Teen Wolf: Senior Year

The summer before senior year has come to an end and Beacon Hill's seniors are gearing up for their final year of highschool. What dangers are lurking around the corner for Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Derek and Malia this year? Will a distant relative of Derek be a new addition to the pack or a killer? Beacon Hill's high is in for another bloody year...will they all make it to graduation day alive?


4. Potential Love

“Ok so Argent is filling our parents in now, my dad said to lay low and stay out of it until they have more information” Stiles told Scott on their way to school the next morning.

Scott gave Stiles a look, “So we’re just going to go to school and lay low?”

“Pfft when have we ever laid low?” Stiles replied, “It goes against every inch of my being”

“Hopefully you won’t need your bat again this year” Scott answered with a wink. The two boys got out of the jeep and started walking to the front doors of the school. He sighed and stretched his arms, “So what’s the plan Obi-Wan?”

Stiles did a double take and regarded his best friend in shock and surprise, “You finally watched Star Wars?!”

Scott laughed, “Nah I’ve just heard the reference so many times I got the jist of it.”

“You’ve never seen Star Wars?!”

Scott and Stiles turned around to see Lydia and Terra walking towards them. Terra blushed slightly after realizing she was very forward but then smiled to hopefully cover it.

She continued, “I mean, it is one of the best movie-“

“Franchises in history” Stiles finished, looking at Terra in awe, “What sequence do you watch them in?”

Terra laughed her eyes brightening, “Obviously 4,5,6,1,2,3. I feel that watching the main trilogy makes the prequel better because it was supposed to be a prequel you know?”

Stiles fist pumped the air, “Yes! Omg finally someone my age who understands! This generation only likes the CGI and shit and thinks that’s what makes a good movie.”

“No! That’s awful, it’s the story that makes it good!” Terra answered.

Stiles starred at Terra in awe, “I didn’t know girls like you would be into Star Wars”

Terra laughed, “Girls like me?” She shook her head, “My dad always wanted boys and all he got were girls. He turned me into the daughter he never had. We always watch them together…or we did.” There was an awkward pause, “Oh well sorry for geeking out there” She said as she put an embarrassed hand over her face.

“No no Geeky is good. Geeky is hot” Stiles spluttered.

“What’s hot Stiles?” Malia had joined the group.

“Oh just saying how badass women are amazing,” Stiles replied smoothly and kissed her on the cheek.

The bell rang as the group walked into the school. Lydia caught up to Aiden and wound her arm around him. Terra fell into step with Scott and Jackson. Her hands brushed Scotts and Jackson’s hands a few times so she decided to cross her arms.

Scott’s mind raced as he thought about the touch. He shook off his nerves and turned to ask Terra how her first few days were going.

“Hey-“ When he turned to Terra and saw that she was already down the hall, her blonde hair bouncing behind her. Scott turned the other way when he heard a fain snicker.

Jackson grinned at him with a cocky smile, “I think you’re going to have to put in a little work for that one McCall. She’s far from the innocent school girl Kira was.” Jackson started to walk away and then turned back, “Maybe she needs someone with a little bit of a bad-side.”

Scott growled low in his throat. Stiles rushed over, “Whoa man calm. Don’t let an Omega like Jackson get to you. We’re late for history too.” Stiles led Scott down the hallway.

“So anyways as I was sayingggg, the plan is to look at the case files my dad has on the other murders and see if anything pops out. Then we’ll be able to tell when this guy arrives at Beacon Hills.” Stiles stopped tilted his head away from Scott, “Now wait, I know what you’re going to say: ‘that’s a bad plan Stiles’ or ‘Let’s be students first Stiles and let your dad deal with it’ but im just going to ignore you”. A moment passed, “Okay, okay, I get it. “Let’s get good grades this year Stiles, let’s focus on school and forget the case.” Stiles huffed, “Okay, let’s go to history, I give up.” Stiles looked around for Scott and didn’t see him. Stiles spun around and found himself in an empty hallway.

“Well alright then” 

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