Safe breaker

i was like well whats been happening in the world. Ebola, recent movie out. maze runner, clash with my all time favorite zombies.
like going about how in 2019 a doctor created a safe haven maze in case anything happened in the future. Then the mid to late sick ness called ebola was spreading and so a scientist tried to make a cure and crated a deadlier virus by accident, and so then zombies come into it, and then they send a few teens to try and keep the world alive by putting them in the middle of the safe haven maze in the center and once all the zombies were dead then the doors would open for then to go get out, but what they dont know there is a glitch in the doors so they would open once every month instead of once all the zombies were gone, no one was daring to go through until they saw a red flash in the sky 4 times, to they thought there was suvries and then they try and ecapse to the other side....


3. Chapter three

And this is where I come is, Hello my name is Paris Fletcher and I got chosen out of a group of girls in a survival test I was put through 9 months ago. So far it’s been all crazy and full on. We all got given a note that said. “Dear person, you have been chosen for this mission to keep out nation running in case the rest of us die. In the bag you have been given, you have a colour and tools to survive in case something goes wrong. If you were in green, you are a farmer. In charge of cooking and farming food and keeping the rest alive and feed. If you are in white, you’re the intelligent ones, your job is to make sure any of the younger people are well educated, and keep the order in place. Last but not least if you’re in black you are the fighters, to also keep the order and if something goes wrong in the safe haven you are to fight for the rest.  Also if you have a blue strip in your colour then you are a leader of your group, the leaders and people in charge of the rest. You would have got the best score out of the rest. Some of youse’ aren’t in a colour and you would be the younger ones, from 7-11, once you reach 12 years old you will be but in a colour which will be decided by the leaders of the groups. Once you have reached your goal, the doors will open and a map will be to your left when you enter the maze. Good luck and may the odds be in your favour.” Once every one had read that note, some started freaking out, others were crying but we had a job to do. I sat there for a bit, just so I could take in what was happening, then I looked in my bag and I got a black band with blue strip. I thought it was a bit crazy at first, I could not lead people. They must have got the wrong person then I looked inside the band and it had my name on it. I didn’t want to be a lead, but I had no other choice. I looked around and saw people pulling out black. I thought well if no one is going to say anything at this point I will. So I walked over to a rock and stranded on it and yelled out, everyone in black over to me. Green over to the crops, white to the cabin and no colours with the whites. Everyone slowly did what I said.  Once all my group were over near me I started talking, All I said was “its sad that we had to leave our families and friends but we are here for a reason, don’t let them die for no reason. Let them be proud of you and lets all survive together. Everyone introduce your self’s and get to know your new family. I’ll start my name is Paris and I’m 16 years old” I notice as everyone was saying their names and age that there was 5 to a group. There was two 16, one 15 and two 14 year olds. There were 2 girls 3 boys. Once everyone stopped talk I said “walk with me to the other groups”. We first went to the green group and introduced our self’s, the leader was a boy who was 17 years old, that lived on a farm for his whole life. Then there was one 16 year old girl, one 15 year old girl and two 13 year old boys. Once we finished talking to them we all walked over to the white group and the younger ones. Introduced our self’s to them. The leader was a Girl 17 year’s old, then one 16 year old boy, two 14 year old girls and one 13 year old boy. The younger ones were 3 girls and 2 boys. The girls were 7, 8 and 10. The boy’s were 8 and 9. Once every one was settled we found where we were all sleeping. There was a boys and girls cabin each with assign beds. Once we found our beds we all fell asleep.

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