I'll Fight For You

When Layla Parker, a werewolf, meets two boys from opposing packs she figures out she loves them both. When she is forced to choose, who will get hurt? Or will she be able to choose?


2. 1.) First Day Back

            When I walked into the high school dressed in a pair of tight skinny jeans, a snap back, my converse high tops, and the old ratty T-shirt of my dad's I knew no one would look. My best friend on the other hand, she was wearing a skater skirt with a tight tank top. Her boots put it together perfectly. She grabbed my hand and swung it back and forth making me laugh at her. 

                    "Lovelace, what's wrong with us?" I ask and she shrugs.

                    "If I knew, I would tell you." We laugh and go to our lockers. 

                    "We don't have first hour together." I sigh and she fake cries.

                    "But second hour is so far away!" She cries and I chuckle at her act.

                   "The bell's about to ring. I'll see you in a bit." I smile and she smiles. "Handshake?"

         We slaps my hand and then we make an infinity sign. And a heart. I smile and she laughs. "Bye."

                    "Parting is such sweet sorrow." She quotes her favorite love story. I sigh and head to my class. As I turn the corner, I run straight into something hard. Making all my stuff fall out of my hands. Great. 

                    "Sorry." I say not looking at the guy. "My head is in the clouds."

         I stand and look into hazel eyes. Then I'm pushed into a locker. I glare up at him and he stares with an odd look in his eyes. His dark brown hair falls in eyes as he stares at me. I try to wiggle out of his grasp but fail epicly. He leans down to my ear and I think he's going to bite me. "You're mine." 

        I suck in a breath. I realize his stomach isn't covered and just as I get my knee ready he's tackled. I look at a guy who the same height as the brunette boy. The one who tackled him has jet black hair and icy blue eyes. He's so pale it's hard to believe he's like us. 

        They stood there, glaring at each other. I step forward and both of them whip their heads in my direction. I scramble to first hour but I can here them following me. I enter the room and go to the back. Only the brunette boy enters. 

        I can only think how he can say I'm his when we just met. I don't even know his name. I can feel him staring at me but I ignore it. When my history teacher starts talking, he leans over. "Layla."

        His voice is super deep and a shiver goes down my spine. "Who are you?"

                  "Dylan of the starlight pack." He says and I sigh. He's from a different pack than mine. But I know now he's the Alpha's of his packs son. Dad wants to unite our pack with a different one. Since I'm the only child I'll have to be married off. 

           I stay silent for the rest of class and when the bell rings Dylan yells my name but I pretend I don't hear him. I see Lovelace at her locker and hug her. I explain what happened and she's quiet for moment. "The other guy is Max. He's from the Moonlight Pack. He's his Alpha's son."

           I'm quiet for the next two classes and I dread lunch. Lovelace drags me through the line and to our table. I see Max and Dylan on different sides of the cafeteria. Max gets up and walks over to our table. Sitting across from me. I glance behind him and see Dylan glaring Max's back. He sees me and offers a soft smile. I roll my eyes and look at Max. 

                  "Hi Layla." Max says quietly. His voice is deep and he has a dimple when he grins. "I was wanting to say hi earlier but I saw Dylan. I thought he was trying to hurt you."

                  "Thanks Max but I'm fine." I say politely. I check my phone and there's a text from Dad. He has pack business and won't be home until late. I sigh and lock it back. Lovelace looks at me and I nod. She gets it. Just then, the PA system comes on. 

                  "Will Ms. Lovelace Reynolds come up to the office. You're leaving." Our Secretary says and Lovelace glares at the ceiling.

                  "Mom is here to pick me up. I have a doctor's appointment." She says and kisses my cheek. "How are you gonna get home?"

                  "I'll figure something out." I answer and then she leaves me with Max."I have to go and make a phone call. I'll be back."

         Max nods and head to the quad. I pretend to make a call and then head back in. "So what did you need?"

                   "I just wanted to talk to you." He says and I nod. "I know you don't like what I'm here for. I don't know if I'm even ready for it. But, also a warning. Dylan wants to make sure our packs are united. Be careful."

         Then he's gone. I stare at the table and then get up to leave when the bell rings. 



               After school was over, I grab my bag and start to walk home. I hear a motorcycle don't look. When it pulls up next to me, I don't look. "Need a ride?"

               I look up at Dylan. He smiles kindly but I shake my head. "I can't ride on motorcycles."

                        "Come on Layla. It's fun. You won't fall. I promise." He pleads with me. Not an ounce of annoyance in his voice. 

                        "Dylan, I can't. I have my reasons." I say and he nods. He flips the motorcycle off and gets off.

                        "I'll walk with you then." He says and walks with me. "Why don't you like motorcycles?"

                        "I like them. I'm just scared to ride them. Since my uncle died in an accident." I say quietly and stops. I turn to look up at him. 

                        "I'm sorry about your uncle. But, one day will you ride this motorcycle with me?" He asks nicely. 

                        "I can try." I answer and his face lights up. "But not today."

                        "That's fine." He smiles. He walks with me to my house and parks his motorcycle. 

                        "You can come in. If you'd like." I said in my mind. I know what you're thinking. She just said she didnt want to talk to them. But it's for Dad's sake. He follows me inside and I look up at him. "I'll be back."

           I go put on sweats and a T-shirt. He's waiting downstairs when I come back down. "So what do you wanna do?"

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