Don't Let Me Forget You

Peeta Mellark was left for dead after the quarter quell's. The truth behind what really happened to Peeta


2. chapter 2

This chapter is short but I hope you guys like it. :)


I wake to the sound of Johanna screaming. I turn over and see her on a bed beside me. She is thrashing around and screaming out Katniss's name. I can feel my silent tears running down my face as I turn away from Johanna.
"PEETA! DID KATNISS MAKE IT OUT ALIVE? DID SHE GET TO THE AIRCRAFT? DID SHE GET TO THIRTEEN?" wait, Katniss was in district thirteen? What was she doing there? Better yet, why was I not there with her?
“Peeta I’m sorry, but we could only think of her safety, she is the Mockingjay she is going to save all of us… there will be riots and there uproars in the capital, but ALL will bow down to Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire, our Mockingjay and saviour!” she bursts into fits of laughter.  I look around the room, trying to figure out where we are. The room was pristine white, floors that you could eat off. Everything was clean and white. Were we in the capital? Then my memories of President Snow bringing onto the ship. Why did I not put up a fight? What was going on here? I needed to make sure Katniss was alive and well. Then I needed to break out of this hell hole. I need to get back to district twelve.
Just then snow walks through the doors into our small room.
"Oh look, they are awake. Peeta come with me, we have much to... discuss. I will talk to you after Johanna." he looks at me as if I am a disgusting creature; I think my face may have looked similar though.
"Where is Katniss?" I demand as we walk out of the room into another small room, but this one has a chair that is connected to many wires.
"That is what I want to know. Now sit in that chair boy!" snow points to the chair with all the wires. I slowly sit on the chair, only just taking in how this room looked. I would really like to paint it. The white brick walls, white tiles, the dark grey chair and red, green and blue wires attached to it, my clothes that are a light grey with a small red stain on the collar. Hmm. just then a man walks into the room and straps me into the chair and then puts a helmet on my head. He leans in close to my face while he clips the helmet up.
"I was rooting for you and the girl on fire. I’m really sorry to have to do this to you, but whatever snow wants, snow gets. I just hope that you die a peaceful death just like her so you can both be together." he whispers and then stands up and walks out of the room. I hear a low buzzing sound as the lights start to flicker. What did that man mean? Pain runs through my body, so much so that I can’t pinpoint where it is coming from. Then I realize what the chair is; I had heard of them, this was an electric chair!
"Where is Katniss" I let out a loud scream as another bolt of pain shoots through me then stops.
"I will not ask you again boy, WHERE - IS - KATNISS?" another shot of pain before it stops again.
"I-I-I-I don’t k-k-k-k-know! agrahhh" another bolt.
"p-p-p-p-p-p-p-pleas-s-s-se s-s-s-s-s-s-stop! AGRAHHHHH!" each bolt is worse than the other, the pain is unbearable, but I can’t tell them where she is.
"take him out of here and bring me Johanna, she might try to tell us what happened. let the boy watch the games, maybe which might get him to tell us where the bitch is!" snow yells to the three men behind him.
Sorry this is so short, I’ve been having blanks so I will try to make them longer for you guys.
If you have any questions about the story or me just ask.
I encourage criticism, harsh is always good. 
Hope you guys enjoyed it!! XD


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