The Game Killer

What happens when Luke Hemmings gets kidnapped on Christmas Eve? It is up to his 3 best friends to find him before it is too late. They have until December 29 at Midnight before they lose the game. If they lose the game then they will lose their best friend as well. See what happens in The Game Killer!


5. Questions

Michael's POV

   After we left that house, we all ran back to my house to get my car. As soon as we got my car, we drove as fast as we could to Maplethorn. When we got to Maplethorn, we all got out of the car and instantly started the search for Luke.

   "We should go around and ask people if they saw anything unusual" Ashton said. We all nodded and I grabbed a picture of Luke. We were walking around showing people the picture of Luke and asking if they saw him. We walked over to a homeless man and showed him the picture of Luke.

   "Have you seen this boy around here? He is our friend and he was kidnapped by The Game Killer" Ashton explained, holding the picture out for the man to see.

   "I've seen that boy in the back of a black SUV" The man said.

   "Can you tell us which way the car went" I asked eagerly.

   "I can't remember. All I know is that it took a left at the end of this road" The man said. As we were about to leave, the man stopped us. "You better hurry up and find him. He had bruises and cuts covering his face. There was also a gash on his forehead."

   We thanked the man and ran back to my car. As soon as we got in my car, I took off driving in the direction the homeless man gave me. We arrived at the end of the road, we saw that the road split and went both left and right.

   "Michael, what do we do now? We have no idea which way they took Luke" Ashton said, panic showing in his voice. I don't blame Ashton for panicking. Luke is like a brother to Ashton. I am worried as hell right now because Luke is my secret crush. When we find him, and I know we will, I am going to run up to him and kiss him. I don't care who I am around, I want to show him how much he means to me.

   "I don't know Ash. We lost our only good lead. We have no idea where to go next" I said, looking at him. I noticed that Calum wasn't paying any attention to the conversation, instead he was looking out the window. Before I knew it, Calum jumped out of the car and down the road on the right. I saw him running toward something. I quickly got out of the car and ran towards Calum, followed by Ashton.

   "Calum, what is it? What did you find?" I asked hurriedly. Calum turned around and I saw him holding a piece of paper. He had a scared look on his face as he handed me the paper. I took it and slowly read it out loud..

   You better hurry up and find your friend. the time is ticking away and he's running out of time. To let you see that he is somewhat alive, here is a picture. If you still don't believe me, call this number and you can talk to the bastard.


   P.S. Don't try to track the phone. If you do, you friend will meet a terrible end.

   I looked at the others before quickly pulling out my phone and dialing the number on the paper. I put the phone on speaker and we all run back to the car. The phone is answered after the second ring.

   "Hello, glad you got the note" A man's ruff voice said from the other end.

   "Where is Luke?" Ashton shouted at once. I heard laughter and shuffling coming from the other end of the phone. I heard a scream before a very weak voice talked into the phone.

   "Luke, are you alright" I said as soon as we heard a weak voice say hello.

   "Yes, I-I'm fine" He replied, choking in his words. Just the sound of Luke's voice made me want to cry. He sounded so broken and hurt. I could literally hear the fear and pain in his voice.

   "Luke, what happened? Please tell me what is happening to you" Calum pleaded. I heard a stifled sob come from the other end of the phone.

   "I c-can't. H-help m-me. P-p-please stop" Luke sobbed, ending in a scream.

   "Better find him quick" A new voice said before the line went dead.

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