Teen Wolf: Senior Year

The summer before senior year has come to an end and Beacon Hill's seniors are gearing up for their final year of highschool. What dangers are lurking around the corner for Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Derek and Malia this year? Will a distant relative of Derek be a new addition to the pack or a killer? Beacon Hill's high is in for another bloody year...will they all make it to graduation day alive?


3. Seeing Things

“Hey guys, this is Terra. She’s from Canada” Lydia introduced Terra to the regular group at the table. The pair sat down at the end of the table beside Stiles and Scott. Terra regarded Scott warily but sat down with Lydia.

“So Terra, how are you liking Beacon Hills so far?” Ethan asked politely.

Terra shrugged, “Well I’ve only been here for less than a day but so far it’s good.” She pointed out the cafeteria window at the forest on the other side of the street, “I bet there are some amazing jogging trails in there”

“Yeah you should ask Lydia about those” Stiles said snickering into his food. After a loud thud he looked at Scott, “What did you kick me for?” Terra saw a look being exchanged by the pair but ignored it.

“I think the real question is when will Scott try his luck with the new girl” A voice overhead said. The group at the table looked at the figure standing beside Terra and Lydia.

“Jackson!” Lydia gasped.

“In the flesh love” Jackson replied flashing a wide smile at her. “But seriously Scott, it is your thing”

Terra looked down at her cellphone that had just went off. Scott looked down at the screen as she pulled it out and saw Derek Hale’s name on the notification.

“You know Derek??” He asked in surprise.

Terra pushed back from the table and stood up, “Yeah he’s my distant cousin and my guardian now. Lydia can fill you in on what happened with my family. Thanks for showing me around this morning Lydia, I’ll see you in class later?”

As Terra walked away Jackson took her seat at the table. “Well she doesn’t seem too friendly does she?”

“Well she is a Hale” Malia said, “Derek isn’t exactly warm and fuzzy now is he?”

“Anyways why are you back, London were-wolf?” Stiles butt in and asked.

“Stiles keep your voice down” Lydia whispered hastily.

Jackson bent closer to the group, “Argent called me and said I had to get here right away. He and Isaac are coming back tonight and they want us to meet them at Argent’s new place.” He leaned back in his chair, “And I finally told my old man to shove it and that I wanted to come back here for senior year so here I am.”  He looked at Lydia with steamy eyes, “Ready start up where we left off sweet lips?”

Lydia got up, “Actually I’m with Aiden now so that’s a no from me”

As the rest of the group left the table Scott sighed, “Yeah, this is going to be an interesting year”

As he was walking to his next class, Scott looked out the windows that overlooked the lacrosse field. He was startled to see Terra in sport shorts and tank top running laps around the field. She stopped and wiped her forehead and took a long drink of water. Using his wolf hearing he could tell she was breathing heavily, obviously exhausted. Suddenly he saw her eyes flick up to the window he was looking out of and he jumped behind the wall. After a few moments he peaked his head out and saw she had looked down again.

‘Phew, that’s the last thing I need is her thinking I’m a stalker’ He thought to himself. Scott gathered his things and made his way to third period shaking his head, he could have sworn she looked him right in the eye…even from hundreds of yards away.




“Thank everyone for coming” Chris Argent said to the group before him. After his daughter Alison Argent was killed he left Beacon Hills with Isaac Lahey. “I called you all here because I just got word that a massive threat is coming to Beacon Hills…once again.”

The group of werewolves including Scott, Stiles, Derrek, Isaac, Aiden, Ethan, Jackson and Liam were sprawled in Derrek’s new empty living room. Lydia, Malia and Braedon were also there, sitting on their partner’s laps.

“What else is new?”  Stiles said rolling his eyes.

Argent sent him and look and continued, “It’s an enemy that isn’t in our beastiary so we don’t know what to expect or how to stop it” Argent sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Isaac and I were travelling in San Francisco and met up with a contact of mine. He warned us of a powerful force making its way across the country, devouring everything in its path.”

Argent flung a file across the table and Scott picked it up. He opened it up to see crime scene photos of dead bodies…dead bodies without faces.

Stiles leaned in to see the file and yelped back, “Holy shit!” He looked up at Argent, “What kind of fresh hell is this??”

Argent grimaced, “Like I said: we don’t know. All my contact could gather was that with every victim it grows stronger….and it seems to be moving towards Beacon Hills.”

At that moment Terra walked into the house and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the full living room.

Derrek sprang up from the couch, dropping Braedon to the ground, “Terra! Welcome home!” He awkwardly spread his arm out showing her the room.

Terra raised an eyebrow as the group snickered behind him. Terra took a few more steps into the house, “Yeahhhh thanks for leaving they key in my jeep.” She walked into the living room and gave a short smile to everyone, “I can see that I’m interrupting something so I’m just going to head up to my room. What one is it?”

“Oh right it’s the first one to the left, Braedon and I picked out a few things for it today but we can go shopping this weekend if you want.” Derrek said hastily.

Terra nodded her head, “Yeah that sounds great. I-“ She cut off suddenly and jumped back a bit. Before her sat half a dozen wolves, a coyote, and a woman with floating hair that looked like she had a permanent scream on her face.

“Terra?” Derrek asked stepping towards his cousin.

Terra shook her head and blinked a few times. In front of her were the same humans that had been there before but now looks of concern was painted on all of their faces. “Oh…yeah I’m fine. Just tired, I’m just going to head straight to bed now, good night everyone.” 

That night Terra had a dream. She was running through the woods and a pack of wolves were running after her...hunting her. 

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