Those Feelings, My Choice And My Destiny

What kinda feels it's this? What Should She Do?


3. My Destiny (the end)

Chapter 3: My Destiny

We sleep together and holding hands tight. I wake up and looking happy on Rouko sleeping. She looks so beautiful even she sleeping! Oh good I don't wanna ever forget it! I gonna take a picture of it!! I looking at my bags I sure I have took my camera with school! And I found it and took a picture of her! I going down and saw May try make breakfast "eh Yo!" I shouted and Mae hit on my head "silent!! She make breakfast" she whispered to me "and?" I reply. She get upset and hit my head again "cause it's to you and Rouko! Idiot" Mae said. Oh really? How sweet! Wait!! Did she heard Rouko and me confession? "Oh I see.. So I don't wanna bother" I said and looking at her. Mae and me walked slowly to Mae bedroom "May surly love Rouko you know.. And she happy how you two talked to each other and I do too" she said and smiles. Wait? They knew it start I was Falling in love with Rouko!! "Wait you knew I was-" Mae shaking her head "I did when May show you two together" she said and hugs me.

We talked and talked about how I fall in love with Rouko. I was happy share this with my big sister Mae!! She always sweet and kind on me! I going back to my bedroom and Rouko still sleeping I just smile and going see my phone 'heeeey yoooo it's me Himawari!! I can't wait to se you and heard you story together that girl you love!! Wait it's not only me.. All us wanna hear it!! Plz answers if not you gonna make you pay' I read maybe it's good idea I reply 'I do too Hima I wanna talk everything to you guys!' I reply. Later I heard May shouted "it's breakfast time" and it's time too a wake up kiss!! I kissed her cheek and her forehead but she didn't woke up so I kissed her lips "wake up Sweetie~" I whispered in her ear and she wake up and touching her lips and blushes "morning.. Honey" Rouko said and kissed me.

We all eating May's breakfast and this time I can said "that time you really put your heart" I said to May and May was happy "thanks Mai-nee!!" She said and keep smiles. I know I teased her but it's only for helping her! Rouko look happy and it's only thing I wanna know. When we finish eating Rouko and me puts ours clothes on and walked out "I going to Sajin's baker house" I shouted. We holdings hand and ours face all red but we not talk to much but we're happy. We come to Rouko's brother baker house and eating chese cake. We talked about which day is perfect to going out cause we're from different school! Now I wish Rouko was going on my school!! Her brother Sajin look happy on us and I only notice this. I like Rouko that way she is! I don't wanna change!

After the perfect day! I was going talk to my friends!! About how was going between Rouko and me. "Woow she the one who confessed first!" Miku get surprised and Sora look bit confusing "mm I'm also who confessed my feelings first. You know" she said "I know dear but I though Mai the one who gonna do it!!" Miku shouted and Sora hit her head "don't need to shouting, idiot and no dear!!" She blushes and we laughing. "Well we just you guys are found this "love" Ayame said and smiles, and another nodded and smiled happily. I love my new friends! They just like my best friend Atsuki. To think about it he never txt to me!? Maybe should going to He and Rouko's school to check out! After finish the school Himawari and Sora is going with me "are you not busy about school things!" Sora was bit worried over Himawari and I get too "which school work and I've already finished them all" she said and smiles. Himawari she always finished her work and homework first before us and her classmates.

We walked and talked together "oh here" I said and point on this school. "I see it's not girl school like us" Sora said "I said she didn't go a school like me!" I said "but you should say more about it then this" Himawari reply ahh she is against on me too! I could she Atsuki and shouted he's name and waves to him he didn't notice me! "Hey stupid boy! You best friend just come and visit you your stupid morons!!" Sora shouted to him and he did notice this and get surprised. "Sorry sorry! I-I was just looking!" He said "on what!? I can't she anything!! You're bad lair!!" Sora get upset and Himawari calm her down "cool down" I said. I could remember Sora did said she hate boys cause they only get trouble and it's how she meet Miku cause she hates boy! And Miku wanna help not hates them.

We sat together with Atsuki but Sora sat next to me and long away from Atsuki "did I do something" he get bit worried "oh no she don't like boys" I said and giggles a bit "hated boys how she ever work whitout touched on them!" He get more worried "it's that's why My Miku helped me out" she said and looking away. Himawari and me giggles. I'm asked Atsuki about he never txt me or visit since her birthday and he did reply but just said he couldn't do it and He make Sora more upset and hit on his head "ow okay okay! Don't hit my head! I couldn't just do it Rouko and you have found the red bond and break out friendship bond it's that's why I couldn't I wanna know more it's right to let it go" he said. So it's what he worried about! He know nobody can't break ours friendship and he did notice my love to Rouko and she's love to me.

"Why didn't you ask" I said " I thought you don't wanna be my best friend anymore" I said and get sad and Atsuki hugs me " you know nobody get break ours friendship! It's was just me" he apologizes. Atsuki is kind and always help to took my tear away. If we didn't meet is mean I couldn't meet Rouko, Sora, Himawari, Miku and Ayame cause I was too shy and this I don't wanna be happening. We friends walked to Sora's house and it's really big! I didn't know she are rich!? "Wait you're rich" Himawari get surprised "did you guys not notice this..? I've always eat some different food from another country by my cook chef" she reply. We all Laugh and Atsuki look happy.

"You sure get nice friends Mai" Atsuki said and smiles. I nodded and smiles back "mmmm.." Ayame look at us "is something going on between you guys" Ayame said and Atsuki and me get surprised "on no we have just don't seen each other in long time" Atsuki reply and I nodded "you know we been friends since kindergarten" I said. "Soo when you been love in Rouko?" Ask Himawari. Oh yes I never tell them right? Where can I start!? "Mmm it's start when she start in school in 3 grade and I could see sparkle she was wonderfull it's was I think!!" I said and smiles happily. "And to think I begin follow her and so many boys said how beautiful she is and started be jealous and ran away" I keep talked "after 2-3 year I was still looking at her and I was like why? Those feeling? I didn't know?" I could really like this share my love journey to my friends! "So Rouko's Brother girlfriend said you look like you falling love she said and was really!? It's this love I feeling and later I was scared" i Finnish my story and my friends said how cute and really romance.

Later Atsuki took home and we girls keep talked about how they meet their lover!! And it's totally different romance story. I love have girl friends it's kind and lovely and yes my mom have right it's important have girls as friends! Himawari and I took home together cause she live almost near me. Himawari saw my girlfriend Rouko "eh yo" she shouted and Rouko get shocked and walk to us "sorry.. I knew you was together with your friends.." Rouko sound bit down "howcha doing?" Himawari said and claps on Rouko's head "idk my chest feeling breaking" Rouko said "I see don't feel jealous on me we just friends" Himawari said and clap on her back hard. It's was Rouko feeling jealous "it's was I feel.. Oh sorry!! I didn't was feel that" Rouko feel more fresh but I still feel down.

Rouko and I walk together and Himawari took home alone I feel bit sorry about that'd but she said it's okay. We not talked but just walked and look not each other. "Mm-" "sorry" Rouko shouted to me "it's okay!!" I shouted too and ours face was close my face was almost red. Rouko took my face and kissing me and I kisses back. Later we was inside my house my big brother made dinner to us.

It's was delicious and tasty. Later we took bath together and we blush everytimes we look each other naked. When we finish we kissing each other and we loved it. It's how love feeling like its wonderful. We sleep together and holding ours hands. I dreaming about Rouko and me we took biograf, eating together, siting under at tree and kissing!! I hope she dreaming same as I have. I wake up and Rouko asleep I kissing her cheek and said "wake up my dear" she wal up and yawning "okay Sweetie" she said. My little sister Mai come and took her bear with "it's raining" she said and I hugs her "like I said if Mr. Buggie man coming so you can come to me, okay?" I pets her head and hugging her. "I love you Mai-nee" "and I love you too May-neechan" we said. I took May-neechan's hand and walk down to the kitchen and Rouko make breakfast.

To think about I'm already to be mother and smiles happily "it's someone made you happy" Ask Rouko and shake my head and said "oh no just thinking about something" my Little sister May siting and waiting on breakfast "Mmm~" May said and walked to Rouko and watching her make breakfast. I siting and write homework about history. Rouko sats next to me and smiles to me as well i kissing her forehead and she blush. "Fufufu~" May laugh and took breakfast to us. She sats breakfast on the tablet and siting and took a bite. "You should take bite after you said "thanks for food" May-oneechan" I said and claps on her head "Urk.. Stop it I wanna it now I'm hungry!!" may said and Rouko giggles and said "stops it Mai! Let her eat".

After finish the breakfast I walked out and buy some food to the dinner. Rouko take care of May and it's still rainy. My little sister May doesn't like rainy day or thunder. It's cute but she need to learn it soon!! Don't be afraid!! I finish buy food to the dinner and I look up and the rain stops and I smiles happly. I walked home and saw Rouko brush May's hair and they singing. They look so happy and my big sister Mae come and play some piano to us and we laugh. My little brother Mack come to me and try show me his task and he get 10 on his task. "Good you are now smart" I giggled and smiles. My big brother Ichigo coming and yawning Goodmorning. My dad clap on Ichigo's back "hey morning" and Ichigo got shocked and my mom laugh.

Sugimoto family is now together again my little happy family~! Rouko look bit down but she smile "it's something wrong" I ask and she shake her head "oh no.. I'm just jealous of your family" she said and i hugs her "you know~~ I'm your family too" I said and she hugs me back. To thInk about its fall holiday! It's mean a week with my dear Rouko!! I took Rouko's hands and ran "h-hey where w-we going?" She shouted "to my import place" I reply. We ran and ran until we came to a beautiful Sakura trees place and they falling beautiful! I smiles to Rouko and she look bit surprise but she happy. "I love you Mai! I'm really do~!" Rouko shouted and holding my hands "and I love you too Rouko I'm really do and always will~" I reply we walked closer to each other and kissing romance in the most beautifull place.

After the romance place I took her to the bio cause she wanna a date with me and she took a movie a romance movie! To said I hate romance movie but she loving romance movie so I don't wanna break her! It's kinda girl I am. We watching movie and holding ours hands tight. Okay that's time was the movie not that bad it's was cute "was the movie good!" Rouko ask "not that bad I not using to watch kind movie maybe should I try bit more" I reply and smiles. We smiles each other a long time but I think hurry! It's the day right!!! I ran away and Rouko got bit shocked and ran after me. I stops to the tombstone where my grandmother was I could remember my grandmother does today. I took the old flowers away and took some new in "hey Mai what going on yo-" she stops talk that she saw my siting and look on the tombstone.

"Most dearest and kindest Grandmother Mai who gave our family happiness and hope. We will always love you" read and said Rouko and Sats next to me. "She died that Mack-niichan was 1 and May-neechan was 3 and I was 5-6 year old" I said and smiles to Rouko " I wish you could see her! My grandmother look just like me and have many story" I said and show her a picture of her and Rouko just smiles and nodded "oh come lets visit my grandfather" i stand up and took Rouko's hand. My grandfather live in country so we took a train to come over. Rouko sleep on my shoulder and pets her fingers. She look like a cat when she sleeping. I love that sleepy head Rouko and I looking out at window and saw my grandfather house and wake Rouko "watcha-" "look it's my grandfather house" I shouts and she look up saw this.

The train stop and we walked out. My grandfather was right there with Aunt Lana who drive him here. We sats inside Aunt Lana's car. My grandfather had many animal! I could see Annastacia my horse! I ran out the car and claps Annastacia's head "long time" I said. Rouko took my Aunt Lana bags with food. "My sibling, mom and dad is coming later" I said and helps Rouko with the bags. It's was late so Rouko, Aunt Lana and me make dinner until my family is coming. Aunt Lana doesn't has boyfriend or a husband a long time but she said it's fine. Just look at me and my sibling she happy. My family it's coming and Rouko said welcome to them and show to the tablet. We eat dinner together and we all talked about what we think about Rouko and Rouko get bit embarrassing "aww stops that" she said and clap on my shoulder but we just laughing. After the dinner my aunt Lana show us guess bedroom to Rouko and me. My grandfather has a hot spring so we took a short time there, Rouko rub my back and get a bit embarrassed over this but I enjoy this really most! Now is my turn to wash Rouko's back. I start with Rub her shoulder "nah~" Rouko moan. She moan! Did ido something wrong!? I stop "oh sorry! I didn't mean it just keep doing it" Rouko said and blushes. I rub her shoulder again I could feel she shaking but o keep doing it. I rubs more down almost to her butt "Nya~" she moan again "I mean sorry I can't take anymore" she shouted and kissing me and we fall down. "I wanna connect my body with your" she looking at me and blushes. Oh...oh! Is what she thinking about!? Oh gosh I can't accept it!! My body it's shaking and not reply it but... My body feel bit warm... "I knew it.. You don't wanna.." She took her hands arm but I took the back and kissing her back. "It's long.. You are in love with me... So maybe I can.." My face all red and she look happy. We kissing each other one more time "no I can't accept it.. I don't wanna do it.. You and me together now is long I wanna have" she reply.

After the fantastic hot spring we going to ours guess bedroom. She brush my hair and talked about what I should do with my hair and showing hair style to me. Is seem she like styling hair!! I giggles and smiles "why you laughing?" Rouko ask "nothing I was thinking how most you like styling hair" I reply and stand up and kissing her. I love her lips, hair, eyes and her beautiful personally. Tomorrow Rouko, my family and me waves Goodbye to grandfather and aunt Lana. May-neechan sats next to me and point different thing outside she wanting know and I reply "you going in school why should said all this stuff!!" May just laughing and later she sleeping. "She look so cute when she sleeping" Rouko said "I wish I have sibling too" Rouko said again. I know she only child but I said this before "Rouko you are ours family too!! It's mean May-neechan it's your little sister too" I said.

After my holiday I'm going back to school and my friends telling me what I've going in holiday of course I've tell them my perfect holiday with my Rouko. Miku said she has been in Thailand and but many candy and she gave us some. Sora think it's stupid use her money for nothing but Sora has been study her english. Himawari has been together with her little sister in hers grandmother and grandfather. Ayame has not really been in holiday she has been busy with her paperwork. Miku and I think she should take a break but Sora and Himawari was against it. "I can't if I do in break Himawarii's promise" Ayame said and blushes. Ayame look so cute everytimes she blushes.

I sats down and looking outside. Ours math teacher talk and talk. Later Himawari talk us swing place and clean up your desk. We do as she said and my hands hurt at bit move so many desk. Later she said take a 5-6 min break. I took a bite a my sandwich "hard work, huh?" She said and smiles "yeah!!" I said and she just laugh. Ayame come and took Himawari's hand and walked away "what's going on?" Another girl said "I don't know maybe paperwork" another girl reply. Maybe she what Himawari's lips is what I think. Ayame always take her hand and walked away for a kiss!!

"Maybe we look after this Sora!" Miku said and took her hand and left me alone with another girls. I the only girl I've a girlfriend who go in another school. Ours 5 min break is over we keep ours cleaning ours class. Himawari come and whisper to my ear "someone waiting on you outside" I blushes and looking outside and it's was Rouko who waiting. I ran down to Rouko and jump and hugs her "whatcha doing?" I shouted "my class is start first tomorrow" she reply. I was happy she come here but she took my hand and ran "h-hey!!!" I shouted. "What!!" All girls in my class shouted and Himawari "time to be their romance place" she said and other girls was like what that they hear this. We stop to my import place the sakuras place! She sats on the ground and sats I next to her. We holding ours hands and kissing each other.

~The end~

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