The Game Killer

What happens when Luke Hemmings gets kidnapped on Christmas Eve? It is up to his 3 best friends to find him before it is too late. They have until December 29 at Midnight before they lose the game. If they lose the game then they will lose their best friend as well. See what happens in The Game Killer!


6. Torture and new location

Luke's POV

   I was glad that he at least let me talk to the boys. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that he slit my arm. After he had got off the phone with the others, he turned his attention to me.

   "I don't think they will find you in time" J.L said, smirking at me.

   "Th-they will f-f-find me. I j-j-just kn-know it."

   "You keep thinking that."

   He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to my feet, causing me to whimper. He dragged me out of the room I was in and threw me on the ground. Before I even had a chance to move, I felt a shocking pain across my back and could feel blood sliding down my back. I let out a small whimper as he swung the whip again. He swung the whip about 50 more times.

   "There is no way those idiot friends of yours will find you in time" He whispered in my ear before throwing me back into the puddle of my own blood.

   I decided not to say anything in fear of getting hit again. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pocket knife. He swung the knife at me quickly and ended up cutting my cheek. He kept swinging it and ended up giving me ten good sized cuts.

   "We are changing our location today. Your friends are to close to finding you and I can't let that happen" He said, roughly pulling me to my feet. He pulled me back to the place I was before and turned around quickly. I noticed a piece of paper fall out of his pocket and quickly grabbed it. I read what it said and my heart nearly jumped out of my chest from excitement. The next place he is taking me is on Riverside Avenue.

   I quickly grabbed a sharp rock that I found and started carving. I carved an L into ground and made sure it was seeable. I then proceeded to carve the location under the L. R.I.V.E was all I could carve before I heard footsteps heading for my prison.

   I know what your thinking, why don't just leave the paper in the floor? If I do that then J.L will see it and get rid of it. If I carve it into the ground then it won't be that easy to get rid of if he sees it.

   J.L returned to where I was and instantly saw the paper on the floor. He quickly snatched it up and stuffed it back into his pocket. He roughly pulled me to my feet and dragged me out of the warehouse and to the trunk of a different car. Stupid smart Dumbass.

He opened the trunk and, despite my struggles, shoved me in it and quickly closed the trunk door. I felt the car move forward and knew that we were leaving. I hope they understand the place I am being taking. I hope they find me soon and save me from this Hell-Hole.

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