Under the Mistletoe

Amber Navarro was just a young teenage girl. She can be selfish, arrogant, greedy, and never gives anybody anything--especially on Christmas. One day her feelings change when she walks through a magical portal when Christmas is every day and her boyfriend is a little too cheerful spreading holiday cheer with his hand mistletoe. In this new dimension, everyone always gives Amber everything she wants. At first she is grateful, but then starts feeling regretful. She knew what she was doing was wrong, so why not do something to fix it?


2. The New World

Okay, this is weird.  I just got pulled through a door that appeared out of nowhere, and I don't know where I am.  Although, everything looks like my world.  What is happening?  Where am I?  Am I still on Earth?  Or am I on a new "nonexistent" planet?  I looked all around me, until I saw a shadow in the distance.  This person was watching me?

"Hello?" I called out to the shadow figure.

The person ignored me and turned a corner out of sight.

"Hey, wait!"  I shouted running after them.  As I turned the corner I ran into someone......someone very familiar.  Mason?  What's he doing here?

"Mason?  What are you doing here?"  I asked once I saw his face.

He had his hands behind his back, and didn't say a word.  He was really starting to scare me.  I wanted to run, but my feet wouldn't move.  He slowly started to bring his hands from behind his back, and I was beyond scared.  I thought he was gonna hold a gun to my head or something.  Instead he held a perfectly wrapped gift out in front of me motioning it towards me, wanting me to take it.

"What is this?"

"Just open it."

I looked at Mason a little surprised because I didn't expect him to speak.  I cautiously took the gift from him, slowly unwrapping it.  I took the top off to find a box for the iPhone 6Plus.  I've always wanted one.  I never thought he'd get it for me.  He must have saved a fortune.  I jumped into his arms practically squeezing the life out of him.

"So I take it you like the gift." He said through as much breath as I gave him.

"Like it?  I love it!  This is the greatest gift ever.  How'd you get the money for it."

"Let's just say, my debit card has a lot of money."

"Oh my gosh, thank you so much.  I love you."  I replied excitedly, giving him another hug.

He hugged back and kissed the top of my head.  "I love you too."

After a minute, he let go of the hug and started pulling me somewhere.

"Where are we going?"  I asked confused.

"I have something to show you."

"What is it?"

"Everyone got more gifts for you."

"For me?  (I whispered to myself)  Wow, this world just keeps getting better and better."

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