Those Feelings, My Choice And My Destiny

What kinda feels it's this? What Should She Do?


2. My Choice

Chapter 2: my Choice

One year later Rouko and Me go different school, I am sad about this and my feel like is break to thousands pieces. I do love her more than anyone else and wanna stay by her side. Atsuki go same school as Rouko and I alone no friends 'umm maybe should I try' I thinking about what person who wanna be my friend and looking around. I stand up and looking around on my new school 'I feel like I am a rat in a labyrinth' I found a board full of different clubs and sports. I try find something I like but it's was so many thing on that board and make me confused. I do really hate to choice "Mai Sugimoto right?" Some asked my name and turn around and is was a girl same aged and I nodded to her "good! I wanna give the president this papers but are bit busy with a clubs who wanna continues theirs problem" she gave the papers and walked away. How I suppose to know where president place is?

I looking around and walked to door to door. "Umm what is this? Is this papers mine?" A upset voice talk to me and turn around "a-a-are you t-the p-president?" I said this shy. She nodded and took papers away from my hands and walked away. She is really tough and evil, but she's beautiful. I go back to the board and looking after some I can help with and took all of them and wanna try them all and see what is going happen. I walked back to my class and took my phone a txt from Rouko 'hey whatcha going? Is bit lonely without you' I read and 'I wanna help and took all papers from the board and yeah it's lonely without you too' I reply.

Rouko and I became so close friends and so we share secrets okay not my biggest secret about my love. "You!! Come" the tough president girl shouted to me and walked to her "here some papers as your parents shall write, okay? That's all" she said and walked away. She's kinda hard to understand her word but I figured it out. The clock ring and walked out "finally home time! Time to super training my body" I shouted "you Sugimoto-san plz calm down you stupid morons! We all can hear you!!" The tough president girl get angry on me and I ran away. "I'm home" no reply and going to kitchen and no note 'hmm weird i trough we promises make note' I walked up to my bedroom and open my door "Happy Birthday!!" All my family and my best friends Atsuki and Rouko.

"Wow really I forget my own birthday" I said and giggles and they another giggles too. My whole family is here on my 16 year birthday and my friends too. Rouko look happy on me and I blushes of course. Her brother and Yumiko is here too "was up? My name is Sajin I'm Rouko's big brother" Sajin said and hugs me. I finally meet her big brother "sorry if you coming" I said "no need to worried is important to meet my little sister friend" he smiled happy. My birthday was cosy and amazing too. "Oh, sorry if I bother" some familiar voice and I look at her and is was the Tough president girl who come to my house "oh there you are.. Oh sorry is your birthday but you lost this here take it" she laying this down and ran away. "Who is she" Rouko said "she the president on my school" I answered.

Tomorrow I was in softball clubs and help to clean the towels and after this i helping the Flowers club to watering theirs flower and after this I going to help the Manga club to get some papers. I almost helps 10 different clubs and sats down on my chair "I glad I could help but I shouldn't push myself so hard" I said and get sleepy but saw a girl sleep on her tablet and a girl come to her "het beauty wake up or get a kissy missy" the sleepy girl took the energy girls ear "shut up Miku!" The sleepy girl said "Nyah! Sorry sorry Nyah I-I mean Sora" Miku shouted and Sora stops. I'm giggles "you are sure are close" I said and they girls blushes and looking each other.

Today the class rep is not here cause some papers she should give to the Tough president again. ️I surly sure they are close too cause they keep teased and flirt each other. Ours student rep is loves tease other and sometimes stupid but love help and her name is Himawari Mori and the tough president is smart, tough, cool, silent and beautiful too she hates when people can speak clearly to her or doing some wrong but she is friendly too and her name is Ayame Miyazaki.

Rouko and Me TXT and ring to each other almost every day. I missed her and she missed me but ours school ending different clock. "I'm home" today I'm early home and bit sleepy "good evening Mai-nee" my little sister May said and smiles. She's 10 year old and smarter than me that's amazing little sister. "Got any friends" but I do like to tease her cause she don't has any friends or never talk about them. "Hmm stop it" May get Upset and Walk away. That's a note on the tablet "hey Mai today you're alone with May.. Sorry today is your brother football battle and your sister and your brother are her too and dad is going to work" I read. Is mean also I can tease May as most I can.

I made May's favorite food and she eat it like a pig "you know.. You look like me back then" I said to May "Do I Mai-nee" she said and looking at me and I nodded. My phone ring and take it and it's was Rouko "sorry May gonna take it" I said and walked away from the tablet "take your time Mai-nee!" She said and smiles. Is took couple hours when we finally talk "sorry May I didn't mean let you wash my too" I said worried "don't worried Mai-nee.. You And Rouko is really close I wanna make you happy together" May said and smiles and i did too.

Tomorrow was Saturday and it's a day where I could be together with Rouko! My heart begin beat again. "Rouko-chan!" I waved to her "oh Mai-chan" she smiles and waves back. We kiss each other and I'm blushes. I'm still wanna be more than friend with her but I don't wanna her hate me ether is still hard. Choice between friendship and love why can this not be easy. We talked about ours school and get some new friends well.. Is hard for me cause I'm going a girl school my mom talk to me I should get some more girlfriends. "Well.. Sora, Miku, Himawari and Ayame is only girls I've talk to" I said. "That's a start! I'm happy" she smiles and hold my hand gosh my heart Plz not beat too fast.

We Chose to go Rouko's big brother baker house and get some delicious cakes! We sats and eat cake I hope that moment not go away. I could remember that summer vacation where we should go to beach and watch her change clothes but is was impossible so I looking away. She wearing a blue bikini and wearing black Bikini I couldn't stop looking at Rouko she look so wonderful. "Oui Mai! is my Miku!" Miku shouted and ran to us "I didn't know you've so a beautiful friend" she smiled and giggles. Miku is energy girl who love run around and make mess to all she touch but she kind and nice to talk with "oh thanks my name is Rouko Takahashi" Rouko said and smiles too. "What are you doing here?" I asked "well.. I was following My princess Sor-" Sora hit Miku's head "don't say some stupid around to another girls or guy!!" Sora get upset and Miku rubs her head and apologize to her. Sora sometimes lazy and mean and sleep almost always but she can be jealous when Miku get to close to another person and Sora can be kind too when this moment is coming.

We girls talked together like crazy Sora keep hits Miku when she says some embarrassing stuff. " I go to the bathroom" Sora said and walked away "Well.. Miku not use to talk people back then" Miku said and smiles "really!?" Rouko and Me shouted "you two look so close! How!?" We get mor surprised and Miku look bit embarrassing "I will talk about it later" Sora come back and Sajin come some chocolate cake to us. Miku and Me took first bite "good you two is too much" said Sora "but is kinda Cute, right?" Rouko said to Sora and They both blushes. I've never seen Rouko talk like this to another person she just meet. Rouko had change back then and I'm happy for it. Sora and Miku waved to us and leaving "they was kind" Rouko said and smiled to me and I nodded.

We walked home and waved goodbye and says see yaa "I'm home" no reply I'm going to the kitchen and there was my Little siblings they was trying make food. I just watch them 'good good is mean I can go to sleep' I walked slowing up the steps and inside my bedroom. Rouko Txt me 'watcha going? Make some food to ur family?' I read 'nope I'm just saw my little siblings made food!' I reply 'really are you not bit worried?' She wirte 'of course that's why I wanna go down and watch them!' I reply 'that's good' she reply 'gtg night!' I reply 'night!' She reply. Just a txt make my heart and my head swinging. "Hey my maidens" I shouted and my little siblings get shocked and get upset on me. We eat together and talked "mom and dad is going to watch big sis piano play and big bro watch a movie with him girlfriend" May said " I see a girlfriend.." I said.

Sunday morning I was running to wash all the energy away from me and run to my house "pew I was kinda hard today" I said and big sister Mae gave me some juice "well tomorrow is going me concert wanna go with" Mae said and I nodded. "Good" she smiles. Mae and me should go to Mae friend house and there I just saw Ayame "oh nice to meet ya. I didn't know you are my big sister friend's sister" Ayame said should get as a kind thing or not. "Hey Ayame not be mean" said Ayane my sister best friend. They know each other since they go in kindergarten and has same favroite instrument. My sister and Ayane talk to each other and I'm alone with a devil. "Well.. How you and Hi-" "out your business" she said and are angry and I nodded. "Let's just talk another than Himawari, okay?" She said and blushes. 'I see' I nodded again.

We talked about how Ayame be the president and she said is was Her mom said it. Ayame asked why I go to a girl school if you have good friends in Sakura's high school and answer cause my mom said it and we both laugh. I found Ayame happy side and that's moment I don't wanna forget. Later Ayame begin talk about my friend Rouko and later she said "you are in love with her, right?" Good how did she know!? Is how I talked about her or something!!? "I knew it and it's that's why you look so sad when just a new student" she smiles and giggles. I see she can read my mind "ho-" "I can see it on your face Mai-san" she reply. There go again mind reader!!

Mae and me waved farewell to them. Tomorrow I was kinda sleepy "was up lover bird" Ayame said and I get shocked "what?!" And she look confused "I see you didn't said you feelings to ur friend if I was y-" she stop and blushes "never mind. Then" and walked away. Why she stop and I looked behind me and is was Himawari ours class rep. " when you two get close" she sound kinda jealous and answer "oh cause ours big sister know each other" and smiles "oh I see that's good" she sound more happy now. That's is something between them I must know what going on! Is just like Sora and Miku!! I must know about it too!! I followed Himawari and she got away 'damnit' but hear some strange sound and look down at steps and there Himawari and Ayame kissing each other and looking away and blushes 'ops is something I must not see' I walked slowly away but they found me "you Mai-san I trough not like this" Ayame sound kinda sad "no no I heard something and just look that's all" I panicked "I see" they both just blushes "but is-" "yes so don't said to the teacher" she doing it again mind reader!! Later we get pretty close now 'know I understand how Ayame know so much to my feelings to Rouko' I smiled. "So now you know" Ayame said stop it min reader things! Is kinda scared and I nodded.

Know I know theirs secret so I kinda scared know Sora and Miku's but I need to do it. Ayame and Himawari followed they wanna know too. Well I found them they just doing same thing as always but we still watching. Sora get sleep and sleep on Miku's legs "I do love you when you get sleepy my Snow White" Miku said and pets on Sora's head "I love you too" Sora dreaming about who? "Hehe dreaming bout me again?!" She said and kissing her "gah why did do that?!" She wake up "wait you knew I not sleeping!" And Miku nodded "to same to your guys" she knew we was behind the door and we come out and Sora hit Miku's head. " why did you kiss me if you know there was some behind damn door" she get upset and blushes too, but we all just laughing.

We five girls get alone cause now we know ours secret "I'm hope you said your true feelings to ur Rouko" said Ayame and all another girls nodded. "I Will try" I said. We walked together and go shopping and stuff. I never have so much friends before. Now we visiting Sajin baker house and eating chese cake and talked. My phone begin shaking and I took it is was Rouko! 'Hey you didn't come home? Your family is bit worried and me too! Where are you!?' I read "ah we forget talk to its family!!" Ayame shouted and stand up 'stop read my mind!' "How can you know that" and looking at my phone "well she really good to read face" said Himawari and Sora, Miku and me get shocked 'serious...' We girls going to my home "I'm home sorry I didn't talk you" I shouted.

Rouko jump and hugs me and I fall "Mai-chan Mai-chan" she cried and get surprise and pets her "sorry I'm sorry Rouko-chan" we hugs tight "Mai-nee I'm was wor-" May stop saying cause she saw her sister and Rouko hugs so she ran and hide behind the door. "They've so kind a relationship" she whisper to herself and get surprised. Mae ran on way to Mai but May stope her "why?" Mae asked "they hugging" answers May "and..? Oh!" Mae could see they hug really close.

Mae took May's hand and walked. Later Rouko are in My bedroom "sorry I get alone with some new friends and we all get forget to said to ours parents" I shy smiles and she hold my hand and blushes "don't don't it again.. I wanna know you okay" she still worried and then I'm hugs her "promises!" I said and Rouko smiles and i hugs her back. We hugs each other long hours and we was really silent I could feel her heart beat. C-can her feel my too? I begin be warm and my body feel weak. I could not hold me stand, but I don't wanna break my happy hugs from my belong Rouko. Later Rouko break the hugs and she shaking "umm is something I wanna tell you for long ago" she said and blushes. I looking at her and blushes too and I nodded. "Well.. I-" "sorry is dinner time" my big brother open my door and I looking at Rouko bit worried, but she not looking back and then she walked away.

We eating dinner together and could she Rouko face she look really serious. My parents talk about what kind girls are they and I answered it. We have fun but not Rouko she still look really serious "hey Rouko you wanna stay at night" my mother said and Rouko looking at her and nodded "good you don't need ring to your mother about night clothes, Mai have something" my mother said.

After we finish ours dinner I was doing bath ready to Rouko my head get spinning just think about Rouko's body and my mouth is almost dropping. "The bath is rea-" I shut my mouth and my face all red cause Rouko was already take her clothes off. "Oh sorry I could hear you was finish so I want be ready" she smiles and blushes "I-I see" I turn around and looking away. "You should come too" Rouko said and ran to me and take my shirt off and then she blushes just watch me shyness and half naked. "O-Okay I going to take my clothes off and you can go first" I said and she nodded. I took my clothes off and looking at Rouko I could see she waiting and she looking up. What is she thinking? I going indside "okay I'm coming" I said and hide my chest.

Rouko looking at me bit serious and later blushes. She took my hand and pull me onto her and then hugs me, my face turn red again and my heart is beating. "I think this is my favorite about you" Rouko said and smiled. Those word was wonderful "I like anything about you most your kindness I don't want you change that" she said and hugs me tight. Oh no my heart beating faster "I like you too since I first meet you and I like everything about you most i your beautiful eyes" I said without thinking just shouted it. Rouko stops hugging me and smiles at me "I see" she said.

I try find some night clothes to Rouko and going to her "here some my old night clothes maybe you can suit" I said and smiles. Rouko blushes and took this and take it on "thanks..." She said and I was happy cause she's here. "Mai's clothes.. Mmm it's smell good" Rouko said and walked to my bedroom " did you said something" I ask and Rouko said "oh no no" she's face all red. I can remember that day we talk together first time and it's a day I don't wanna forget. It's always be in my heart. I hope she feel that too! I wanna said my feelings now it's perfect I know it! Chose between friendship and love!! My phone shaking and I take it 'hey it's me Miku!! How are you feeling? It's going well between you and Rouko? It's perfect time to talk your feelings!' I read. I smiled 'yes I know but bit scared to talk my true feeling' I reply. 'Don't worried it's happen same on me! Just be yourself!!' Miku reply and giggles.

My parents and my siblings said goodnight to us. "I wanna said you something now!" Rouko shouted to me "I do too" I reply. Rouko shaking "you first" I said and "I not gonna said and wanna show it" Rouko said and kissing me and holding me. "I love you I'm truly do I sorry if I said it now! I fall in love with you first time I gonna know you" she said and blushes and get surprised and happy on the same time. She feeling the same as I do! "I sorry you don't need to reply but don't hate me either" she looking down. What? No! I kissing her back "don't said it idiot! I truly love you too I've always do! The time I meet you" I said and holding her hands. I wanna be happy with you only you! "You been love in me so long? I'm so happy" she said and hugs and crying. "And i wanna said it but was scared to tell" I said nervous "I feeling it too but forget it!! Now we confess ours feeling to each other!!" She shouted and kissing me again! We kissing each other many hours! That moment make my heart relaxing and now together with girl I love.

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