This will be my entry for the Hunger Gamer competition. My story is under the first category: A story from Peeta’s point of view after the end of the Quarter Quell. Before I enter it, i would love some CC!


1. Chapter One


“There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that once unleashed can make any vision, dream or desire a reality”- Anthony Robbins.


"Peeta, I need you to tell me what they have planned" a strong voice addressed me, making me brutally aware of my pounding head. It literally feels like someone is taking a hammer to my skull, repeatedly drumming into it.


“Peeta, tell me all you know” the voice said more urgently this time. I grumbled in reply. I attempted to move my body but every muscle in my body ached. I managed to pull my hand up to cradle my thumping head. My fingers came back sticky and I opened my eyes to see them thick with blood. I immediately regretted opening my eyes for the blinding sight I saw. White. White everywhere I looked. I flopped onto my back, pain searing through my limbs, only to be met with more white. I couldn’t escape it. I couldn’t tell the floor from the ceiling; however both were acting as an optical illusion, making my head spin.


“Sir, there is movement with the boy” it was a female voice this time, void of emotion.


“Peeta, I see you’ve returned to the land of the living,” a familiar voice sounded around me. I tilted my head to see the figures that should surround me but nothing appeared but stark white walls. I squeezed my eyes shut trying to block out the voices. I must be going crazy. I don’t know where I am. I don’t know what happened. And now I’m imagining voices. “You’ve been out for nearly four days”


“Peeta, we need you to tell us what they have planned. We need Intel. Tell us anything you know. Tell us all that you know” the familiar voice said again, his tone even but with a hint of annoyance laced through his words.


“Please, stop! I know you aren’t real! Leave me alone, please” I tried to yell but it came out as a whimpering plea. I curled my body to the side in the fatal position and begun rocking back and forth, blocking out the sounds. I squeezed my eyes shut, silencing all my senses.


“Peeta, we are real. We need your help. Tell us all you know. Tell us about Katniss Everdeen” the voice teased. He knew exactly what he needed to get my attention; meaning he knew Katniss. He knows where Katniss is. He can bring me Katniss. The fear I felt for myself before had now been molded into fear for Katniss. I struggled up from the floor into a sitting position, the pain still weighing me down. I did a quick recon of my injuries before I spoke. Bruises covered my arms and legs; my face felt swollen and bruised; I could only see out of one meaning the other is swollen shut; blood continued to trickle out of a wound yet to be identified and my lungs felt like they were collapsing in on themselves. It was safe to say I felt just as bad as I probably looked.


“Who are you?” I mustered up enough strength to project loud. “What have you done with Katniss?”


“Oh, Peeta! You don’t remember do you dear boy” an apparition appeared before me. President Snow. His white beard and suit melted in with the white décor of the empty room but the crimson red rose he had pinned to his lapel spoke volumes.


“All I remember is we were at the Quarter Quell. There was a tree. And rope. And I was separated from Katniss. I just want to see her”, my voice was whimpering and pathetic. I couldn’t help it. I must be desperate if I was pleading with President Snow for anything, especially something that doesn’t directly benefit him.


“You poor soul” President Snow whispered gently, lowering himself to sit on the heels of his feet next to me. His tone was sympathetic but his condescending smile contradicted that. “Katniss betrayed you”.


“No! No she didn’t! No, she wouldn’t do that!” I begged. Katniss wouldn’t do anything to betray me. Given only one word to describe Katniss; I would choose loyal. There is no way she would give me over to those she hates the most. If president Snow is here then they must have kidnapped us and locked us up in the Capitol. “Show me Katniss. Where are you keeping her?”


“I’m afraid she isn’t here. She betrayed you. She wanted to kill you. She is looking for you to kill you. We are the ones keeping you safe. Look what she has done to you already” he replied gleefully, nodding towards my injuries as if Katniss had done them. She would never hurt me. Snow returned to a standing position and smirked down at me. Anger boiled in the pit of my stomach.


“LIES!” I yelled, swinging my fist while simultaneously stabbing my feet at his shins. The once real looking man before me broke apart like white noise on a television. My attacks of violence interfered with the signal but did nothing for hurting President Snow. I calmed my body down, knowing I should conserve my energy for a real threat.


“You sad, pathetic child” the apparition laughed, while gaining clear form again and lifting his leg to kick me in the stomach. His foot connected with my body pinning me to the ground writhing in pain.


“Your just an apparition! I don’t understand,” I wept. “How can you hurt me?”


“I don’t want to hurt you, Peeta. I want to help you. This is all in your head,” he said soothingly. “I can show you her betrayal! I can make you relive it. If you are finally ready to face reality”.


“It’s not true, so how are you going to make me relive something that hasn’t happened?” I asked, moving my body to find a more accommodating position for my lungs to breathe properly.


“With this, Peeta” he was grinning so wide at the possession in his hand. It was a large syringe filled with dark purplish solution. In the light it gleamed slightly red.


“Blood?” I asked, scrutinizing the syringe that he was drawing closer to my neck.


“No, Peeta” he drew closer and sunk the pointed end deep into a vein. “It’s Tracker Jacker venom”.


The liquid turned hot like the sun, burning into my skin. I could feel welts rise up on my body and my limbs were writhing uncontrollably. I was losing vision quickly, everything fading to black. 

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