Teen Wolf: Senior Year

The summer before senior year has come to an end and Beacon Hill's seniors are gearing up for their final year of highschool. What dangers are lurking around the corner for Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Derek and Malia this year? Will a distant relative of Derek be a new addition to the pack or a killer? Beacon Hill's high is in for another bloody year...will they all make it to graduation day alive?


2. The Last First Day of School


Derek groggily reached over and turned off his alarm. He blinked a few times, trying to focus on the time. ‘7:30? Why did I set my alarm so early?’ He thought to himself. Derek shrugged it off and rolled over, sliding an arm around Braedon.

“Babe,” She muttered in a sleepy voice, “School starts at 8:30”

“Mhmm” Derek replied nuzzling his face against her shoulder.

Braedon look over her shoulder, “Well aren’t you going to get up and wish Terra a good first day?”

Derek’s eyes snapped open and hastily got dressed. As he made his way down the stairs to the main living area he looked at his watch that read 7:45 am. Derek’s eyes swept the room but Terra was nowhere in sight. As he reached the table he saw a handwritten note.

Good Morning!

I left a bit early to get some breakfast before school today. Text me the address of the new house and I can meet you there after school and help unpack?

Have a great day!


Beneath her name Terra had left her cellphone number which Derek immediately texted, sending a quick ‘have a good first day’ text. He sighed and looked up at the ceiling; this parenting/cousin thing was not off to a good start.

“C’mon man, turn that frown upside down! This is the year for the books” Stiles Stilinski said to his best friend Scott McCall as they stood in the parking lot outside Beacon Hills High School. Scott was wearing his famous ‘I’m worried’ face and Stiles was having nothing of it. He put an arm around Scott and made them face the school, “Dude we’re seniorsss” Stiles said as he made an arc with his arm in the air, “We’re the big dogs, el suprimos, the…alphas!” He finished in an awed voice.

Scott shrugged Stiles’ arm off his shoulder, “Yeah well let’s hope this year doesn’t involve a mass killing spree like the last two years.” He sighed, “And same as the last two years I am single. Not exactly alpha material is it?”

Stiles waved his hand like he was brushing off Scott’s comment, “Pfft so what if Kira’s family decided to move back to New York so Kira could focus on school? You have me and Malia, Lydia and Aiden are actually dating now-“


“-and Ethan and Danny are still adorrrable”


“And you have Derek and Braedon. Although, they do like their alone time so we’ll just forget about them…” Stiles finished lost in thought.

“So you’re saying I’ll just sixth wheel this year?” Scott said glumly.

“Awe no brah! Liam’s still single” Stiles said cheerfully clapping Scott on the back.

Scott rolled his eyes, “Greaaat, I’m on the same relationship level as a sophomore. What a great start to the year.”

Suddenly Scott heard a low rumble of an engine. He turned around just as a jeep was pulling into the parking spot next to Stiles’ jeep. The jeep was a much newer version of Stiles’: his faded blue was prominent against the new cobalt blue paint job, and the new one had a chrome package that Scott knew Stiles’ could only dream of. Scott looked back at his best friend and let out a small snicker when he saw Stiles’ mouth wide open in shock and awe.

“Humana humana humana” Was the only thing that Stiles’ was able to say. The sound of the door opening made Scott turn back to the jeep. What emerged made Scott mirror his best friend’s face.

One long tanned leg, complete with a brown cowboy boot, emerged after another as the driver of the jeep emerged. As the driver side door closed, the driver made her way across the parking lot and towards the entrance of the school. A young girl about the boys’ age wearing a simple white a-line thin-strapped dress and a jean jacket was turning heads as she walked by. Her golden blonde hair bounced and was held back from her face by aviator sunglasses. She adjusted her shoulder bag slightly as she looked around her surroundings and then made her way through the front doors of the school.

Scott was momentarily frozen he thought the Kamina had come back and paralyzed him. When he finally came back to reality he looked over to see Stiles’ smirking at him.

“What?” Scott said defensively.

“Oh nothing mon caption. Going for the new girl again? Some things never change” Stiles smirked again and rubbed Scott’s shoulders, “Oh yeah, this is going to be a good year”

“Nice to meet you Ms. Wakefield” Principal Summers said warmly.

“You as well ma’am” Terra replied with a smile. “I’m looking forward to this year here.”

“Good, good. Well Lydia here will show you around. You have the majority of the same classes which is nice. Feel free to pop in if you have any troubles” Terra thanked Principal Summers again and followed the girl named Lydia out the door. Lydia was about two inches shorter than Terra, about 5’3, and had beautiful red hair and a paler complexion.

“Alright so we’re excused from our first period biology to show you around and then we have history next period.” Lydia said looking over Terra’s schedule. Lydia then gave Terra a tour of the school which included the school’s gym, lacrosse field and the pool. They ended their tour just as the bell rang by walking down a hallway by the front on their way to the senior hall of lockers. Terra looked up and saw a long row of students’ pictures and asked Lydia about it.

“Oh yeah…” Lydia said suddenly losing her chipper tone, “That’s our hall of memories. They’re pictures of the students who have passed away”

Terra’s eyes widened as she saw the dates on the plaques, “Oh wow, um, did something happen? A bus accident or something?”

Lydia shifted uncomfortably against the locker she was leaning against, “Ah yeah, there was a serial killer here. He was caught but a lot of people in Beacon Hills died. One was my best friend Alison Argent.”

“Oh my god I’m so sorry for prying Lydia!” Terra said covering her mouth in shock.

Lydia shrugged, “Its ok, you didn’t know” She flipped her hair over her shoulder, “So what’s your story? Why did you move to Beacon Hills?”

Terra grimaced, “Did you hear about that massive plane crash in May? The one that exploded around Niagara ?”

Lydia nodded her head, “Yeah I did! Our English teacher read us the report about it. They said the engines failed midflight and the pilots tried to land it in Lake Ontario but it exploded mid-air just before they could land it!”

Terra smiled slightly, “Remember that family that was on a big family trip..?” She prodded.

Lydia’s smile turned into a large O, “Oh my gosh-“

“She’s a Wakefield!” Scott said hurriedly to Stiles a locker row down from the girls. He was using his wolf hearing to listening to their conversation.

“A who?” Stiles asked blankly.

“A Wakefield! Remember in English we had to read that article about the plane that crashed by the Canadian border? And that entire family that were travelling on it that died? The new girl-uh Terra- is the only surviving member of the family! The article said she was supposed to be on the trip but couldn’t get it off of work.” Scott took a breath and looked back over at Terra and Lydia, “She’s probably so lonely…”

“Hey now buddy, you can’t be everyone’s hero” Stiles said, “Sure she’s hot…and has a rockin’ body…and is new in town…but those are not strong enough reasons to go for her!” Stiles said breaking himself out of his daydream.

“Whose hot?” Malia said from behind the boys.

Stiles jumped backwards and slammed into his locker. “Malia! You cannot just come up behind seasoned killers like that! I could have taken off your face” He said with a hand on his chest.

Malia rolled her eyes, “And how would you take off my face Stiles? Did you grow these overnight?” She extended her wolf nails and bared them at Stiles menacingly.

“Put those away Malia before someone sees” Stiles said to his were-coyote girlfriend. He looked to Scott for support but he was busy watching Terra and Lydia again.

 “So yeah, all this summer I was at home dealing with all the financial aspects of my family’s lives and then child services tracked down my closest remaining relative who happened to live here. I received quite a bit of money from the insurance company of the airline so I technically could take care of my-self but I’m not 18 sooo here I am” Terra was finishing saying.

“Whose you’re relative in Beacon Hills?” Lydia asked, “It’s a small town, I probably know them”

“Oh it’s my cousin. His name is-“Terra suddenly broke talking and narrowed her eyes at something behind Lydia, “Uh Lydia, do you happen to know the boy whose staring at us?”

Lydia turned around and saw Scott staring (and listening she imagined) at the pair of them with his arms folded and his shoulder leaned against the lockers. She gave him a wave and laughed as he startled, realizing the girls could see him and rubbed he back of his neck uncomfortably and turned around to face Stiles.

Laughing, Lydia turned back to Terra, “Oh that’s just my friend Scott. He has a thing for new girls just ignore him” She added winking at Terra. The bell rang overhead. “Let’s go to history” Lydia said and led Terra away.

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