627 vs stitch: lilo returns

Stitch tries to save angel from 627 but what happens when lilo came back to not only see stitch again, but to battle 627?

Will she turn him good or will lilo be destroyed?


1. Ohana revived

Lilo was looking at her photos with a sad frown, 
It has been years since stitch left to be with his new ohana,
Lilo: *sadly* Oh stitch... I would give anything just to see you again

Lilo looked ahead and saw a worm hole, and saw the writing on it.
Lilo thought she saw the writing right.

Lilo smiled, she was a teenage or close to an adult, she was 17,

Lilo: *smiles* hmmm maybe there is a way I can see him again,

She thought about her plan and went into the worm hole and turns out she became an 8 year old kid she used to be when stitch lived with her. 

Lilo: now where to find him... Huh

She saw stitch up on the castle and she ran up to them.

Meanwhile at the castle:
Angel was dancing with the prince (627) while stitch was stuck, 

Angel:This is like mockheeba dream

Stitch was so angry he got off the chains and ran up to the prince but fell near the table, 
reuben:hey remember to ask your lady friend for the tip"


stitch ran until 627 reviled himself and fired at stitch but he missed.

The castle turned back into a. Old one. Knowing it was a trap.

Angel: your not blonde
627:Parties over boojiboo.

he fired the web and it caught angel into the wall.

627:You and me lead the bait, the lure to ensnare the prey, the Venus in out little flytrap


627:"Hamstervile enhanced my vocabulary, that's not the only thing he enhanced" 

Stitch:"Whatever" stitch was about to attach him but heard a familiar voice,

.??:"Stop it" they both saw a girl, she had a black hair and was wearing a red mumu,
It was lilo...

Stitch:Lilo.....but how

Lilo smiled " I decided to come to Japan for a break but I heard you live here now 
So you needed help.... To get rid of 627" she added with disgust.

627:Humph...... You think you can defeat me.... I'm the strongest and the baddest of the experiments and you know it.... Now that you mention it...... I do know you from somewhere.....

Lilo was about to reply when jumba, yuna and pleakley fell down into the castle.

627:Ha ha... I forgotten what a bunch of losers you all are 627 laughed.... 
Lilo starred at them.
Lilo:"Jumba, pleakley?"

"Little girl" "lilo"
Both were shocked 

Lilo: *smiled*hey, I heard of you, your yuna, who took care of my. Ohana, mahalo,"
Yuna: *smiled* I heard about you too... But I don't understand... I thought you went to college.

Lilo: well, I decided to use the worm hole to get here, nani was having a baby and decided to let me go see you, but as I went there, my age started to decrease into a little girl you see before you *proudly* smart huh...

627: *growls* enough.... I will attack you...

Stitch: meega nala queesta *about to jump but got stopped by lilo*

Lilos face looked determined, like she wanted to battle him
Lilo: no stitch..... I will battle him

Everyone including 627 looked at her with a surprised look

627: *laughs* you... But your a kid... How can you defeat me..... Hmmm I don't know 
Your looks *laughs* 

Lilo however wasn't ready to back down easily,
Lilo: no..... But I know one weakness.....
627: like what.....my laughter... Ha as if..... You think you can beat me.... Your on

Jumba,pleakley and yuna looked on with worry

Yuna: *worried* jumba, shes too young to beat him, she'll get hurt
Jumba: true, but little girl proves to be a strong willed girl, with her heart and courage, it's obvious she has a trick up her sleeve.

Stitch looked worried too.
Stitch*thinking* be careful lilo...I don't want to lose you permanently.

627 started to battle lilo but she jumped and dodged, surprising him and the others.

627:*shocked* bu....but how?

Lilo: *smirked* you see. I learned in hula classes by mr kaponi, that to defeat my opponents, I need to not only weaken them with my powers but with my skills,

627: *smirking* not bad... I'm impressed.... But it's not over yet...

Angel: go lilo, 
627: quiet you.. Now say goodbye kid,

627 jumps on lilo and everyone waited for the impact 
Stitch scream: come on lilo, don't give up,

Lilo however smirked. 627 was taken aback by this,
Lilo knew this could work so she planned this.

Lilo: i don't think so *jumps up and made her on top while 627 was below her*
Lilo: I knew my plan was put into action, *627 was surprised ....yet impressed by this*

627: I'm impressed by your courage, so what are you gonna do to me, 

Lilo: *thinks about it and thought of an evil way to Put it* I'm gonna..... Tickle you

627 started laughing as she tickled him, turns out he was ticklish

Yuna: wow.... How did lilo know about this..... 
Jumba: turns out she evil genius.
Pleakley; I never knew she could be this smart.

The wall started shaking everyone ran except 627 and suddenly the rock fell almost on him. He was trapped under the rock.

Lilo: *thinking* he may be bad and evil but he's ohana, I must save him, even though he tried to destroy him*

Lilo: look out* pushes 627 out of the way just in time* 

The castle collapsing was caused by hamsterville 

Hamsterville: why did my plan fail again.... No biggie.... I'll just capture the girl...and the alien
*captures lilo and angel* 

Everyone: lilo...angel...

Stitch: not on my watch you don't. 
lilo: stitch...help us
Yuna: stop that hamster *they ran as well after them*
they ran after her, leaving 627 to think as he recovered,

627: *thinking* she saved my life, after everything I done to her and her ohana, 
maybe, have I learnt something from her... Oh well... I must save her... *627 ran after them*

Hamsterville has still got lilo while stitch and the others were chasing after them, 

Stitch: * sadly*angel.... lilo
Yuna: don't worry stitch well save them, after all ichariba chodei remember?
Stitch: ih, once meet cousins forever
Yuna: and lilo is apart of our family now, I finally got to meet her and she seems like a cool girl.
Stitch: ih, angel too
???: need a hand?

They were shocked to see it was...

Both: 627?

627: yes, she saved my life. hm what is this ooey gooey feeling inside, 
Stitch: your finally understanding ohana,
627: yes.... I suppose I have.... But I'm still gonna destroy you...

Stitch and Yuna laughed at this

Yuna: oh 627.... I think lilo saved you because she thinks your ohana.. Even though you tried to kill her,
627: I don't kill anyone, destroy yes, but not kill.

Stitch: think it is the same thing.
627: whatever... Lets rescue her.

They both nodded and saw jumba, and pleakley with a machine 
Jumba: with this machine, we will find.... 627?
627: calm down one eyed noodle thing, I'm here to resque her after she saved me.
Jumba: that is good, understanding ohana is good. 
627: where could she be???

Jumba: as I was saying with this machine.. I can relocate the places that hamster wheel have kidnapped lilo, 
And rescue her from there.

Pleakley: that's great... A plan that finally works, 
Stitch: well what are we waiting for, lets go rescue our lilo
Everyone: OKAY

Hamsterville: hehehe... They'll never find us here,, hahahahah *his mouth hung wide open*
Lilo: *smirking* for someone who tries to kidnap me, you sure have a big mouth.
Gantu and reuben laughed at her joke. Hamsterville glared at them,
Hamsterville: shut up you's, this time we will finally impress delia and finally become ruler of the galaxy.

.??: let her go

Hamsterville saw 627,yuna,stitch,jumba and pleakley 

Hamsterville: just as I planned.. If you want her, come and fight me.

627: humph, you can't defeat us, we are ohana, 

Everyone was shocked at what he said 
Jumba: did he...
Pleakley: never thought I'd see the day,
Yuna: 627s right and once were ohana, nothing can stop the power of it.
Stitch: I agree
Angel: *in the shop with lilo* ih me too.

Gantu: *cries* that's beautiful, 
Reuben: put a sock in it blubberbutt, 

Hamsterville: humph fight me,
627: your on. Ready cuz?
Stitch:*shocked* 627 *his face tuned into determination* okay,
Hamsterville started fighting 627 and stitch but he had no chance,
Hamstervile: whats this?
Lilo: this is what you call the power of *screamed* OHANA 
Hamsterville screamed and got thrown into his ship. he found the power and it started to squash lilo.

Everyone: LILO.
Stitch: angel...

627 came up to the ship and picked up the moving one with hamsterville in it, resulting him for thrown in the sky far away. 

Stitch untied lilo then angel

Angel: boojiboo *jumps down on stitch*
Angel: forgive me stitch..*kisses him*
Yuna: angel, just because its pretty doesnt mean its good.
Angel: I know... I'm sorry....

Lilo looked on ahead smiling, looked up in the sky, "I guess I have to go home soon...."
Lilos thoughts were interrupted when she saw 627 on the scooter,
Lilo walked up to him

Lilo: 627... You saved me... Thank you
627: your welcome....and thank you for saving me also.... I guess I have a lot to learn about ohana, 
Lilo: yeah.... I forgive you *hugged him*

627 was shocked... Not because she hugged him but she forgives him... For trying to destroy her and her Ohana.
He hugged her back. Finally feeling the love he deserved all those years ago.
627: I guess I should fix the problem, huh, 
Lilo: *smiles* yeah, but listen,, even though you were bad and couldn't be turned to good, that doesn't mean we shouldn't help you when you need it, your ohana now, *sniffs* sorry..... I guess I get a little emotional, 

627 was touched by the speech lilo gave him, inside he could feel himself crying too,

627: heh, same here. *looks at the others* listen guys, I'm sorry for all of the things I done, I guess I need to learn a lot from you.
Stitch: don't worry cousin, we forgive you already,
Yuna: yeah, what lilo said, your ohana now,
Jumba: that is true, you always have place for ohana
Pleakley: I guess I have to agree, you were a little naughty for doing those things but I forgive you,

627 smiled and could feel a tear coming from his eye, but rubbed it viciously so no one could see,

627: thank you all..
Lilo: *smiled* I guess I have to go home soon,

Stitch: GABA,
Yuna: but you just got here.... And we only met for a short time..
Lilo: *smiled* I know yuna and I'm glad i did, because I get to meet you, im sorry we had to meet this way butI'm glad you took care of my- i mean our ohana, you also taught me, that love is the most powerful feeling in the world, so I want you to promise me something
Yuna: *smiled* whats that?

Lilo: *smiled at the others with tears in her eyes* promise me..... To take care our our ohana.... To cherish the moments we had together, because, they mean a lot to me, and made me feel that I finally belong somewhere... *sniffs* promise me that yuna...

Yuna: *smiled with tears in her eyes* okay... I will, but Promise me to come visit again soon....
Lilo:: *smiled as they hugged* I will, I'm glad we met..
Yuna: me too...

Jumba,stitch,pleakley and 627 watched on, with tears in their eyes, 
627: *smiled* you guys are crying.... Hahaha
Stitch: your the one to talk... Your crying too
627: am not
Stitch: are too
627: am not
Stitch: are too

Pleakley: *smiled* thank you lilo.... For everything
Jumba: we will never forget you little girl.
Angel: thank you lilo.... For saving me...
627: ditto on the thank you thing.. 
Stitch:I love you lilo.

Lilo couldn't control her tears as she started to cry and hugged her ohana, yuna looked on and lilo motioned her to hug as well, and they all cried together.

627 looked ahead while hiding the fact that he's.....crying

Lilo walked to the portal to reach to hawaii, but before she did, she ran up to 627 and hugged him.
627 was surprised by this gesture that he too hugged as well.
Lilo: promise to not destroy stitch

627: *laughs* I don't know about that but I will try, 

Lilo smiled and wiped the tears from her eyes, and walked back not knowing what he said next.

627: thank you.....lilo.....for everything....

Stitches good deed counter went up

Stitch: oh yeah ring me up baby,
Lilo: *laughs* oh good old stitch *everyone laughed*

Angel: lilo... Thank you... For everything.... Ill Miss you

Lilo: *smiled as she laughed* aw stop it. I'm getting emotional...

Lilo walked up to the portal and stopped to wave a one last goodbye to her friends and they waved back.
She looked like she could cry again.... And said in a whisper

"Goodbye....ohana" she went into the portal 

The portal was closed and the sky became clear again,

Stitch looked ahead then started to cry,
Yuna: oh stitch....

Jumba, pleakley, angel and 627 was watching with sad faces.

627: I guess I should leave too.... After what she made me believe... I guess I need to fix everything..
Jumba: that's good idea, 
Pleakley: the best thing is that you learnt your lesson.... And you said he can't be turn to good 
Jumba: I guess I made a miscalculation... No need to correct me about it.

627: haha you guys are so funny...well I must be off..

Everyone: buy
Stitch: see ya cuz
627: later cuz hahahahah

Gantu: wait that's my scooter
Yuna: where have you been.
Gantu: eve been hiding.
Yuna: right...

On the way from the place 627 looked at the sky
627: thank you lilo... For a new life I have....

Grandma: there you's have been
Tiger lily: we have been worried about you..... Huh... Whats the matter yuna... You never said a word yet, 
Yuna: huh...sorry... I just met a girl and we got to be friends..... I'm not sure if we will see each other again.

Grandma: I wouldn't worry yuna, true friends can withstand the time and I'm sure this one will,
I'm sure lilo you you will be friends forever 
Yuna: *smiled* yeah your right.

They ran and stitch stopped 
Angel: whats wrong boojiboo...

Stitch: is it just me or did she got lilos name right, no one mentioned her name.
Yuna: yeah I guess your right.
Angel: grandma knows everything 
Stitch: ih. 

Meanwhile at hawaii, lilo looked at the sky and smiled, and watched the flower fly away

Thank you ohana, for everything you have and every wish we never knew came true........ Goodbye.....

The end

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