Safe breaker

i was like well whats been happening in the world. Ebola, recent movie out. maze runner, clash with my all time favorite zombies.
like going about how in 2019 a doctor created a safe haven maze in case anything happened in the future. Then the mid to late sick ness called ebola was spreading and so a scientist tried to make a cure and crated a deadlier virus by accident, and so then zombies come into it, and then they send a few teens to try and keep the world alive by putting them in the middle of the safe haven maze in the center and once all the zombies were dead then the doors would open for then to go get out, but what they dont know there is a glitch in the doors so they would open once every month instead of once all the zombies were gone, no one was daring to go through until they saw a red flash in the sky 4 times, to they thought there was suvries and then they try and ecapse to the other side....


4. Chapter four

The next morning something was wrong. All the leaders were called to the gate by a speaker in the wall. Someone was saying that “just over half the population was infected or dead. And that we need to survive the best we possibly can. Also they said that there was a glitch in the wall gates. That once a month they will open in mid day. But not to approach them at any cost. Once they open to make sure that the black coloured group protects everyone at all cost and the gate will only open for 2 hours each time but it’s critical you don’t let anything in or out for that matter. If any of the outsiders do survive we will give you a signal to that all the infected are dead. And that you can come out. If we don’t them I’m sorry to say but we are all infected or dead. Once all infected are dead a special plane will search the earth make sure all clear. If any of you’s happen to die, the next person in charge will be the oldest, if any other make sure to bury their body in the ground. Thank you for supporting your nation”.

Too be continued.

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