Best day by far. 


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