Marylin happens to be a troublemaker and meets new friends when she moves to austrilia and has some trouble along the way with making some, and her best friend luke. Well... i think they are. But.... there is something Marylin is hiding for two years and thats a secret.


1. Chapter 1: Moving day

Marylin's P.O.V


I was currently waking up, to such an amazing sleep but I had to wake up so I can finish packing all my stuff... because yup I'm moving :( I'm so sad!!!! Also because I leaving my best friend mason <3. I kind of like him. Ok ok okay maybe I do. But long distance relationship is very likely NOT gonna work. Wait dafuq am I even saying, who even knows if even likes me!! :( But I'm just getting up and soon, well later I will be saying bye to mason. But right now I am gonna tell you some things about me; Well I am such a total "tomboy" as people call it, but tomboys dress like well boys, but mostly like dirty and well baggy clothes and kinda like no style. Well me I do have style, I'm not a tomboy I'm  known as a "skater girl/punk rock dresser" as some people are or know some too. So yea I skate, and I get out of control sometimes, become a really really bad girl, and daredevil. I also listen to a lot of rock and punk rock and metal. I can get pretty crazy at times and yea. So I live only with my my mom. My dad died in a really bad car "accident" as they say. but I don't think it was an accident. I don't really wanna talk about it anyways.... So moving on, I am a brunette, I have really long curly/wavy hair it goes all the way to the top of my butt,and bottom of my back. Blue ocean eyes, as people say. But they also turn color to green. Also hazel/brown and grey. So yea thats a lot. I got suspended at school for throwing eggs at it after it ended. And it was going soooo well, when this little second grade fucktard told on me and now here I am suspended. I was gonna go eat lunch with my friend but cant go there today. I think its also for the best because tomorrow I'm moving so like whatever. So I am currently getting dressed right now. And I'm gonna tell you a little story that is not a happy ending like forever and always with love. Because there is no such thing of "forever and always." I met mason when we were both 8 years old, I live California, San Fransisco. We met at this church thing we had one day and I kinda liked him. but I didn't exactly know about all the dating situation yet. So as we became older we started to talk a lot more. My family (aka, me and my mom) and his would always have these days where we go to his house or his family comes to ours and would make dinner, watch a movie, play games, and just have fun. But at the time it was really sad because we went to separate schools. But by the time we got to middle school we were ALWAYS together. I would usually get bullied a lot because of how I dressed. And I also have anxiety and depression that I still deal with but I have not hurt myself in 3 months which is honestly amazing. And I wanna keep it going. So Mason also got bullied since he would always hang out with me, he would be called a "fag" or "gay" because he would be with me. But those were only a few a people like 4 boys. They were a "group" as they say. 'A group of jerks' Anyways, I'm not in school anymore so I don't care. But another thing is.... its just I have this family curse thing on me. And I never feel normal and at times I just hate what I am. Im....

A/N: Heyyy guys!!! So i am the authour of this "book" I'm putting a kind of twist. So fan fiction/fiction story. I know its a short chapter. And happy new year!!!  

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