Teen Wolf: Senior Year

The summer before senior year has come to an end and Beacon Hill's seniors are gearing up for their final year of highschool. What dangers are lurking around the corner for Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Derek and Malia this year? Will a distant relative of Derek be a new addition to the pack or a killer? Beacon Hill's high is in for another bloody year...will they all make it to graduation day alive?


1. Hello Cousin

“I’m sure you’ll grow to love it here in Beacon Hills” The child services representative was saying, “I grew up here and found it a wonderful place to live”

The young girl he was escorting up the stairs flashed the same fake smile she had been using all day and nodded politely. In all seriousness she wasn’t actually that young; a seventeen year old didn’t need to be looked 24/7 like a child. She had matured more in the last few months that her own mother wouldn’t have recognized her…if she still had a mother that is.

“Ah here we are; looks like this could be the door to the living area” the CS rep. said. His name tag said that his name was Andrew Smith, ‘Call me Andy sweetheart!’ but the girl doubted she’d remember his name after today. She set down her heavy duffle bag and massaged her shoulders where her backpack straps had dug in.

“Are you ok sweetheart?” Andy asked in a fatherly tone.

“Yep” She grimaced, “All good here.”

“Wonderful! I hope he’s not too busy, I did send an e-mail a week ago saying we’d be here today” Andy knocked on the metal door. It slid open at his touch, the motion causing Andy’s nametag to flutter to the floor. The girl looked past the stooped man and her eyes widened as she saw a man and a woman tangled together on the table across the room.

“Ow! Ahhh! Ow, ouch, ow!” She said suddenly, falling backwards against the far hallway wall.

“What is it my dear? Are you hurt?” Andy’s anxious face appeared in front of the girl after fetching his name tag from the floor. Behind him the couple froze and turned around to face Andy and the girl. The girl made anxious eyes at the man in a ‘hurry the hell up and get some clothes on’ way.

“My leg just cramped up suddenly!” She told Andy. “It must have been from that long drive coming here.”

“I’ll see if he’s home-“

“No!” The girl cried, getting Andy’s attention again. Behind him she saw that the couple had gotten dressed and the man gave her a thumbs up sign. “I’m actually okay now but thank you for the concern.” She replied breezily, standing up with ease and collecting her things.

“Oh, ok. Hi there, you must be Derek Hale!” Andy said happily when he saw the man standing in the doorway. Andy extended his hand and the man named Derek shook it strongly. This Derek Hale was about 6 feet tall, dark black hair and a decent amount of scruff on his strong jaw and had a very athletic build to him. The girl standing beside him was about 5’7 with an athletic build and had darker skin and dark black hair. The most interesting part of her appearance were scars that ran from the left side of her face down to the right side of her clavicle. It looked like an animal had clawed her. She was introduced as Braedon.

“Yes I’m Derek. Now would you mind telling me who you are?” Derek replied gruffly.

“I’m Andrew Smith coming on behalf of the Children Services of Canada. I sent you an e-mail last week notifying you of our arrival, the arrival of your cousin, Brook Terra Wakefield.” Andy replied slightly taken aback. He looked around the living area, “I see you haven’t changed your living arrangements as discussed”

“Oh-oh right I’m sorry I thought you were coming next week. I’m actually moving into the new house tomorrow” Derek replied. His eyes narrowed in suspicion as he took in the sight of his cousin, Brook.

“Perfect, perfect. I’ll be back to visit in a week to see how she’s settled in.” Andy turned to Brook, “Call me if you need anything, you have my number and I’ll see you in a week!” With that, the chipper children services representative was gone.

“So Brook, it’s nice to meet you” Derek said giving her a slight nod, “Sorry about before; that was slightly awkward…thanks for helping us out”

Brook shrugged off his apology, “Meh it was nothing. If he had seen you he probably wouldn’t have let me stay. Believe me, their facilities are not a fun place to stay.” She looked around, “So where am I staying tonight?”

Derek rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably, “Ah yeah about that. So I thought you were coming next week so there isn’t really another bedroom…or bed for you.”

“No worries,” Brooke replied, “A couch or air mattress is fine.” She put her bags on the floor next to the couch on the far wall. “So when does school start tomorrow?”

She turned around to see Derek and Braedon exchange a look of worry. “Actually we have no idea.” Braedon answered.

“Don’t worry though, I’ll find out in a few minutes” Derek added, furiously texting on his phone.

“Whatever, just let me know before tomorrow morning” Brook said shrugging her shoulders again. She looked around the very empty loft apartment. “So what is this building? Are you the only tenant that lives here?”

“Yep I own the building, it's sort of an old warehouse with this loft up top” Derek replied, “Most of the furniture is on a moving truck at the new house. We’ll move in tomorrow after school if that’s ok?”

“Perfect” Brook said. After a few more awkward seconds of silence she clapped her hands together once, “So where is the best place to buy a car around here?”

“Uh there’s a dealership a few blocks over, why?” Braedon replied.

“Lovely, well I’m going to head out and buy a car so I don’t have to bother you for rides. I’m guessing there isn’t any food here either?” Derek shook his head. “Ok, I’ll just grab something to go. I’ll be back before dark.” She grabbed her purse and started towards the door. Before she left she turned around and said, “It was nice to meet both of you! I’ll let you get back to what I interrupted earlier.” Brook winked and then added, “Oh and I prefer people call me by my middle name, it’s Terra”

As Terra walked out of the door and down the hallway, Braedon turned to Derek with shocked eyes. “Well she seemed pretty easy going…and independent…and wealthy?”

Derek sighed, “Yeah looks like it. She received quite a bit of money from the insurance company, probably more than she knows what to do with it. Poor kid’s been on her own for a few months now, guess she’s learned to fend for herself.”

“Sounds like someone else I know” Braedon said while smirking at Derek.

“What? We aren’t alike at all!” He replied defensively

“Whatever you say babe” Braedon replied rolling her eyes, a smile playing on her lips.

Derek let out a low growl, picked her up in his arms and made his way up the spiral staircase to his bedroom. 

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