Those Feelings, My Choice And My Destiny

What kinda feels it's this? What Should She Do?


1. chapter 1: Those Feelings

Chapter 1: Those Feelings

My Name is Mai Sugimoto and I've been watching Rouko Takahashi since 3 grade cause she's always alone and someday I wanna help her but every time I try she just dump me. Rouko is Beautiful, Smart and Popular among boys, but when boys wanna hang out or a date she just refused this and ran away. Rouko is definitely different than me, I'm not beautiful at all, I'm shy and afraid almost anything but I like hang out, friends and talk. Now I'm sitting next to her and I bit scared if she hate me. When I look at her so I can see her brown long slide hair and her beautiful brown eyes when she blinks. Are this wired to have these feels of her or is this naturally. "Can you stop.. Look at me like this. You make me really upset" says Rouko to me and I'm was bit shy to reply "um. Umm s-sorry" and looking down. I can't stop look at her, she is just really wonderful and I really like her brown eyes.

The clock rings and we stand up and bow, I was Aready to eat my delicious food. "Thanks for food" said I and eat it. Rouko look really serious on me "s-sorry I-if I'm b-bother y-you" and stops with eating. "Oh, no is not this. I was just thinking" reply Rouko and looking at my food. Do she wanna try my delicious food? Maybe!? "H-here.. I-I've made it m-myself " and took a pieces of my delicious food and shy smiling. "Are you sure?" Reply Rouko and i nodded. Rouko took a bite and was surprised "is good, really good" she smiled, I've never seen her smile before. I must be lucky "t-thanks" I'm looking shy and smiles too. My best friend Astuki come and he brought melon bums and gave me one "taste this" said Atsuki and smile. Atsuki and I has had been best friends since kindergarten and Atsuki is more brother to me.

Atsuki look surprised when he saw Rouko "oh, sorry I didn't saw you" said he and took my arm and walked away. Rouko look confused on us when we leaving. "A-Atauki!!" I shouted and Atsuki shocked "sorry.. Is was Rouko most popular girl in school" he said and I've forget he one of boys who fall I love in Rouko. Atsuki and i sitting in cafeteria and talked about after school. The clock rings again and walked to my class I could she Rouko beautiful face again 'oh good she is soo wonderful' my mind begun blanked out and my heart is beating faster than usually. 'Plz Calm down Mai is maybe nothing' I walk slow to my chair and sit and try not look at her. Rouko is smarter than anyone in this class and answers all ours teacher question. She get always A in her tast and I only get B. I not so smart as her but I'm try really hard to be better.

To think about think Rouko and I've almost same route home. Some strange sound come to me "nya~!" A cat just jump on my face and its hurt "gah its hurt its hurt.. Plz take this off" I shouted and panicked. "Just stand still" some familiar voice talk to me and I do what she said. She took the cat off my face and it's was Rouko, my heart begin beat again. "Th-thank" I said and bow. Those feelings in my heart keep feeling like that every time I see her. "Hehe, your welcome" she giggles cause my hair is messed up and my face are full with cat's scratch. I most be lucky she her smiled and giggles like this. I looking at the cat "Hmm w-where do y-you live?" I talked to the cat "meow" reply cat.

Rouko looking at me "if you keep do it. You get nothing" she said and get upset, but I am good to make her angry "oh, it's do come" I took her her arm and walked to the person " you must looking after you cat right?" I said whitout my shy voice. The person looking at the cat as Rouko holding and after my face "oh, sorry about ur face" and took the cat and bow. I'm just smiled as my reply and she smiled too "anyways thank" she ran to her parents. This is something I like to do whitout a simple shy problem and giggled " you not shy at all now. You're interested" Rouko said those word with jealousy voice. Those word make my heart beat more and just shy smiled again "I-is nothing" I said and stand still. She looking seriously on me again oh wait she upset again and she took my hand "good you not change at all and your hand shaking.. Is something I do wrong" she said and said no and ran away.

I ran to my house "I'm home" I shouted and my Big brother attack me "w-what are you doing big brother!" I get shocked and scared, but get no reply. 'Hmm' I walked to the TV yup is was this stupid TV show again. I'm turn off the TV and walked to the kitchen, but it's was a note 'sorry on work and your dad is in big concert with your little brother, little sister and big sister. It's your turn make dinner Mai. Love Your mother' I read and took some ingredients. I'm make some pork food and my big brother looking at me "Hmm are you okay Mai? You look abit upset" he said "no it's nothing" and covereth board "my delicious pork is finished. Come and eat Big Brother" I said. We sat down "thanks for food" and eating.

I took a shower after eating dinner. I thinking about Rouko she keep stay in my mind and can only thinking about her now. Rouko smiled and giggles was kinda cute and I'm smiled and took my night clothes on. Tomorrow I was really tired I couldn't sleep at all, I sleep walked almost. I'm sitting and laying my face on my board "umm good morning Sugimoto-san" Rouko said and looking at me "or good night. Couldn't you sleep.. Umm same here" she said and took a nap too. The clock rings and I'm get shocked and look at Rouko, she sleeping! She look more beautiful! "Um.. Good morning Rouko-chan" I said and shake her body. "Umm Chan?" She look at me and my face turn red 'did I just said Chan to her eh! Heh!?' My body shaking and Rouko look worried and took her hand on my head "oh, good Sugimoto-san your head is warm" she said "oh yeah I'm going to the infirmary" I said and ran.

The nurse laying me down and said couple word to me some wired question as always. Right now she question about why cat and dog don't like each other and I keep said they don't, only some do. The nurse is sometimes stupid but amazing enough she understands students feelings and give them a sleep on. We like ours nurse she kindness and nice, she chat to us as normal friend chat. She the one who make my feelings calm down. "Umm your face is red and warm and you said you couldn't sleep at all, right?" The nurse said and I nodded. "You must fall in love with someone!" She said and smiled. 'In love? I falling in love!? Is those feelings love!? Good I'm falling in love with Rouko!!' I'm panicking again "oh calm down no time to panicking and get some sleep" she giggled and walked away. How can I sleep if I k know my true feelings! But I try.

"Umm you okay Sugimoto-san" some familiar voice talk to me and open my eyes and saw Rouko beautiful face. Rouko was worried about me! I nodded "good to hear" she smiled and look at me "I'm begin like you cause you are full mystery" she smiled. Those word make happy and my mind blanked out. The nurse coming and saw Rouko "oh Takahashi you finally made a friend and Sugimoto is best chose she kind and nice too just like me" she teases me "really? You mean she stupid too" Rouko teases the nurse back. Look like Rouko and the nurse is close friend. I smiled and giggles "oh, look Rouko is my Fiancé little sister" the nurse said. ' I see is that's why she look calm and not care'

Later Rouko and I begin be close and she helping me answers some questions okay almost all. She actually helpful and kind. She not as another and me thinking about, my heart is still beating but try not bother me cause now I'm Rouko's friend. Is was my dream to be her friend but now I don't feelings this, now I wanna be more than just 'friend'. When we walked home we talk each other about how the nurse and her big brother meeting and it's was nice too. I've never seen her so happy before and I'm the one made her happy! And this make happy too! "Thanks to be my friend" Rouko said and blushes "and thanks be my" I reply and smiled.

After the nice chat with wonderful girl I've been watching seen 3 grade we waves to each other and said 'see you' those word make happy too! "I'm home" I'm shouted and now my dad attack me "oh, gosh stop look at The stupid show" I shouted again and my dad laugh 'yeah nothing change in ours family but it like it just that way they are' now we make food together and eat together we do it only sometimes cause my parents always busy with work cause we're 4 kids in the house okay ours big brother is 19 year old almost 20 get a job dude! I'm took a shower again and took my hand on my chest and feeling the heart beat. I am really falling in love in Rouko! Tomorrow Rouko and I walk together to the school and we look so happy to see each other and Rouko don't look upset on me anymore!

They another girls looking at me very serious 'I kinda know what they feeling' they other girl wanna also be Close to Rouko but only be popular and some girls is jealous on her popularity. I could hear some girl whisper my name and I try to hear what they talk about "Her Sugimoto just stupid enough and so Takahashi just wanna help her" this is what that girl said about me. I make big sight and Rouko look worried at me "is something wrong" she said "no, not really umm let's hurry" I said and ran. I know I made Rouko worried but I don't wanna her what wrong with me. I looking at Rouko serious cause I begin draw her. I was more serious on her beautiful eyes and how her hand holding her up.

I stand up and go to the bathroom and wash my face clean. Some person dots me and look back is that girl who talk ugly about me. I try walked past her but she post me and I fall "you're really stupid" she said and another girl laugh. " she just sweet on you. She know you're bad to anything" said another girl. "And you're weak too. Who wanna be you boyfriend" said the third girl. I couldn't like this and begin cry "look she's cry baby too" said the girls. They tease me and its hurt too. I want to stop them but they have right I am weak "Hey Stop That, Not Say so mean world to your classmates" shouted the nurse and the girls get shocked, and ran away. The nurse took me to the infirmary. The nurse untrusted me "Th-Thank Sensei" I said. "You call my Yumiko" she smiled friendly and gave me tea. Later I was going to my class so I saw Rouko go to the girls "don't says mean thing to my important friend. She's my only friend I've made and I don't wanna see her hurt" Rouko was really upset on those girls. "And later you meet Sugimoto-san.. Say sorry to her, understand!?" She was really really angry and those girl get shocked and nodded. "Good and after this don't go close to her again" she said and walked away. I ran to my best friend Atsuki and he heard what happened from they another guy and Atsuki was really worried but he also heard that popular Rouko protests me and begin talk about how we became friend.

Rouko saw us talked and have fun. She was jealous about ours friendship. Later when school time end and was packing my bag and those came "sorry. Is look like she is really liked you and wanna make you happy too, you know!?" They said. "Thanks.." I smiled kind. I ran to Rouko "sorry to make you wait"" I said and Rouko just smiled. We not talked but are silent is something happen? I looked at her bit confused. "Umm to motto my parents not home and I don't like to be alone soo you wanna come over?" She said and blushes. 'I see is was this. She could've tell me that!' My heart beating like a tromp. "Of course" I smiled and hold her hand.

Rouko blushes and hugs me tight "I'm really happy to be your friend. I've never feel this before" she said and those word and that hugs make my heart ever faster and my mind total blanked out. "H-hehe I'm glad to be your friend too" I said and my smiled was bit awkward. We waves to each other goodbye "I'm home" I shouted 'Hmm no tack down' I walked to kitchen and hang a note 'dear Mai I took extra work today and your siblings took the wired show and your father took extra work too so I made sushi today and eat it up. It's your turn to wash your clothes. Love Your mother' I read and took the sushi and eat it in my bedroom.

Tomorrow was Saturday I took my finest clothes on. Ran down the steps "I going to my friend house" I shouted "okay" all my family reply. I looking at her house is looking just my but its has bit too much flowers around. I could see Rouko watering her flowers. "Hey Rouko-chan I'm here!!" I shouted and Rpuko get bit shocked, but was happy again that she found out it's was me. I sat down on her sofa and looking around it's kinda mess up. "Sorry about it.. My parents is hard worker" she said and sat some tea and chese cake on the board. She sats next to me and my heart begin beats just thinking about how close she is.

I took a bite of the chese cake and it's was delicious "can you like this? It's my big brother's homemade chese cake" she said and smiled happily "it's not just good!! It's amazing" I reply. I took one more bit and giggles. Rouko took a bite too 'oh, she soo beautiful I'm almost drops' I try not to drops and took a one bite more. We talked about school, work and home. Rouko begin asked about what reletionship I've with Atsuki "mm yeah.. We know each other since kindergarten" I answered and Rouko get closer to me and begin blushes "I not mean this" she said. Wait is she jealous about Atsuki and my friendship. "What are you talk about? We just best friends.. That's all you have to know" I said and shy smiled.

Took couple before she reply "I see... You wanna one piece more?" She ask and stand up. Did I do something wrong? But I just nodded. Now I thinking about that she asked really most about social life. I playing with my hair and waiting 'umm what are this there take soo long' I'm get sleepy and close my eyes a bit. I could mark some who touched my lips and I open my eyes and it's was Rouko who kissing me. I-is this a dream!!?? But it's so real!! "I wanna a special wake up kiss to you" she said and blushes.

We've not talk at all after what Rouko just did we continue with eat this delicious chese cake. I could see Rouko has some chese cake on her cheek and I licks this off. Rouko got surprised and blushes. I looked at her confuse and gets surprise "S-Sorry.. I Just wanna take chese cake off your cheek and whitout thinking what I did!!" I shouted and panicked, but she took the calm and kiss me again "okay that's fine we're friend after all" she reply. Later my Big Sister ringing to me and wanna me watch her playing piano in her piano school and answers yes. "Sorry I need to go" I said "it's okay.. It's important watch your siblings concert" she smiled and I walked out and thinking 'a great kiss' and smiled.

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