1. Harry (dirty)

----As I was typing up the files Mr. Styles had asked me to do, I heard moans coming from his room and a lot of screaming. Knowing how he was like I just sighed and ignored it and continued working on the report.

"MR.STYLES" I heard a voice scream. All the employees stopped doing what they were doing and just stared at the locked door where the noises were coming from. Seconds later Angela, the secretary came outside fixing her blonde hair and her tight dress that was ruined along with her hair and make up. Even though she had a smirk on her lips, she knew that Mr. Styles shagged almost every girl in this building. A new one every week. As I was done with the report I went to his room and took a deep breath, and knocked.

"come in." I heard his voice and a bit of shuffling afterwards.

"hello Mr.Styles, I'm here to give you the typed up report." With those words I put the file on his table and walked towards the door.

"Wait.." I heard. I knew he was checking me out. I mean we were suppose to dress formally. I was wearing a black pencil skirt and a navy blue button up shirt that was tucked in my skirt.

"Ues Mr.Styles, did you need something?" I asked politely.

"!" He moaned as he pressed his body against me.


guys please tell me if you like it then I will update it or otherwise I'll just stop lol. 



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