Don't Let Me Forget You

Peeta Mellark was left for dead after the quarter quell's. The truth behind what really happened to Peeta


3. chapter 3 - catching fire games

~~I sit there, watching the girl I love kissing me. That day in the games I felt how much she really loved me, but now... watching as she was a blubbering mess and I lay on the ground and her screaming my name as Finnick saves my life, it is just so hard for me not to burst into tears. She was right there! While I was still thinking it was all just an act! I loved her and I thought she just hated me! It was not until I got to the part where Katniss and I were on the beach kissing in the sand after I gave her the pearl and the necklace of her mother, Prim and Gale. She was telling me just how much she would miss me, I burst into tears as the screen went blank. I missed her so much, I just wanted to hear her voice and see her in front of me, to be able to kiss her… it is just so hard for me to stay here and do nothing. President Snow walks in with anger written on his face and a smartass smirk to finish it off.
“Now my boy, are you ready to tell me where Katniss is? Or do I have to get the answers out another way? I really don’t want to have to make you forget your love for her.”  I make a run for him as guards come swarming in and throw me into the clear glass window. Glass was all over the floor and some was even imbedded deep within my skin. The pain that I felt was nothing compared to what was in store for me with the torture chair.  As I begin to pick myself off of the ground, a needle is inserted into my neck and then removed. The pain was unbearable. The liquid that was in that syringe feels like sleep medication as I begin to feel drowsy. Snow’s body becomes blurry before everything turns black.
“Sir, did you want me to erase the memories of her?”
“No, make him fear her, make it so he believes he has no other choice but to kill her. But don’t give him the injection three days prior to him going on television, understand?”
“Yes President Snow. Also, I could not find any information in his memories about the girl and her whereabouts, sorry. Maybe we should check the girl Johanna?”
“No, I think he knows where she is, but he is just hiding the information from us… keep looking, and if we get another video of Katniss, I want you to show it to him, let him see it, I want to see his anger, his killer-beast instincts. Now, continue while I check on the others progression.”
Weeks later

“So Peeta…” Caesar Flickerman’s voice trails off as a video of the districts getting destroyed plays. I see 12 appear on the screen as a woman’s voice sings. It sounds so familiar… KATNISS!
“Katniss? Katniss is that you? KATNISS! WHERE ARE YOU?! She is singing a song that I had heard her father singing to her one day, god what was it called? Hanging tree? The images on the screen was showing district 12 after it being bombed, but I hadn’t heard anything about it. When did this happen… Katniss is alive and well but- but at what cost?
When Peeta arrives in district 13
I’m sitting in the little old hospital bed as a small pair of hands lightly touch my upper arms.
“Peeta?” the female’s small voice is just above a whisper. I turn my head and my blood runs cold. How dare she touch me, she is an evil and disgusting -thing-. President Snow had told me about her. About what she had done. That she was the reason behind why my family was killed in the bombing of district 12. She was going to pay. Yeas Katniss Everdeen was going to die, and it shall be of MY hand. I stand and look her straight in the eyes. I walk towards her and see hope and love in her eyes. How pathetic, how can such an evil creature look so beautiful but be the reason behind so many terrible things? She is going to die; I will put all of what remains of the 12 districts at peace when she is dead.
“Katniss?” she nods and walks towards me so there is nearly no room between us. I reach my hands up, as if wanting a hug, and wrap my hands around her neck. She screams and thrashes in my hands, but im not letting go until she is dead. I throw her across the room and walk over to her bloody body from the broken glass.
“how dare you think you can get away with killing my family, killing innocents… you are a mutt, you are the evil that Snow hates, and what Snow hates; I hate… rest in peace-“ my sentence is cut short by a sharp pain in my right bottom cheek. All goes black, but I can still hear the beautiful devils cries for help. How pathetic? 


sorry this story is so short. but i feel that short stroies is best. i hope you enjoyed the FF! sorry i skipped so much of the storyline as i don't have the books and i havent seen the movie yet. so i made up quite a few things.

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