3. Harry (dirty) for Qxeen_Stylesxx

"HARRY HES JUST MY FRIEND!" Harry and I were fighting again. This was getting out of control and he was blaming me of cheating with my friend Sam. "WHATEVER YOU ARE A SLUT, ALL YIU EVER WANNA DO IS FUCK MY FRIENDS! YOU ARE AN ATTENTION WHORE!" Harry screamed. And at that moment I felt this pain in my heart. That hurt more than anything. After seeing tears running down my face his facial expressions softened and he came closer to me. "Asia, I didn't mean that baby...I just don't want to lose are the only girl who likes me for me and not my fame." Harry hugged me and I wrapped my hands around his neck. "Harry I would never leave you! Not in a million years (not trying to copy bse) I love you too much to ever leave you or cheat on you" I pressed my lips on his and after our little kiss turned into a makeout session. Clothes were off and they were on the kitchen floor....he laid me on the counter, his favorite place to pleasure me. After his lips left my lips he attacked my neck and I knew that my neck would be filled with bruises that marked me as his property. In a swift he pulled my underwear with his teeth, and looked up at me before entering me with his tongue and liked it while I moaned and pulled on his hair. "HARRY" I screamed. I felt knots in my stomach and before I could let it out Harry removed his tongue from me and stood up. "Really!? Harry you are not stopping right now finish it! I yelled at him and he just laughed at how sexually frustrated I was. "Relax Baby girl! You will get what you want but stand up first." I stood up by back facing him. "I don't get how-OH SHIT!" He entered me in mid-sentence. Harry started to go faster and didn't let me adjust to his lenght. "OH-YES HA-ARRY RIGHT T-THERE!" "DONT CALL ME HARRY." I knew exactly what he was talking about, I just wanted pleasure so I gave him what he wanted. "DADDY FUCK ME HARD AND FAST" I MOANED AND WITH THAT HIS THRUSTS BECAME HARD AND FASTER...after a good 15 mins of fucking his thrusts became sloppier and we both came at the same time. My knees felt so weak I used the counter to just stand up. "We should fight more often so we can have makeup sex later" I laughed along with him and we both finally had the energy to go lay on our bed. "Goodnight beautiful, I love you." Harry whispered in my ear thinking I was asleep. "I love you more." I pecked his lips and fell asleep on his chest. He was the perfect boyfriend ever. Hi guys this imagine was for Qxeen_Stylesxx hope you liked it love!
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