The Game Killer

What happens when Luke Hemmings gets kidnapped on Christmas Eve? It is up to his 3 best friends to find him before it is too late. They have until December 29 at Midnight before they lose the game. If they lose the game then they will lose their best friend as well. See what happens in The Game Killer!


1. Stalked and Caught

Unknown POV

   I watched the blonde run over to his friends. He seems like the kind of person to add to my game. I continued to watch them as they started to play in the snow. I'm not going to lie, the blonde with blue eyes is hot. I might have a little fun with him. I quickly hid in a bush because they were walking past me.

   "Hey Luke, you coming over today?" a blue haired boy asked. The blue eyed boy looked at him and nodded excitedly.

   "Of course I am Mikey. I made you a promise two weeks ago. You honestly think I am going to bail on you" Luke said to the blue haired boy.

   "I'm glad you are spending Christmas with me, along with Cal and Ash. This will be the best Christmas ever" The one called Mikey said. I followed them to a house about 5 minutes from where they were playing in the snow. I watched as all four of them entered the house smiling and laughing. I can't wait to ruin their happiness. I walked up to the house and went to the side of the building. I looked through each window until I found the room that Luke would be in. I quietly climbed through the window of his room and hid in his closet. I waited in the closet for 3 hours before I finally heard footsteps running towards the room. I peek out of the closet just as the door flies open and Luke walks in.

   "Goodnight Michael, Calum, and Ashton. See you guys in the morning" he said before closing the door. As soon as he shut the door, I walked out of the closet.

   "You won't be seeing them tomorrow" I said, causing him to jump. He turned around and looked at me in confusion.

   "Who are you and what do you mean by that?" Luke asked, taking a step away from me. I just smirked and walked up to him, pinning him to the wall. He started to struggle and that made me laugh. That is, until he ended up kicking me below. As soon as he kicked me, I grabbed my knife and cut a deep gash in his arm. I laid down the letter and smeared some of Luke's blood on the corner of it. After I did that, I turned my attention back to Luke.

   "Scream for your friends. Let them know you are in trouble" I whispered into the struggling boy's ear. His eyes widened and he quickly shook his head.

   I gabbed the knife and put it to his neck, "Scream for your friends or I will slit your throat."

   "HELP" He shouted with tear filled eyes. I quickly jumped out the window with him just before his friends entered the room.

Michael's POV

   "HELP" I heard Luke shout. I quickly jumped out of my bed and ran to his room, along with Calum and Ashton. We quickly entered Luke's room and saw it empty. There was blood on the floor and a note laying on Luke's bed. I walked over to the note while the others looked at the blood drops that were leading to the window.

   "Guys, get over here. I found a note" I said, picking up the letter. I opened the letter and nearly cried when I saw the fresh blood that was on the sheet of paper.

   "Read it out loud" Ashton said. I looked at him and nodded before I started to read the letter.


   Hello and welcome to my game. I have your friend and you need to find him. I will give you until midnight on December 29. If you do not find him by that time, then I will kill him. You are not allowed to inform the police. If you do tell the police then I will give your friend a very slow and painful death. I will not leave the state but I will not  give you hints to our where-a-bouts. No cheating and enjoy the game.

Have fun,

J. L

   Oh my gosh, this is really bad. Out of all the people in the world, why did it have to be him. "Luke was kidnapped by The Game Killer."

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